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  2. 2. Bioinspired Forum 2009 Biomimetics and Fibers PROGRAM 16.00 Wood fiber and industrial Development - Sofia Hiort af Ornäs, SweTree Technologies AB 12.30–13.00 Registration and coffee 16.15 Technology Transfer from the Biomimetics Community - Bionis 13.00 Welcome and introduction - Richard Bonser, University of Reading, Lecturer in Biomimetics - Ulf Carlsson, Chairman Biomime - Madeleine Sjöstedt, The Vice Mayor of Stockholm 16.35 An Innovation Accelerator focussed on Biomimetics - Antonia Ax:son Johnson, Founder Antonia Ax:son Johnson Foundation - Lars Uno Larsson, CEO, Swedish Biomimetics 3000® AB for Sustainable Development 16.50 Architectual and Design Perspectives 13.30 Innovation inspired by nature - Biomimicry Institute - Jonas Runberger, AA School of Architecture - Christopher Allen, Denise DeLuca from Biomimicry Institute and - Ulrika Karlsson, KTH Architecture - Mikael Lindström, Innventia, Konstfack The University Collage of Arts, Crafts and Design 14.00 New materials and Innovation - Biomime - Vincent Bulone, Director of Biomime at KTH 17.20 Summary of Workshops and Discussions - Lars Berglund, Biomime and Director of Wallenberg Wood Science Center 14.35 How to set up and manage interdisciplinary co-operation ca 18.00 Mingle - Michael Dobry, The School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture at Arizona State University 15.00–15.45 Coffee break and workshop speed sessions During break Video Screening - Doing What Comes Naturally, Nature Inc Moderators: Eva Krutmeijer and Anders Bjers 15.45 From Environmental Problem to High Tech Products - Albert Mihranyan, Nanotechnology and Functional Materials, The Ångström Laboratory RESEARCH • INDUSTRY • ENTREPRENEURSHIP • BUSINESS • ARCHITECTURE • DESIGN • ART • RESEARCH • INDUSTRY • ENTREPRENEURSHIP • BUSINESS • ARCHITECTURE • DESIGN • ART
  3. 3. Welcome to Bioinspired Forum 2009 at Albanova/KTH How can our understanding of ring knowledge. We broaden the tra- re or materials can do for us reflects hosts and partners for making this nature’s profound principles influen- ditional concept of multidisciplinarity our intellectual development. event possible; the Antonia Ax:son ce future design of products and in- to not only include agents and orga- The foundation of all biology, Johnson Foundation for Sustainable dustrial processes? And how will this nizations from colleges and universi- plant cells, constitute one of nature’s Development, the City of Stockholm, inspire development in your particular ties, but also from design, business, most elegant composite materials, Formas and Vinnova. discipline, research, or profession? and architecture, as well as the arts. with physical and mechanical proper- This Bioinspired Forum will focus “Biomimetics”, or “bioinspiration”, ties comparable to and even beyond What’s next? on fibers, but will also present the is a relatively new field of research the best oil based synthetic materi- This initiative has a long-term vision. opportunity for a general discussion with the aim of creating innovative als. For example, biomimetic cellulose We need to create a common langu- on innovations inspired by nature. environmentally friendly materials based materials can be of great futu- age and a mutual understanding in The aim of this event is to catalyze with better performance, as well as re use in the forest industry - a sector order to tap into these opportunities. knowledge and technology transfer sustainable products and design con- facing great challenges and increased The way to do that is to intensify inte- between science, entrepreneurship, cepts by studying and get inspiration international competition. Hosting raction among stakeholders through design, and architecture. It will also from nature’s own solutions. Almost the Bioinspired Forum at AlbaNova a series of events, meetings and the allow business developers and inves- everything that surrounds us in our is the Swedish Center for Biomimetic creation of joint creative teams to tors to identify a vast new field for everyday lives involves some kind of Fiber Engineering, Biomime, at KTH. generate prototypes that communi- investments. treatment of materials. Material has The research performed at Biomime cate the mind-boggling potential of If we are to address the issues of an inherent potential to take almost is about unfolding value in cellulose these ideas. sustainability and climate change, it any form. What that will be, and has and fibers, thus creating new busi- is not a wild speculation to say that always been, is a challenge for man- ness opportunities. future successful businesses will in- kind. We categorize leaps in our de- In this early, dynamic phase, the corporate a deeper understanding velopment in terms of material: The field of biomimetics is dependent Contact: about nature in their products and Stone Age, the Bronze Age, etc., and on industrial curiosity and support Mats Brodén, Project Manager services. now, according to scientists, we are from visionary organizations, founda- and Initiator of Bioinspired Forum, How do we get there? The Bioin- entering a new age. So, we could claim tions, investors, as well as the public, spired Forum is a platform for sha- that our understanding of what natu- domain. We would like to thank our Tel. +46 (0) 70-777 34 50
  4. 4. ULF CARLSON MADELEINE SJÖSTEDT Chair Biomime Vice Mayor of Stockholm What drives your commitment to biomi- however, industry began to more seriously Why does the City of Stockholm sup- Madeleine Sjöstedt is a politician metics and bioinspired fiber materials? be interested in the field. Still, it is not only port this kind of interdisciplinary working for the Liberal Party of “Biomimetics is a field of research which I the forest industry that is driving this de- event? Sweden and since October 2006 the believe will be an important factor for the velopment, but perhaps more importantly, “Innovation and renewal at the intersection vice Mayor of Stockholm respon- forest industry in its quest to find new uses the customers, until the forest industry of culture, research and business are crucial sible for culture and sports. She is a for wood-based fibers, such as of new ma- starts requiring demands on sustainable issues in the City of Stockholm’s develop- Human Rights lawyer and has ear- terials and products. Sustainable solutions development. Here, the forest industry, in ment into a world class city. As an example lier worked as secretary-general of will become increasingly important. My in- my view, has an advantage over many other of what we do in this area the Innovative the organization Culture Heritage terest for biomimetics began early; in 2001 materials suppliers through its raw material culture fund can be mentioned. It was for- without Borders and at the Swe- SCA arranged one of the first seminars base which is genuinely renewable!” med in autumn 2008 on behalf of the City dish International Liberal Center. in Sweden on this theme. Following, SCA of Stockholm to support cultural and ar- started collaboration with researchers at Ulf Carlson is a Senior Advisor in fo- tistic renewal and to develop cooperation Chalmers and SIK (the Swedish Institute for rest industrial research; industrial between culture, industry and research. Food and Biotechnology) studying the jelly- renewal being a key word. He was The aim is to break new ground in art and fish fantastic water-absorbing ability, in or- formerly R&D manager at SCA. As culture in order to explore new ideas and der to develop better materials for diapers. a consultant he works with seve- act cross borders. The City wants to sup- Biomimetics is a highly interdisciplinary field ral of the Swedish forest industry port new methods and processes that de- and I hope that Bioinspired Forum can ca- companies, universities and re- velop interdisciplinary collaborations, as talyze exciting new collaborations that may search institutes. Ulf is engaged well as encourage and stimulate the entre- ultimately lead to new biomaterials and de- by a number of funds and research preneurial culture. The City’s involvement vices in the industry.” boards as advisor, including Bio- in Bioinspired Forum is yet another part of mime, BiMaC Innovation and the this work, and a good example of an inter- How far has the forest industry come Wallenberg Wood Science Center at disciplinary meeting point and cooperation when it comes to incorporate biomime- KTH. He is also a member of the Tro- with external partners and co-financiers. “ tic ideas in the product development? edssonfonden board, the Marcus “We must have an understanding of the Wallenberg Prize Selection Com- fact that the process investments within mittee, as well as IVA’s department the forest industry are gigantic. At the same for forest technology. time these investments puts a brake on new and paradigm-breaking efforts in research and development. Over the last 2-3 years,
  5. 5. ANTONIA AX:SON JOHNSON CHRISTOPHER ALLEN Founder of The Antonia Ax:son Johnson Project Manager for Foundation For Sustainable Development at the Biomimicry Institute DENISE DELUCA Outreach Contractor at the Biomimicry Institute What is the reason for your and the Antonia Ax:son Johnson is, since Biomimicry is defined by the Biomimi- a place on the web for designers, biologists, Foundation’s participation in the Bioin- 1982, chairman of Axel Johnson AB cry Institute as “the practice of develo- and business people to find biomimicry- spired Forum? and Axel Johnson Inc. She is vice ping sustainable technologies inspired based design solutions and develop oppor- “The Antonia Ax:son Johnson Foundation chairman of Nordstjernan AB and by ideas from Nature”. You have seen tunities for collaboration. The portal is the for Sustainable Development has, for many member of the board of NCC AB, the interest for this topic growing very basis of the Biomimicry Institute’s partner- years, worked to understand how nature’s Axfood AB, Mekonomen AB, Axfast steadily, both in the US and around the ship with Encyclopedia of Life, EOL, and is principles can influence future thinking and AB, the Axel and Margaret Ax:son world? initially funded by Autodesk, world leading design in products, processes, innovations Johnson Foundation and first vice “It has, and we believe that play biology will software developer within design and con- and how organizations function and deve- chairman of Upplands Väsby Muni- play a bigger and bigger role in product de- struction. AskNature has had over 160,000 lop. Sustainability and ethics, esthetics and cipal Executive Board.” sign, and that the institute can be a major visitors from 194 countries to the site since trust are some topics of study. We think this factor for that, at least in the US. Global bu- the launch in 2008. There are over 2,300 re- event is a great venue for interdisciplinary sinesses such as the architectural firm HOK, gistered users in the fields of architecture, meetings of the minds when scientists, Interface, Kohler, Autodesk and others are industrial design, life sciences, media, and entrepreneurs, designers, architects, stu- discovering how biomicry can be used to business.” dents, business developers and investors drive innovation in product development come together. This forum adheres to the and operations. Small companies and start The Biomimicry Institute was foun- Foundation’s mission and goals of bringing ups are also using biomimicry as a way to ded 2006 in Montana, USA, by Janine together the unexpected participants.“ find new opportunities in a wide variety of Benyus, the author of “Biomimicry: markets especially in new solutions related Innovation Inspired by Nature”. The From your perspective, why is the field to sustainability. Our goal is to develop in- mission of the Institute is to nur- of Biomimetics interesting? ternational partnerships to promote bioimi- ture and grow a global community “I believe that a sustainable approach and thin- cry, and we see Bioinspired Forum as a great of people who are learning from, king is crucial. Biomimetics gives us an imagi- networking opportunity and a way to pro- emulating, and conserving life’s native way of understanding how we could mote our projects, and maybe form some genius to create a healthier, more build our businesses and define and design strategic partnerships.” sustainable planet. A network of our products differently. It offers a new view 25 universities provides the Biomi- of structure and the heart of change. In add- In November 2008 the Biomimicry Insti- micry Institute with cutting-edge ressing sustainability wisely and with a biomi- tute launched a design portal, AskNa- knowledge and facilitates the cur- metic approach we will learn and incorporate In short, what is it about? riculum around biomimcry from a a deeper understanding about nature in pro- “ is the online inspiration biology and design perspective. ducts and services and how we organize. source for the biomimicry community. It is
  6. 6. VINCENT BULONE LARS BERGLUND Professor in Plant Glycobiology, Professor at KTH Fiber and Polymer Technology, Director of Biomime, KTH Biotechnology Director of Wallenberg Wood Science Center How can the research performed examples of important applications of cel- In the Wallenberg Wood Science Cen- industry is an example of future application. within Biomime be useful in future pro- lulose and its derivatives. Although cellulose ter, KTH and Chalmers will join forces in It can apply to both interior materials and duct development/design? biosynthesis is one of the most important wood science research. As the center other details where demands are high. The “We are using nature as a source of inspi- biochemical processes in plant biology, the director, what are your expectations? new nanomaterials from the forest can be ration to tailor wood fibers. The aim is to corresponding molecular mechanisms re- “This is a fantastic opportunity to strengthen made with features to make them stronger, make the fibers better suited for advanced main poorly understood. By identifying and Swedish wood science research and contri- and at the same time much lighter than material design and the production of new characterizing the proteins involved in for- bute to the introduction of new industrial steel. Moreover, the nanocomposites based innovative, but nevertheless environmen- ming the cell wall, we can, in the next step, products at the same time. We will be com- on cellulose material are recyclable and bio- tally friendly, products. We expect, among tune the genes involved and improve the bining newer disciplines, such as nanotech- degradable. We will not focus on paperma- other things, to be able to develop com- functional and mechanical properties of nology and biotechnology, with established king or energy/fuel production at all. Then pletely new composite materials that can cellulose and the cellulosic biomass.” timber product research. The long term again, new coating materials for packaging be used in many different applications, for goal is products with major technical con- to replace plastics with special properties example in packaging materials, for bio- The Swedish Center for Biomimetic tent. The Center will gather leading edge are interesting.” medical applications (e.g. wound healing), Fiber Engineering (Biomime™) is a research currently underway in Sweden filtration systems, biosensors, etc. Already, multidisciplinary Center of Excel- within this field and facilitate the transfer of Wallenberg Wood Science Center the Biomime researchers have succeeded lence with cutting edge expertise research results to industrial applications. is a joint research center at KTH in creating fiber modifications that can be at every level of the formation, mo- New technology and new products with en- and Chalmers which aims to build useful in future industrial applications, such dification and industrial utilization hanced degrees of added value are essen- a materials research program that as water-repellent, self-cleaning and reacti- of wood, fibers and their constitu- tial for the forestry industry in the current can develop new products using ve surfaces on various cellulose-based ma- ent polymers. The Center´s mission situation when parts of the paper produc- the Swedish forests. The base is a terials. Other examples are thin films, foam is the understanding of the struc- tion industry are leaving Sweden.” donation from the Knut and Alice and aerogels, as well as strong paper, made ture, self-assembly, and properties Wallenberg Foundation of SEK 120 of nano-crystalline cellulose.” of complex plant cell walls in order What kind of wood based products is million. The money will finance the to use the cell wall as a biomime- the Center aiming at developing? first three years (2009–2011) of ope- Biomime studies how cellulose is for- tic model for advanced materials “High demand, large volume products. rations. med, why is that interesting? design. Biomime™ was founded in Strong, lightweight and moisture-stable “Cellulose is the most abundant natural po- 2006 with support from the Swedish materials based on product ideas that can lymer on earth. It occurs in the cell walls Foundation for Strategic Research be commercialized in about ten years. The of a large number of organisms, plant cells (SSF) and comprises collaborative Swedish forest industry needs new pro- representing the largest source. Paper, tex- groups from KTH, the Umeå Plant ducts that can exploit the capacity that al- tiles and pharmaceuticals are only some Science Center (UPSC) and Innventia. ready exists in the country. The automotive
  7. 7. MICHAEL DOBRY ALBERT MIHRANYAN The School of Architecture and Landscape PhD, Nanotechnology and Functional Architecture at Arizona State University Materials, The Ångström Laboratory Have you identified any general success Michael Dobry is an educator, wri- You and your research colleagues at nanostructure, entirely different from that factors in your cross-disciplinary work? ter and designer. As the founder of the Ångström Laboratory have disco- of terrestrial plants, that has been shown ”Yes, I have found that these collaborations SCI-Arc’s Science and Technology vered that cellulose nanostructures of to function well as a thickening agent for work best if the projects are generated Department and its Computer Lab, Cladophora algae can serve as an effec- pharmaceutical preparations and as a bin- from within the group, and then aspects of as well as co-founder of the Gra- tive coating substrate for use in envi- der in foodstuffs. The possibility of energy- the project are assumed spontaneously by duate Product Design Program at ronmentally friendly batteries? storage applications was raised in view of different members as the project develops, Art Center College of Design, he has ”Precisely, this common green algae, that its large surface area. The battery research with the group as a whole working as the a strong background in curriculum we can see blooming throughout the Baltic has a genuinely interdisciplinary character. project manager. design and media. Coming from and in other parts of the world, has a special Cellulose pharmaceutics experts, battery The success of the cross-disciplinary en- physics and film, he has taught in cellulose structure characterized by a very chemists and nanotechnologists have all deavors I have been involved in was based several architectural programs, large surface area. By coating this structure played essential roles in developing the new on three elements: most recently at Arizona State Uni- with a thin layer of conducting polymer, we material.” versity. As the director of the Of- have succeeded in producing a battery that 1. The projects were studio based, that is, fice of Design Transfer program weighs almost nothing and that has set new The Angstrom Laboratory is a lar- they were organized as a multi-disciplinary between Caltech and Art Center he charge-time and capacity records for poly- ge building complex, belonging to group of people working on a self-selected has extensive background in the mer-cellulose-based batteries. This creates Uppsala University. It holds several project with a four-month deadline. melding of art and science. Michael new possibilities for large-scale production departments, institutes and re- is currently involved with media of environmentally friendly, cost-effective, search groups within the science 2. They incorporated the architectural cha- projects that synthesize learning lightweight energy storage systems.” and technology branch encom- rette wherein a prototype of the product and creative production in a reality passing advanced as well as basic or idea was developed over the course of a environment. How did you come up with the idea of research in physics, chemistry, mat- few days and presented in full. This was re- using Cladophora algae in this application? hematics and materials science. The peated at every stage of the studio project. “Despite extensive efforts in recent years to Angstrom Laboratory constitutes develop new cellulose-based coating sub- one of Europe´s most advanced la- 3. They were all based on the use of metap- strates for battery applications, satisfactory boratories for materials science. hor as the conceptual methodology, which charging performance proved difficult to Albert Mihranyan’s and his col- allowed instantaneous re-framing of the is- obtain. However, nobody had tried using leagues’ work on paper-based bat- sues, whether material, formal or aesthetic/ algal cellulose. We had been investigating teries using this cellulose type was emotional. These were displayed as haptic pharmaceutical applications of the cellu- recently published in Nanoletters models, e.g. objects recognized through lose from Cladophora algae for a number journals and received great interest touch”. of years. This type of cellulose has a unique from public.
  8. 8. SOFIA HIORT AF ORNäS RICHARD BONSER Project manager, SweTree Technologies AB PhD, University of Reading, Centre for Biomi- metics, Part of the Management Committee of BIONIS Several of the technologies being com- SweTree Technologies was funded 1999 In what way can a network like BIONIS The Biomimetics Network for Indu- mercialized by SweTree Technologies as a joint initiative between Teknikbro- support the commercialization of Bio- strial Sustainability´s (BIONIS) mis- are about fiber modification? stiftelsen in Umeå and Woodheads AB, mimetic ideas and research? sion is to promote the application “The use of our technologies result in im- it is a quite unique constellation why? “Organisations like BIONIS act as a focal of Biomimetics in products and proved properties of fiber products or new “SweTree Technologies AB was formed to point for industrialists, academics and in- services and its use in education surface properties of fiber based products. handle the intellectual properties from vestors. Providing networking opportuni- and training. The network was set These improved and new properties have a Woodheads AB, 44 leading researchers at ties and disseminating information on cur- up in spring 2002, with the help of wide range of applications. Examples inclu- the Umeå Plant Science Center and KTH. rent research are the principal mechanisms funding from UK EPSRC (Enginee- de barriers in packaging material, increased The majority of these researchers were of doing this.” ring and Physical Sciences Research strength of paper, packaging and composite collaborating in the Populus EST and fun- Council) and later from Swedish materials, increased adsorption in hygiene ctional genomics program that generated What future Biomimetic products do Biomimetics 3000 AB. There were products, binding of proteins or peptides in a large amount of commercially interesting you see in the pipeline within the BIO- in the beginning 19 founder mem- biotechnology or diagnostic applications, as innovations within plant and forest biotech- NIS community? bers from Industry and Academia well as completely new applications of cellu- nology. The aim of SweTree Technologies “At the moment, there seems to be huge throughout the UK. Membership is lose based products. was to assist the individual Woodheads’ re- potential for innovations in aerospace (par- now well over 500 worldwide. At the moment we have several industrial searchers with legal support to patent and ticularly MAVs), sensors and robotics. There collaboration projects running within the fi- commercialize their innovations. In return, are some very well funded ‘blue skies’ pro- ber modification area. This area is based on a SweTree Technologies received first right of grammes, which have the potential to de- number of patented technologies that mo- refusal on the innovations. A selection pro- liver exciting new technologies in the co- dify the functionality of cellulose fibers and/ cess has been established, whereby disco- ming years.” or surfaces. The innovations originate from veries are carefully selected, patented and both the academic researchers in Woodheads developed.” as well as from internal SweTree projects. One of the technologies we use is based on modi- SweTree Technologies AB is a plant fied xyloglucan, which is a hemicellulose. For and forest biotechnology company example this can be done by using the plant providing products and technologi- enzyme XET to functionalize the xyloglucan es to improve the productivity and and hence modify the properties of wood fi- performance properties of plants, ber. Other technologies include superhydrop- wood and fiber for forestry, pulp & hobic surfaces, magnetic cellulose and super paper, packaging, hygiene, textile strong papers based on nano-fibers.” and other fiber related industries.
  9. 9. LARS UNO LARSSON JONAS RUNBERGER CEO, Swedish Biomimetics 3000® AB, International Researcher in Project Communication at KTH Humanitarian Award 1998, Entrepreneur of the School of Architecture and the Built Environment, Year in Sweden 2002 architect and director of R&D at Scheiwiller Svens- son Architects and tutor at the Architectural As- sociation School of Architecture (AA). Being a serial entrepreneur and pioneer for technically advanced, low carbon im- Why is it interesting to include cross- field of architecture, but to understand the founder of a medical success story in pact and more environmental friendlier disciplinary Biomimetic research in the world. In order to accomplish this, students the orphan drug area, Swedish Orphan, spray systems. The beetle has the ability to architect´s design process? study structures and processes elsewhere, what led you to the field of Biomimetics? generate a high frequency pulsed spray at “Architectural design implies the design of ranging from culture and politics to geo- “It is an enthusiastic, evolving scientific and very low injection pressures. The Research complex structures, on technical, social and logy and nature. Projects have ranged from market field with a lot of commercial poten- teams at Cornell University and Leeds Uni- cultural levels. Beyond mimicking forms in fog harvesting structures informed by the tial where there is a large need for what we versity believed the beetle´s mechanism nature, I believe there is much to learn from moisture collection of the Namib beetle to call innovation acceleration and structured to be essential to the firing of the vapour the processes behind these forms. This is the regeneration of mangrove forests for commercial development programs. De- and liquid droplets. This led to the building useful not only to design buildings that per- costal protection. Direct technology trans- spite a sea of innovative Biomimetic ideas, of an experimental rig at Leeds University forms similar to nature, but developing de- fers have also been tough upon, in the way the Biomimetic concepts largely struggle which builds upon the physics of the beetle sign processes in analogy to natural systems. we have been interested in applying new to achieve commercialization of these ide- system for generating high performance The mode of practice in different fields materials developed as a direct result of as for social benefit. To address this need, vapour explosions. By using the μMist® is of particular concern. This implies doing biomimetic research. We are now launching Swedish Biomimetics 3000® has globally technology, improved fuel burning is ac- design in a similar way as a researcher the second year of research into what we developed an innovation accelerating ope- hieved through the generation of smaller would conduct research in a specific field, have defined as Adaptive Ecologies. By loo- rating model to meet market needs rapidly. fuel droplets and the injector operating at and more importantly making the design king at recent developments in environme- The model has been adopted to support our lower pressures which is being explored in a work relevant to the research conducted. ntal science, digital design/manufacturing platform technologies and directs the deve- structured development program, (Patent Since the practice of architecture must take and material science, processes of buil- lopment programs towards established mar- Pending. Covered by U.S. Patent Publication many different agendas into concern, our ding and production economies we aim at ket needs and engages collaborative cutting No. 2009-0212125).” aim is here that the design project can ope- developing an environmentally conscious edge partners from the earliest point.” rate as a platform of collaboration between architectural production with an innate ca- Swedish Biomimetics 3000® AB, an different actors, and the proposals delive- pacity for redeployment and adaptation. One of your platform technologies, innovation accelerator focused on red can become useful as testing beds for Our students are hereby developing highly μMist®, is inspired by the bombardier Biomimetics founded in Sweden well founded ideas.” informed architectural expressions fit for beetle? 2004 and in the UK 2006 by Lars Uno urban conditions in areas where resources “The μMist® spray technology which is in- Larsson. The mission of Swedish Your architecture students from the AA are scarce.” spired by the bombardier beetle has mul- Biomimetics 3000® is to fund and School of Architecture in London have tiple potential applications, within the au- foster translational research of used a Biomimetic approach in their tomotive, aviation, space craft, medical, Biomimetic concepts to the point projects, in what way? fire control and consumer industries – all where they are considered com- “The projects in our AA unit DIP16 are using these industries have a demonstrable need mercial candidates. design as a way to explore not only the
  10. 10. ULRIKA KARLSSON MIKAEL LINDSTRÖM Partner, servo, Research manager for the group New Materials and Architect and Guest. prof. Composites, Innventia. Assoc. Prof at Konstfack (The KTH School of Architecture University College of Arts, Crafts and Design) MARCELYN GOW Partner, servo, Architect, Dr.Sc. and Guest. prof. How can design help the technology perties than the material scientists are. I KTH School of Architecture transfer process of new bioinspired teach a course in renewable materials for materials? master students in textile, industrial and Both are VR researchers, teachers and examiners “It is a long way from basic research to pro- interior design at Konstfack. The students in the KTH Performative Design Studio duct design. Innventias role in Biomime is work with new biomaterials in our labora- to find new possible use for the fibers, and tory at Innventia, and have shown their bio- In what way is your research project What kind of new biomimetic materials industrial design can be a way to go. We col- inspired products at the annual furniture Hydrodynamic Green Roof inspired by and properties are of interest for an ar- laborate a lot with the forest industry, but and design fair in Milano. The designers get nature? chitect? also with architecture firms and designers. a feeling for new materials and how they are ”The intention of the project is to reconsider ”In the architects research into emergent With design, the new materials can get a developed at the same time as the resear- the green roof typology as an occupiable biomimetic materials and modes of fa- characteristic identity, and it is an exciting chers get feedback on the material proper- zone characterized by specific performan- brication an emphasis is placed on design way to market new fiber materials and their ties that are of interest for the market. A ces in the microecology it generates (venti- techniques where morphological and mate- possible applications. For new materials common language is developed and per- lation, lighting, irrigation). We are exploring rial properties are allied to generate struc- there is often no real buyer, instead it is all ceived material properties, like naturalness, the development of synthetic architectural tural and environmental performance. An about technology push. If we aim for new tactile properties and quality, becomes as systems that are informed by the formation, example of the coalescence between for- materials that can replace existing materials, important as the traditional mechanical function, or structure of biologically produ- mal and material performance occurs at a the price and performance is already set. We properties like stiffness and strength.” ced substances and biological mechanisms micro scale in the shell of the Namib desert need to be better and cheaper to be able to and processes. The relationship between beetle where hydrophilic and hydrophobic take market shares. However, if we can crea- Innventia AB is a world leader in re- synthetic systems and biological processes regions are interspersed to collect and di- te something that is new and designed, and search and development relating to has often been considered as a one-direc- rect the flow of water. These regions are at the same time uses the unique properties pulp, paper, graphic media, packa- tional approach where models from the na- not only materially distinct but the form of in our materials, these materials can be in- ging and biorefining. The company tural realm are emulated for their tectonic the shell also has bumps that correspond to troduced on the market with a new identity translates research into innovative and morphological properties. Instead, we this material change. In order to produce a and it will be possible to get a higher price.” products and processes that gene- are taking a design approach that can be water harvesting system on a larger scale, rates enhanced value for the indu- characterized as bioinformational - a respon- the hydrophilic and hydrophobic regions of You are a natural scientist who teaches stry partners. The role of Innventia sive, bi-directional approach to the design of the beetle were simulated by researchers at Konstfack, what have you learnt from in Biomime is to make sure that the synthetic systems that takes into account at MIT using a substrate of wax into which the design students and vice versa? new fiber properties that come out their inherent material and physical biases glass pellets were cast.” “Designers love new materials, and they of research are of industrial rele- and integrates them with performances want to be the first using them. Often the vance, and to develop methods to gleaned from the biological realm.” designers are interested in different pro- analyse relevant fiber properties.