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How to write your biography in 5 easy steps?

  1. How to write your biography in 5 easy steps?
  2. Applying for a job is a complicated process, which needs all personal sources and attention to details.
  3. Application process includes several steps: sending a CV and a cover letter,
  4. discussing interview details talking with the HR on the phone,
  5. interview in the office and, in a case of its success, signing an agreement.
  6. But before even an interview an employee can ask you to write your biography in order to make an interview easier and concentrate on the important details instead of blabbing on personal topics.
  7. So, this presentation is about writing a biography for work in 5 easy steps!
  8. Step #1. Search for some sources, connected with this task. Some bio templates on the web or books can really help you, especially if you write your bio the first time.
  9. Also you can find out, how the autobiography writers do it, just looking through some autobiographies or memoirs.
  10. Try not to choose too big ones. They can be interesting, but this is not the thing you are in fact looking for. It is better for you to find some shorter samples.
  11. Step #2. Write down the basic info. It should be your personal information like your full name, the date of your birth, your home address, phone number.
  12. Besides the info you have written in your CV, you should include to your biography additional info, for example about your family. In few words, it should be the personal info from your CV, written widely, plus some information, that you have not mentioned.
  13. Step #3. Fill in the information about your education.
  14. Mention the university, the faculty, your specialization, the degree you have. Don’t forget to mention the activities, you’ve participated in and the awards you’ve got.
  15. Then write about your previous work experience. Note, what you’ve had to do, how you’ve solved the problems,, what the new you’ve imported to the company. Do not forget to mention the duration of your employment.
  16. Step #4. This is the most interesting. Write about yourself, your personal story of life.
  17. Remember, that it shouldn’t be very long. The professional bio writers always do it in a briefly way. It could include your personal achievements and life experience.
  18. Of course, bio is not a kind of CV, so you should show to your future employee, that you are a human. Describe the feelings about your work or experience, mention what you will do in future, what do you think about the job you have, show the understanding of the field.
  19. Step #5. The last one. Format your bio like a professional biography writer. Look, how the bio is formatted in the samples and structure your bio: divide the sections, give them the titles, make the information in your bio readable and easy to find.
  20. If after seeing this presentation you understood nothing, you can see some more samples and articles on our website. If you understood, that writing a bio by yourself is not for you, you can order it at any convenient for you time right here: