Monster 2008 Us Job Seeker Overview


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Put out last Q of 2008, gives general overview of the job seeker markets.

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Monster 2008 Us Job Seeker Overview

  1. 1. United States Job Seeker Annual Overview Brought to you by Monster Intelligence 2008 United States – Job Seeker Annual Overview The Job Seeker Annual Overview provides HR professionals and executives with a snapshot of job-seeking activity on Monster within the United States. This report has the following objectives: ● Help HR Professionals improve the way they use Monster. ● Provide some “Tips and Tricks” supporting HR activity on Monster. ● Show overall Monster trends. This tour inside Monster will help guide strategic recruiting to the next level and make the use of Monster products as effective as possible. All data are U.S. Monster data from transactions in 2007. 2
  2. 2. Executive Summary Over the year, the unemployment rate has edged up by a marginal value. Unemployment matched a six-year low of 4.4 percent in March 2007, but has drifted since then. Still, national unemployment stands at the so called “full employment” figure of 5 percent in December 2007. The U.S. Monster Employment Index charted a tempered ascent in 2007, featuring polarized growth in online recruitment activity and related job opportunities as the year progressed. ● Growth was primarily driven by higher demand for workers in public administration and the goods- producing industries; demand in the service industries was more mixed. Among generations, Gen Y (Born 1978-1990) is the fastest growing segment of the workforce and expected to outnumber Gen X (Born 1965-1977) by 2010. Job Seekers/Candidates focused on finding new job opportunities are more active at the beginning of the year with seasonal spikes in activity at the end of Q1, Q2 and at the end of the summer. ● For maximum exposure to job seekers/candidates searching for jobs, post jobs early in the week. Job Seekers/Candidates on Monster span career levels, education levels and years of experience. The increase in Job Seekers/Candidates in many U.S. states and markets began to stabilize in 2007 after experiencing solid growth through 2006. 3 Unemployment Edging Up In The U.S. Total Nationwide Employment reached 146.2 million in December 2007. The U.S. Unemployment rate continues to edge upward to 5.0 in December 2007. Total Nonfarm Employment growth rate slowing to nearly 1.0 percent year over year. Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics, 4
  3. 3. Despite Year-end Slowdowns, Online Recruitment Was Stronger In 2007 Than In 2006 According to the Monster Employment Index, online recruitment activity and related job opportunities have been slowing. Nonetheless, online help-wanted advertising was stronger in 2007 than in 2006, providing a contrast to dissenting opinions of an economic slowdown. Opportunities were particularly rich for graduating college students and industry veterans, as businesses looked for young talent while simultaneously combating the immediate brain drain from retirements by older-generation workers. Key Trends ● Competition for healthcare professionals was hotter than ever. ● Demand for manufacturing and trade industry workers was on the rise as the weakening US dollar propelled exports. ● Fairly robust consumption spending nationwide supported high employment of workers in leisure and entertainment. ● Ill-effects from real-estate turmoil had limited reach outside of the financial services industry and select metropolitan markets. ● Diverse economic opportunities developed from the booming environmental movement, which was pervasive in both government and private industry policy. U .S. M o n s t e r E m p lo ym e n t In d e x 200 180 160 140 120 100 80 Apr-04 Apr-05 Apr-06 Apr-07 Dec-03 Feb-04 Jun-04 Aug-04 Dec-04 Feb-05 Jun-05 Aug-05 Dec-05 Feb-06 Jun-06 Aug-06 Dec-06 Feb-07 Jun-07 Aug-07 Dec-07 Oct-03 Oct-04 Oct-05 Oct-06 Oct-07 Source: Monster Employment Index, 2007 5 Monster Is A Global Leader In Online Career & Recruitment Austria Bahrain One of the Largest Global Resume Database. Belgium Canada China ● More than 80 million resumes.1 Czech Republic Denmark ● More than 50,000 new resumes added each Finland France day.1 Germany Hong Kong Hungary Presence In 40+ Countries Around The World. India Ireland Italy More Then 50 Million Monthly Unique Visitors.2 Jordan Korea Kuwait Over 7 Million Job Searches Each Day.1 Lebanon Luxembourg Mexico Netherlands Norway Oman Poland Qatar Saudi Arabia Scotland Singapore Spain Sweden Switzerland United Arab Emirates United Kingdom United States Wales Source: 1Internal Monster Data, October 2007 2Media Metrix Global Traffic, 2007 6
  4. 4. Monster’s Audience Outstrips Its Competitors Nearly two-thirds (63.2%) of CareerBuilder’s audience uses Monster. 55% of Monster’s audience is exclusive to Monster. 18+ Monthly Users of Major Job Sites 63.6% 63.6% Total Audience: 8.2 M Other Major Job Sites Total Audience: 16.4 M 45% 55% 65.3% 65.3% Total Audience: 4.3 M Source: The Media Audit, Jan 2006- April 2007 Annual Report 7 Considerations When Posting An Opportunity At Monster The following section details key information and trends regarding job seeking behavior of candidates at Monster. 8
  5. 5. Managing Future Generations Though currently a small group, Gen Y is the fastest growing segment of the workforce and expected to outnumber Gen X by 2010. Estimated U.S.A. Civilian Non-institutional Workforce by Generation 22% 29% 42% 7% Generation Y Generation X Baby Boomers Schwarzkopf Generation (Born 1978-1990) (1965-1977) (1946-1964) (Born <1946) Ages: 17-29 Ages: 30-42 Ages: 43-61 Ages: 62+ Source: 2006 RainmakerThinking, Inc. Analysis 2006 RainmakerThinking, Inc. Analysis 9 Half Of The Employed Workforce Are Always Looking For Their Next Job Monster research revealed workers fall into 2 primary groups: