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Dfwtrn SourceCon2012 recap


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Presentation to DFWTRN on highlights of SourceCon Dallas 2012 that interested me.

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Dfwtrn SourceCon2012 recap

  1. 1. 3 Tips and 3 Trends | SourceCon 2012Filtered by Dorothy Beach MBA PHRStrategic Sourcing Consultant atAccenture
  2. 2. Image Search via Google Search Getting more information using a picture
  3. 3. Cheap recruiter training onsearch techniquesPower Search• Curriculum developed forgrade schoolers• Six hours, self-paced, overthree weeks• Pass two tests to get acertificate
  4. 4. Marketing’s Relationship WithRecruiting Marketing needs to sit in Recruiting Or Should Recruiting Sit In Marketing?
  5. 5. Research on what prospects want from Bryan Chaney Advise (transparency) Advocate me Prepare me Broaden my connections Keep me in the loopLanguage change: “prospects” not “candidates or talent”; consultants not recruiters; sourcers do not support they consult.
  6. 6. What if selling jobs was likeselling shoes? Prospects are customers Blogging about a job
  7. 7. Telephone sourcing – remindersfrom Conni LaDouceur Six Sigma techniques used to streamline their process Why use the telephone to source names? Q1 – Where does the best candidate exist? Resource: or Leadership Director at 212-627-4140
  8. 8. Telephoning… Be evasive but say Push the envelope “disarming techniques” - when you know others by name that are there Control the call – “who are you?” – answer and then lob back another Q Get names first | fill in contact info later Keep calling (>3 times)
  9. 9. 3 Trends in Sourcing/Recruiting• Sourcing teams going back in-house• Big Data used to better understand targetedprospects• Six Sigma or Quality processes to cut costs andstreamline process
  10. 10. …forms a sourcing team Sarah Wegener’s 10 newbies went through bootcamp 8 survived15 offers (not hires) in 4 months
  11. 11. How FB draws engineers in: Events that are local Pick brains of employees Sell engineering bootcamp – 6 weeks on coding Get through bootcamp you get choice of project
  12. 12. “Big Data” is in your ATS, onyour website and with yourvendors
  13. 13. My “big data” recruiting story Does a banner ad for SAP jobs work well enough to keep it in the budget? Make an hypothesis on the outcome Push on vendors to give you more data and get a large enough set to span at least a year Analyze in Excel or other SW package Look for trends and make comparisons Q: How does your target audience behave when they look for jobs? Make hypothesis
  14. 14. The Report on “Big Data”Insights Banner ad drove between 10-150x more CTs – recommend keeping in the budget SAP developers start their CTs on Friday night tapering off on Sunday Consistent for every week except the last week of the month – no traffic Reco is to post banner ads in the beginning of the month and on other sites before Friday
  15. 15. Quality Driving RecruitingProcess Chris Havrilla (xDeloitte, now consulting) recommends using SS Black Belt to look at your end to end process Recruiting Operations should be a separate job Info on SS Recruiting
  16. 16. Link to me – send an invite toQUESTIONS? Follow me @DorothyBeach on Twitter Like my Pins? ResearchNut - Pinterest RTOY recap of “Best Practices” from corporate and agency winners: NOT covered here: Shally’s talk about Uncommon Search Engines Shallys slidedeck SourceCon 2012