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About EA

  1. 1. Welcome to our World EA Interview Pack
  2. 2. Page 3 Welcome to EAPage 4 Interview advicePage 5 Your guide to videogames in statsPage 6 EA at a glancePage 7 Our Leaders. Setting the bar highPage 8 Our Locations. Truly GlobalPage 9 Our tEAms: EA GamesPage 10 EA PlayPage 11 EA SportsPage 12 Global Publishing, CDS, CorporatePage 13 An insight into EAiPage 14 What’s next for EA?Page 15 Our peoplePage 16 Our valuesPage 17 Nurturing your careerPage 18 Our benefitsPage 19 Our commitment to graduatesPage 20 EA giving back to the CommunityPage 21 Our community. Have your say!Page 22 Why join EA? A summaryPage 23 What others say about EAPage 24 EA’s culture. We love what we do0
  3. 3. Welcome to EAEA was founded in 1982 by individuals with a deep passion for making games. Many things havechanged over the years as the gaming industry — and the company — has expanded immensely, butwe are still driven by the same passion for developing, publishing, and distributing the worlds bestgames.EA has an amazing tradition of game-making and a rich and diverse portfolio of products. Our mostrecognizable games include The Sims, the top-selling game of all time; great games in the EA SPORTSline-up like Madden NFL Football, FIFA Soccer, and Tiger Woods PGA TOUR Golf; groundbreakingracing games like Need For Speed and Burnout; action-packed first-person shooters like Crysis,Medal of Honor, and Battlefield; extremely cool music games like Rock Band ; games based on majorfilm franchises like Harry Potter fun and accessible family games including Hasbro games; onlinecasual games at; and mobile phone games including Tetris. And thats just a smallsampling of the breadth and depth of the EA portfolio.Our history has been one of great success, and our future looks even brighter. We hope you enjoy asuccessful interview experience with us and are one of the select few who join our talented andenergetic staff at one of the many great EA locations around the world as we shape the future ofinteractive entertainment. And be there as we write the next chapter of the amazing EA story.This interview pack gives you an insight into EA, our history, our leaders, our great games, ourculture, compensation package, how we nurture and look after your career success and someinterview advice. Reading and understanding this interview pack will stand you in great stead for anyEA interview. By the end of this pack we hope you share our enthusiasm and hunger to be part ofour growth plans....and yes.....we have a barrel load of fun all day & night long.....Who would have thought that creating fun, could be so much fun!
  4. 4. Interview AdviceWe won’t ask you to run through fire but EA’s interview process will be challenging as we look to hire onlythe best people. Hence to maximise your experience with EA, we suggest that preparation is key.There are a number of helpful areas you can get to know EA including: - Our blog site which gets under the skin of life at EA - Our jobs site and so much more. Great employment information. - Learn about our latest games - Detailed Corporate info on EASome advice we would offer includes:- Ensure you know the time, location and who is interviewing you. Plan your journey. Turn up 10 mins early- Dress informally. We are more interested in your ability than your clothing- Master your basics. Ensure that you can articulate: - The decisions you have taken on your career path to date - Your successes and achievements across your career - What challenges you are looking for from your next role - Why you want to work at EA - A demonstration of an understanding of our industry and our competitors - Your strengths & areas of improvement-Be prepared to ask the interviewer questions. This is your opportunity to impress with your knowledgeand research into EA & our industry.- When in our interview, it is key to relax and be yourself. Our interview style seeks to be informal to getthe most from understanding you and your career to date in order to get to know and understand you andyour career path to date.- Our interview will seek to explore your behaviour in specific situations and review your career to date. Weare looking to match you against EA DNA and seek to see a good fit with EA.- Specific disciplines may have different assessments to undertake eg Coders could have a written test- Post interview. Being interviewed should be slightly challenging and our interview team aim to stretchyou. But our goal is for you to have a great experience and if we fall short, please do let us know.
  5. 5. Game Industry RevenueThe games industry is growing. It’s potential is HUGE. We feel EA is only just scraping the potential ofwhat we can achieve. For example, Playfish would point to over 400 million current Facebook users,with 15 million playing Restaurant City. Growth potential is evident. Despite tough economic times,the games industry shows its resilience and exciting potential. Did you know….?In 2008, Game Sales Grew 23% in NA; 18% in EuropeIn 2009, Industry Growth ~5%Consumers See Value in Games w/ 100+ Hours of PlayGames Routinely Out-Gross Top Films, Albums, Books 1st 5 day Worldwide Sales of Call of Duty 2 Modern Warfare ~ $550MM 1st 5 day Worldwide Box Office of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince ~ $390MM 1st day book sales Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows ~ 220MM Global Retail Software Sales (USD in Billions) 16% CAGR$50 $48 Mobile$40 Online$30 $23$20 Packaged$10 Goods $0 CY05 CY06 CY07 CY08 CY09 CY10 Prediction: Videogames will be to this century, what television was to the last.
  6. 6. EA at a Glance…our explosive historyEA was formed in 1982 and ever since we have delighted at being the leader in thrilling the world withcutting edge Interactive Entertainment. We look forward to sharing a deep and rich history with you.But let’s start with some simple bullet points and overview of our company milestones. • 27 Years in Operation • #1 Market Share in North America and Europe • FY09 Revenue >US$4.3B • 8,000+ Employees Worldwide • Strong Partnerships: MTV, Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo • Exclusive Partnerships: FIFA, NFL, ESPN , Hasbro • Distribution > 75 Countries • World’s Largest Studio Operation Our Milestones
  7. 7. Our Leaders...setting the bar high John Riccitiello, Stephen G. Bene Chief Executive Officer Senior Vice President, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary Frank Gibeau, Eric Brown President, EA Games Label Chief Financial Officer Peter Moore Gabrielle Toledano, President, EA SPORTS Executive Vice President of Human Resources Joel Linzner Ken Barker Executive Vice President, Senior Vice President, Chief Business and Legal Affairs Accounting Officer Rod Humble John Schappert Executive Vice Chief Operating Officer President, EA Play Label
  8. 8. LocationsEA is a truly Global company with offices & development studios located across the world. We are proudto be a large company which provides our staff with more opportunities to exercise their talents acrossdifferent worldwide locations. We ensure that all employees at all locations are underpinned with thebest tools, investment, support and great facilities to work at, all of which enhance creativity and teamspirit. By uniting our locations we generate the passion to create great games which fulfils our quest toentertain.EAs Game Development StudiosEA operates its global Headquarters in Redwood Shores, California and with regional headquarters inGeneva Switzerland and Singapore. In addition, EA has worldwide studios in the following locations: United States: Canada: Visceral Games (Redwood City, California) Bioware (Edmonton) EA Salt Lake (Salt Lake City, Utah) EA Montréal (Montréal) EALA (Los Angeles, California) EAC (Burnaby) Maxis (Emeryville, California) Mythic (Fairfax, Virginia) The Sims (Redwood City, California) Tiburon (Orlando, Florida) Europe: Asia: Bright Light (Guildford, U.K.) Hyderabad, India Criterion (Guildford, U.K.) Shanghai, China Digital Illusions (Stockholm, Sweden) Seoul, Korea Phenomic (Frankfurt, Germany) Singapore Bucharest, Romania Pandemic (Brisbane, Australia) Playfish London Melbourne, AustraliaWorldwide Publishing OfficesAustria; Belgium; Brazil; China; Czech Republic; Denmark; Finland; France; Germany; Greece; Hungary;India; Italy; Ireland; Mexico; Netherlands; New Zealand; North America; Norway; Poland; Portugal;Russia; Singapore; South Africa; Spain; Sweden; Switzerland; Taiwan; Thailand; United Kingdom
  9. 9. Our Teams: EA GamesEA Games label is home to the largest number of EA studios and development teams, which togethercreate an expansive and diverse portfolio of games, in such genres as action, action-adventure, roleplaying, racing and combat games. In addition to traditional packaged-goods games, the EA Games Labelalso develops massively-multiplayer online role-playing and play-4-free mid-session games which arepersistent state virtual worlds where thousands of other players can interact with one another. Forexample, Warhammer Online from Mythic Entertainment is a MMORPG and Battlefield Heroes from DICEis a play-4-free MSG.The EA Games Label portfolio includes several established franchises such as Need for Speed, Battlefield,Mass Effect, Medal of Honor, Mercenaries and Skate. In addition, the EA Games Label has launched newfranchises including Dead Space, Mirrors Edge and Army of Two, and has additional titles in development.The EA Games Label titles are developed at the following EA studios: BioWare (located in Edmonton,Canada and Austin, Texas), Black Box (located in Vancouver, Canada), Criterion (located in Guildford,England), DICE (located in Stockholm, Sweden), EA Los Angeles, EA Montreal, Visceral Games (located inRedwood Shores, California), Mythic Entertainment (located in Fairfax, Virginia), Pandemic Studios (locatedin Los Angeles, California), Phenomic (located in Ingelheim, Germany) and EA Partners. The EA Partnersgroup teams with external game developers and third party studios to provide these partners with a varietyof services including development, publishing, and distribution. For example, in fiscal 2009, EA Partnersincluded MYV/Harmonix, Epic, id, Grasshopper, and Valve
  10. 10. Our Teams: EA PlayThe EA Play Label creates and markets games and experiences that are easily accessible, inspire creativityand fun, and transcend core video game culture into a world of engaging and relevant entertainment forpeople of all ages. Everyone is the EA Play Label consumer - from seniors to tots to experienced gamers tothose who have never played a game. The EA Play Label includes The Sims Studio, MySims, EAs Hasbro,Maxis and Casual Studios. The Label creates games based on original IP and licensed IP.The Sims Studio develops and markets life-simulation games and online communities with an emphasis oncreativity, community and humor.The Sims has sold over 100 million units world-wide since it was originally launched in 2000. A significantfactor in its success has been the regular introduction of expansion pack with new content and gameplayfeatures that can be purchased and used in connection with our core products, The Sims and The Sims 2.The Sims 3 shipped in June 2009 along with an all-new online store and new community features.In addition to expansion packs, the Sims Studio also developed several console products, most notablyMySims™ -- a newly created franchise for the Wii and Nintendo DS - and SimAnimals on the Wii and DS.In August 2007, EA entered into a strategic relationship with Hasbro through which we can create digitalgames based on a significant number of Hasbros classic board games and toys, including MONOPOLY,SCRABBLE (North America only), YAHTZEE, TRIVIAL PURSUIT, NERF, G.I. JOE, and LITTLEST PET SHOP. Wecontinue to develop Hasbros properties into video games for children, families and create casual gameexperiences and to publish them across a variety of platforms including mobile handsets, handheld gamedevices, PCs and across all consoles.EA Casual Studios work with internal studios and third party developers that are responsible for console,handheld and PC games geared primarily towards children, families, and other casual games. Thesegames include: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, Boom Blox, Boogie SuperStar, Henry Hatsworthin the Puzzling Adventure and ZUBO as well as several new titles based on well-known Hasbro gamesand toys.
  11. 11. Our Teams: EA SportsThe EA SPORTS label brings together a wide collection of sports-based video games marketed underthe EA SPORTS brand. EA SPORTS games range from simulated sports titles with realistic graphics basedon real-world sports leagues, players, events and venues to more casual games with arcade-stylegameplay and graphics. We seek to release new iterations of many of our EA SPORTS titles on a regularbasis (often annually), in connection with the commencement of a sports leagues season or a majorsporting event when appropriate. Our EA SPORTS franchises include FIFA Soccer, Madden NFL Football,Fight Night, NBA Live, NCAA Football, NCAA March Madness, Tiger Woods PGA TOUR, NHL Hockey,Grand Slam Tennis, and EA SPORTS Active. Games are developed primarily at our EA Canada (located inVancouver, Canada) and EA Tiburon studios (located in Orlando, Florida).In addition to packaged goods games, the EA SPORTS label offers online-only gamers andentertainment. In Korea, EA SPORTS currently offers EA SPORTS FIFA Online , a free-to-play online gamein which players may purchase additional in-game content from us (we refer to these consumerpurchases of small elements of additional content as "micro-transactions"). We expect to introduceother online games under the EA SPORTS brand in the future. EA SPORTS also seeks to increase itsglobal presence through the introduction of new web-based communities centered on our portfolio ofsports games.
  12. 12. Our Teams: Global PublishingDRIVING EA WITH CUTTING EDGE MARKETING, SALES & DISTRIBUTION STRATEGIESEA Global Publishing undertakes strategic planning, field marketing, sales and distribution in Asia, Europe, LatinAmerica and North America.The publishing team is home to a range of exciting career opportunities including devising marketing strategies forall the EA Game Labels. Marketing roles include PR, Advertising, online marketing and general product marketingamongst others. Sales specialists can work in Account Management and Key Account Management. Distributionroles possess a unique challenge especially given EA distributes to over 75 different countries.Whatever your specialization, EA Global Publishing is renowned for its dynamic and cutting edge approach toensuring EA remains market leader and if you thrive with responsibility, autonomy and risk taking, you will find anatural home here.Central Development ServicesSUPPORTING EA BY DRIVING QUALITY STANDARDSCentral Development Services includes the Quality Assurance team, (game testers), Art outsourcing, localization,Product Certification and the Motion Capture team800 strong, the team serves all the product teams globally and is based in studio locations including Redwood City;Vancouver; Los Angeles; Montréal; Tiburon; Guildford; Madrid (Localization); Singapore (Localization); Bucharest(QA); Hyderabad (QA).The team accounts for over $100 R&D spend and is transforming the way EA works, driving higher quality andsignificantly lower costs.The team offers a range of excellent career opportunities from testing games and seeking to break latest gamebuilds to find bugs and quality issues; to localising games, including ensuring games reach differing locations,cultures and languages in the highest quality; to ensure that EA Games gain product approval from the hardwaremanufactures Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo and are released to EAs traditional high standards; to creating realisticand believable character motion and animation through latest Motion Capture Technology, including UCAP.CorporateDRIVING CHANGE & SUPPORTING EA MARKET LEADERSHIPThe EA Corporate team supports the business in many ways and includes:Human Resources & Recruitment are seeking to attract and retain the best talent in the market and ensure that allstaff feel empowered and motivated to make a difference in their career, support ranges from career developmentsupport to ensuring incentivisation through compensation & benefits Facilities seeks to ensure that all staff work in world class offices and feel inspired in creative working conditions Corporate Communications ensure that external consumers get first hand information and insight into EA World Finance encourages EA to perform to the best of its ability and tightly monitor and control costs while drivingbetter efficiencies and quality across the board; Legal Affairs maintain compliance in all relevant laws, a challenge given EA is a true Global Company, crossingmany geographical and legal boundaries; IT drives the business ensuring it has the tools and systems to developworld class games; Business Affairs provides EA investors with up to date information into EA activity and business affairs.Each group provides a raft of career challenges. EA values its Corporate services highly as a driver for change in thebusiness. If you seek empowerment and freedom to excel, EA Corporate should be home to your talent.
  13. 13. EA Interactive: Leading the Digital RevolutionA key growth area is EA Interactive, (Eai), comprised of Pogo, EA Mobile, our newest acquisition Playfish andour focus on Premium Downloadable DLC.Highlights:Pogo: - Club Pogo has 1.8 Million Subscribers - Developing as a gaming and social networking PlatformEA Mobile: - Continues to be the worlds #1 mobile games publisher - Strongest publisher on the App Store with 4 of the top 5 selling apps in 2009 (itunes) On Christmas day 2009, EA Mobile had 12 of the top 20 grossing games in the App StorePlayfish: - Playfish leads the social gaming industry in innovation and creativity with award-winning, category-defining games designed for friends to play together. - The company is changing the way people play games by creating more social and connected experiences. - To date, more than 200 million Playfish games have been installed and played by millions of people worldwide. - Playfish games are amongst the most acclaimed and popular online, including Pet Society, Restaurant City, Hotel City, Country Story and Who Has The Biggest Brain? Playfish as development studios in London, San Francisco, Beijing and Tromso, Norway.DLC: - EA is committed to the creation of Premium Downloadable Content (DLC), that extends and enriches the lifetime of a game.
  14. 14. What’s Next for EA? New FranchisesNew Properties New Platforms New Online Experiences
  15. 15. What makes EA great? That’s easy.....our People Why did you join EA? EA was by far the most professional of the gaming companies i spoke to, and had the most ambitious vision of the industry. And i was a huge fan of titles like FIFA and Sim City. Why did you choose to work in gaming? I love videogames, and i joined EA in 1999 just as the world was waking up to the industry being a real business, not just a niche hobby for teenagers. Id previously worked in the Jon music business for seven years and could see that while music was in decline, gaming was on the rise.Why did you join EA?I had heard great things about EA from some colleagues, but Iwas blown away by the people and facilities when I came into thestudio for the interview. During the interviewing process I also hadthe chance to learn enough about the people, product andprojects to ensure I believed in the vision the company washeaded and my role in helping to shape online.Why did you choose to work in gaming?Im addicted to working in a fast paced and dynamic environment,plus Ive always been an advocate for online connectivity in allforms.Therefore, when I decided to move back to Canada, I had focuson the gaming industry so I could bridge my prior online andsoftware development, and program management experience on Denisea new platform. Why did you choose to work in gaming? I enjoy working in a fast-paced, creative environment, and I wanted to work on all the interesting issues that are unique to the gaming industry workforce. What do you love about your job? Thats easy: the people. The people I work with are smart, interesting, hard-working and passionate about what they do. They make EA a fantastic place to work. I also enjoy the Rich tricky and challenging legal issues that arise in the workplace. It keeps my job exciting and it makes the work day fly by. Describe life at EA. Life at EA is high-energy and fun. I can rarely anticipate Chrysty what my day is going to be like, which is both the best and most challenging part of the job.
  16. 16. Our Values Values are more than a list of soft, fluffy words. EA Values permeate throughout all layers of the organization, from the CEO to the newest graduate intern. These values underpin our desire to be the best at what we do...... “The EA Actions open a new chapter at EA to define the kind of company we all want to work for and how we want to work together. It’s a call to action for what we must do moving forward. John Riccitiello CEO EALearn and Grow Think Consumers FirstWork hard, play hard Listen and respondDevelop yourself and Deliver beyond their expectationsothers Build lifetime customersMeasure yourimprovementShare knowledgegenerously Be Bold Go BigBe Accountable Take the rightDeliver on commitments risksAlways do what we say Back our betsPlay our positions LeadDeliver and reward results Act with Integrity Do the right thing Trust others and support their Create Quality and Innovation decisions Deliver products and services that Be transparent surpass expectations Be relentless about improving quality Take creative risks
  17. 17. How do we ensure you grow and love your work?Our goal is to make the worlds best Interactive Entertainment. We recognize that what makes us a marketleader is our great people. This fuels our desire to make EA a great place to work and to ensure all have equalaccess to the best career development.Our goal is to ensure that your time working for EA is both rewarding and fun. Top of our agenda is ensuringthat we continue focusing on the key areas that make such a difference to working lives, including:Career Development: Job enrichment comes when people are motivated by their work and have clear career paths that they can follow, tied to their performance. We have mapped out most job family disciplines at EA and have detailed the level of responsibilities and capabilities for the roles in order to provide this information to employees seeking new work opportunities and advancement.Good Managers: Being managed by a great manager makes an enormous difference to an employees work experience. This is why EA invests in ensuring managers understand how to develop staff and practice effective people management. Culture of Clear, transparent communication is critical. This includes communicating goals Communication: and expectations, offering regular performance feedback, and praising good efforts and results. Communication has to be two way. Diversity: It is critical that our workforce reflect our customers — those who play our games. We are committed to continually attracting women and people from diverse backgrounds into EA. Different thinking and experiences helps us all think more openly and get to more creative and global outcomes. Work/Life Balance: We all have relationships outside of work and recognize the challenge of work/life balance. Specifically at EA, we have invested considerable time ensuring that the pre-production planning occurs, resulting in more predictable game development timelines. We continue to do this better and better every day. Rewarding Results: Ensuring employees have a motivating compensation and rewards package aligned to performance and results is critical. This alignment of rewards with performance and results creates a high performing culture of success. We have tried to tie our compensation and other employee recognition programs to the outcomes that drive personal and company success. The highest performers should get the greatest rewards. Hire Right: Hiring the best talent and providing a work environment where they can do their best work generates a winning culture and a winning company. We will always focus on the values that are important to EA and ensure we hire the best. One thing that employees always say about Playfish is that they are working along side great, talented people every day. This is one of the biggest drivers of employee satisfaction.
  18. 18. Our benefitsWe recognize the fact that it takes world-class people to make world-class games. Therefore, EA offersa compensation package that attracts and retains the best people in the industry and inspires everyoneto achieve at the highest level.The following list provides an overview of a selection of EA Benefits (please note that some of theitems listed below may differ from location to location).BASIC SALARY Each position within EA is evaluated and assigned a competitive salary level based on jobresponsibilities.. Salary ranges are reviewed annually to maintain a competitive position within our industry to ensureyou stay motivated and are rewarded for your hard work.BONUS PLAN Under our current bonus plan each employee who is exempt from overtime is eligible for an annualbonus, the total of which is based on EAs financial performance and your own personal achievement againstobjectives. High performers are rewarded with bigger bonuses.RESTRICTED STOCK UNITS (RSUs) EA believes that all employees should own a piece of the company and share in itssuccess. EA’s stock is traded on the NASDAQ Exchange under the symbol "ERTS." Nearly all new employees receiveRestricted Stock Units (RSUs), which vest over a four-year period from your hire date. The number of RSUs you receivedepends on the grade of your position.SPOT STOCK AWARDS Employees can be nominated for and receive a Spot Stock Award for outstanding performance on aspecific project or a spark of initiative. This reward results in an allocation of stock which is yours outright.STOCK PURCHASE PLAN (ESPP) All permanent EA employees are eligible to participate in the Employee Stock PurchasePlan (ESPP).HEALTHCARE COVERAGE All permanent employees along with their spouse (or common-law partner) and children areeligible for membership in the Companys Healthcare Plan, as well as the National Dental Plan. EA also provides visioncare assistance or eye care vouchers depending on location.LIFE INSURANCE Your designated beneficiaries would receive a lump sum in the unfortunate event of your death fromaccident or illness. The amount is determined as a set multiplier of your annual basic salary (the figure variesgeographically).INCOME PROTECTION If you are unable to work for an extended period of time due to disability, you will receive a setpercentage of your basic salary as income replacement (the actual percentage varies by location).RETIREMENT SAVINGS/PENSION For US employees, the SaveNow 401(k) provides a great opportunity to save money forimportant financial goals, such as retirement. Employees can save between 1% and 50% of their annual basic salary on apre-tax basis up to the annual IRS limit. UK employees can save for retirement by setting aside 2%, 3% or 5% of theirannual salary. Depending on the individual contribution level, Playfish & EA will also contribute between 3% and 7% ofyour annual salary to your retirement fund.PAID HOLIDAYS Time away from work to relax, spend time with your family, and pursue special interests is important toeveryone. Each EA employee is awarded a set number of fully paid days off for holidays each year (exact days varygeographically).EA GAME POINTS EA staff receive points each year that they can use to purchase FREE EA games via the company store.
  19. 19. KarthikJennie MananA commitment to Graduates...lifeblood of EALead Our Next GenerationTo make the best games in the world, we are dedicated and focused on the need to attract and retain thebest creative talent in the world. Graduates are the very lifeblood of EA. A graduates passion, eagernessto learn and hunger to challenge the status quo drives our company forward. Thats why we arecommitted to ensuring graduates not only benefit from great compensation and benefits but moreimportantly are provided with opportunities for career growth and progression, backed by strong trainingand development programmes. At EA a graduate is more than an employee, we really believe a graduateis one of our Next Generation of leaders.There are many ways for Graduates to get a foot in the door of EA ....did you know we run internships?Be an EA Intern..valuable real life work experienceWhat better way for a student to get into the game industry than by working as an EA intern or co-op?Maybe you have a son/daughter/friend/relative who is currently studying at University and would love toexperience real life work experience at EA. Now you can tell them that EA offers paid internships or co-op positions (pay ranges vary depending on experience and skills), so graduates can actually get paid forworking on games. Critically they will be set tough challenges to stretch them to using their full potential.No menial tasks like filing or making tea at EA! They will also have their name included in the gamecredits - how cool is that? Well even throw in some free EA games, too. Better yet, an EA internship orco-op just might lead to a career in games post graduation. Madhu Sarah Brian
  20. 20. Electronic Arts is committed to making a difference in the communities where we live and work bydemonstrating responsibility and good citizenship. EAs formal Giving Programs include: EA’s MatchingProgram, EA’s Grant Program, EA’s Software Donation Program, EA Volunteer Events and EA GuidedTours.EA supports local nonprofit organizations and schools through programmatic grants and our givingcriteria focus upon those who serve underrepresented youth in the areas of education that feed intoour industry such as math, computer science, music and the arts as well as the areas of compassionand welfare.EA strives to reach out to students and teachers alike to inspire and encourage the pursuit of math,computer science, music and the arts and to draw connections between the theory and the applicationof these disciplines.EA Outreach is dedicated to encouraging EA Employees to be involved in the community and tosupporting the causes our employees support through matching employee donations dollar for dollar,up to a defined limit, to any nonprofit organization based in the US.
  21. 21. Be part of our community & have your sayEA is an open transparent company that loves to engage with the global community, that’s why we havea highly active presence on a number of social networking sites. Our goal is peal back the layers of theonion and show you deep Inside EA. You know all about our great games but now we are truly revealingour inner core. You can learn more about the people behind the games; learn how games are made; seehow we have fun making games; how we seek to motivate staff; where we go in our spare time; seeinside offices across the globe; in fact nothing is off limits. Have your say...and join our Social Networks. Head to our blog site at and truly get to hear the latest news about EA. The blog site is The Blog the centrepoint of our Social Media. You could sign up to a daily e-newsletter. Become a ‘Fan’ of ‘Inside EA’ and join 115,000 other fans in fun and informative discussions. EA have 2 LinkedIn discussion groups. 1 is for our professional community, where engaged and deep discussions take place. The Other is for EA Alumni. Our YouTube Channel, ‘InsideEA’, not only includes our latest games footage and releases but exclusive videos by staff about life at EA. Some very cool & fun videos. We also included some of our training videos and presentations for you. Look out for us on Twitter. Our Tag is ’Inside_EA’. You can join us in fun, fast and entertaining 120 Character based conversations.
  22. 22. Why join EA? 1. You will work on world-class games from day one. EA has a huge portfolio of AAA titles. You can contribute to a hit game from day one. 2. You will work - and share - ideas with the best people. You will work with creative, innovative people (some of whom are Academy Award winners). EA employees are passionate about playing - and making - great games. We learn from each other by sharing ideas across the company. 3. Our philosophy is one person can make a difference. EA is a hugely successful company with a culture anchored in a strong entrepreneurial spirit. This means anyone in the company can make a difference and have a real impact. In fact, one persons ideas can influence the entire gaming industry. 4. EA is a global company and this provides many career opportunities. EA is a large global company, which gives you the opportunity to add to your skills and experience by working on different games in different locations around the world. Each team has its own unique feel and culture, which contributes greatly to creating a diverse global culture. 5. EA is a highly ambitious company. EA continuously pushes the limits of interactive entertainment by pursuing innovative opportunities on all gaming platforms and in all markets. We never stand still and are always looking for exciting new opportunities (for example, online gaming, growth in Asia, next-generation consoles and making casual games that entertain and appeal to a wider audience). 6. Our aim is to provide ongoing opportunities for career development by encouraging employees to take responsibility and providing dedicated training and development. We provide an opportunity for career development across numerous game teams at locations around the world. We offer a range of excellent training and development programs that provide ample opportunity for everyone to learn new skills, reach their full potential, and get the most out of their career at EA. 7. You have the opportunity to entertain millions of people. Our primary goal is to entertain millions of people around the world and we have a lot of fun doing it. Its a great feeling to see your game become a bestselling, critical success.Good luck in your interview...welcome to EA’s World. ENJOY
  23. 23. ........but don’t just take our word for it EA voted #1 at 16th EA voted second place in Annual Orlando Sentinel best company to work for top 100 for Working in Vancouver Families EA recognised as one of EA voted #39 in the Black the Best Companies to Collegian list of Top work for LGBT Equality Employers USA 56,000 Students Polled at 345 Leading US Universities. EA voted number 8 in top 100 IT companies Prestigious Student to work for Universum Awards for top Sweden: 16,791 University students polled across 34 top universities. EA Dice voted number 5 as an IT Employer of Student Employer 2010 Choice. UK: 11,637 students from 65 leading universities were polled. EA voted number 15 in the engineering/IT category
  24. 24. EA’s Culture Creating so much fun!