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In  a  global  economy,  companies  are  forced  to  deal  with  the  commoditization  of  goods  and  services,  the  cha...
REPORT #13-002Enhancing  the  Customer  Experience:  Insights  and  Life  Science  Supplier  Rankings©2013  BioInformatics...
REPORT #13-002Enhancing  the  Customer  Experience:  Insights  and  Life  Science  Supplier  Rankings©2013  BioInformatics...
REPORT #13-002Enhancing  the  Customer  Experience:  Insights  and  Life  Science  Supplier  Rankings©2013  BioInformatics...
REPORT #13-002Enhancing  the  Customer  Experience:  Insights  and  Life  Science  Supplier  Rankings©2013  BioInformatics...
REPORT #13-002Enhancing  the  Customer  Experience:  Insights  and  Life  Science  Supplier  Rankings©2013  BioInformatics...
©2013  BioInformatics,  LLC  REPORT  #13-­002      Enhancing  the  Customer  Experience:  Insights  an...
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Report #13-002: Enhancing the Customer Experience: Insights and Life Science Supplier Rankings


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The scope of this study spans the pre-purchase, product-usage and post-purchase experience with 25 life science supplier companies.

We’ve asked over 1,000 scientists to evaluate their supplier companies on customer touchpoints that occur during the time spent researching products, during the selection process and after the sale is made.

The following companies are evaluated in this study:
Agilent Technologies
BD Biosciences
Beckman Coulter
Bio-Rad Laboratories
Cell Signaling Technologies
Corning Life Sciences
EMD Millipore
Fisher Scientific
GE Healthcare
Life Technologies
PerkinElmer Life Sciences
R&D Systems
Roche Applied Science
Thermo Scientific

The objective of this report is to:
-Provide vendors with the ability to benchmark the customer experience enjoyed by their customers against those of competitors.
-Identify the relative strengths and weaknesses of each vendor on each customer experience touchpoint.
-Determine the relative importance of each touchpoint in the customer experience lifecycle.

For any questions about this report or to purchase a copy, contact us at

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Report #13-002: Enhancing the Customer Experience: Insights and Life Science Supplier Rankings

  1. 1. In  a  global  economy,  companies  are  forced  to  deal  with  the  commoditization  of  goods  and  services,  the  challenge  of  differentiating  offerings  that  appear  similar  to  competitors’  and  the  potential  damage  done  when  unhappy  customers  proliferate  horror  stories  about  a  company’s  products  or  brand  online.  Building  a  good  mousetrap  no  longer  guarantees  a  steady  stream  of  repeat  business.  Customers  rule,  and  life  science  supplier  companies  are  continually  evaluate  customer  reactions  to  multiple  touch  points  so  they  can  offer  the  kind  of  experience  that  inspires  customers  to  want  to  come  back.Here  to  help,  BioInformatics  LLC  announces  the  release  of  Enhancing  the  Customer  Experience:  Insights  and  Life  Science  Supplier  Rankings.  The  scope  of  this  study  spans  the  pre-­purchase,  product-­usage  and  post-­purchase  experience  with  25  life  science  supplier  companies.  We’ve  asked  1,056  scientists  to  evaluate  their  supplier  companies  on  customer  touchpoints  that  occur  during  the  time  spent  researching  products,  during  the  selection  process  and  after  the  sale  is  made.  The  following  companies  are  evaluated  in  this  study:Agilent  Technologies  ATCC  BD  BiosciencesBeckman  Coulter  Bio-­Rad  Laboratories  Illumina  Leica  Life  Technologies  Promega  Qiagen  VWR  Waters  Zeiss  If  one  of  these  companies  is  yours,  you  will  be  able  to  use  this  report  to  compare  your  performance  against  your  competitors’  and  scientists  associate  your  brand  with  providing  the  breadth  of  line  think  post-­sales  support  from  your  sales  reps  is  on  par  with  what  process  of  doing  business  with  you,  there  are  key  interactions  that  offer  opportunities  to  delight  —  or  annoy.  Your  customers  rated  their  experience  on  22  attributes  associated  with  how  they  interact  with  life  science  brands.  The  raw  data  was  used  to  generate  rankings  for  each  phase  in  the  customer  purchasing  lifecycle:  Pre-­Purchase  Experience:Product/Vendor  AwarenessProduct/Vendor  Knowledge  Product  Experience:Product  Integrity  Post-­Purchase  Experience:The  rankings  are  then  analyzed  to  obtain  an  overall  customer  experience  score.  The  customer  experience  score  is  weighted  to  each  life  science  supplier  is  perceived  compared  to  this  benchmark.  This  report  maps  key  customer  touchpoints  so  that  you  can  easily  identify  strengths  to  capitalize  on  and  areas  to  improve  upon,  thereby  enhancing  the  customer  experience  and  the  likelihood  of  generating  repeat  business.Presented  in  a  dashboard-­style  format,  you  will  be  able  to  use  this  data  across  functional  areas  in  your  company  for  a  quick  assessment  of  customer  satisfaction  in  each  of  them.  Additionally,  a  segment  of  respondents  have  been  asked  to  rank  the  relative  importance  of  each  touch  point  to  help  suppliers  determine  which  limited  and  customers  want  it  all,  Enhancing  the  Customer  Experience:  Insights  and  Life  Science  Supplier  Rankings  is  a  must-­have  for  savvy  organizations  who  want  to  be  prudent  about  investing  in  the  right  experiences  —  the  kind  that  will  inspire  customers  to  stay  for  life.  ©2013  BioInformatics,  LLC  OVERVIEWEXECUTIVE SUMMARYEnhancing  the  Customer  Experience:  Insights  and  Life  Science  Supplier  RankingsBioInformaticsmarket  insights  from  gene  to  drugCompany-­Wide  License:   $6,500Free  data  set  through  April  30,  2013  with  purchase  of  the  report.  Regularly  a  $1,200  value.
  2. 2. REPORT #13-002Enhancing  the  Customer  Experience:  Insights  and  Life  Science  Supplier  Rankings©2013  BioInformatics,  LLC  Section  1:  Analysis  and  Interpretation  of  Survey  Results       Touchpoint  Attributes                   Product  Awareness  Touchpoint     Product  Knowledge  Touchpoint       Product  Integrity  Touchpoint               Agilent  Technologies     ATCC     BD  Biosciences     Beckman  Coulter     Bio-­Rad  Laboratories                 Illumina       Leica       Life  Technologies       Promega       Qiagen             VWR       Waters       Zeiss    Section  2:  Methodology  &  Demographics         Demographics     Questionnaire  Section  3:  Appendices   Appendix  A:  Additional  Insights       Appendix  C:  About  BioInformatics,  LLC    REPORT HIGHLIGHTS
  3. 3. REPORT #13-002Enhancing  the  Customer  Experience:  Insights  and  Life  Science  Supplier  Rankings©2013  BioInformatics,  LLC  OBJECTIVES   Provide  vendors  with  the  ability  to  benchmark  the  customer  experience  enjoyed  by  their  customers  against  those  of  competitors.     Identify  the  relative  strengths  and  weaknesses  of  each  vendor  on  each  customer  experience  touchpoint.     Determine  the  relative  importance  of  each  touchpoint  in  the  customer  experience  lifecycle.  METHODOLOGYEnhancing  the  Customer  Experience:  Insights  and  Life  Science  Supplier  Rankingsonline  survey  for  life  scientists  conducted  by  BioInformatics,  of  The  Science  Advisory  Board®.  BioInformatics  sponsors  two  panels  (Research  and  Clinical)  and  “convenes”  regularly  via  Internet  (  to  voice  their  opinions  on  a  wide  variety  of  issues  relating  to  biomedical  research  and  clinical  technologies.  These  experts  —  representing  all  aspects  of  the  life  sciences  and  medicine  —  have  agreed  to  make  themselves  available  to  participate  in  our  online  research  activities.  The  were  drawn  from  the  Board’s  Research  Panel.DEMOGRAPHICS23%  18%  18%  13%  9%  5%  4%  2%  2%  1%  1%  1%  1%  Principal  Investigator  Staff  Scientist  Professor/Assistant  Professor/Teacher  Post  Doctoral  Fellow  Department  Head  Lab  Manager/Director/Supervisor/Coordinator  Laboratory  Technician  Executive  (CEO,  VP,  etc.)  Physician  Bioengineer  Graduate  Student/Research  Assistant/PhD  Student  Production/Manufacturing  Quality  Assurance/Quality  Control  North  America  40%  Europe  31%  Asia/Pacific  29%  43%  8%  8%  5%  5%  13%  11%  3%  2%  1%  Academic/University  Government  Research  Institute  (non-­profit)  Hospital  University  Medical  Center  Biopharmaceutical  Company  Pharmaceutical  Company  Contract  Research  Organization  Research  Institute  (for  profit)  Agriculture/Agricultural  Biotechnology  Company  Academic  Industry  I have budget authority forand/or authorize thesepurchases50%I evaluate instrumentationand/or reagents and makerecommendations46%I neither recommend norspecify the purchase ofinstrumentation and/orreagents4%
  4. 4. REPORT #13-002Enhancing  the  Customer  Experience:  Insights  and  Life  Science  Supplier  Rankings©2013  BioInformatics,  LLC  57%53%50%44%48%49%44%45%54%47%57%58%60%50%54%63%45%46%57%56%50%55%56%0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70%Agilent TechnologiesATCCBD BiosciencesBeckman CoulterBio-Rad LaboratoriesCell Signaling TechnologyCorning Life SciencesEMD MilliporeFisher ScientificGE HealthcareIlluminaLeicaLife TechnologiesPerkinElmer Life SciencesPromegaQiagenR&D SystemsRoche Applied ScienceSigma-AldrichThermo ScientificVWRWatersZeissKEY FINDINGSRespondents  Who  Find  It  “Very  Easy”  to  Search  Supplier  WebsitesRespondents  Who  Say  that  “Products  Cover  My  Experimental  Workflow  Very  Well”47%56%48%39%51%76%47%49%45%40%41%47%57%41%61%62%68%47%67%40%41%51%47%0%10%20%30%40%50%60%70%80%
  5. 5. REPORT #13-002Enhancing  the  Customer  Experience:  Insights  and  Life  Science  Supplier  Rankings©2013  BioInformatics,  LLC       Customer  Preferences   April  2011   200  Pages  Sources  of  Independent,  Unbiased  ResearchUnlike  reports  from  other  firms  that  are  based  on  an  analyst’s  subjective  summary  of  information  from  publicly  available  sources,  our  reports  are  based  on  the  results  of  detailed  surveys  of  hundreds  —  even  thousands  —  of  scientific  and  medical  professionals  who  buy  your  products.Developed  by  a  Team  of  Expertsteam  of  scientists,  industry  veterans  and  market  research  experts  with  years  of  experience.  These  professionals  understand  that  survey  questions  need  to  be  asked  in  a  way  that  ensures  the  answers  survey  data  is  collected,  this  same  team  creates  a  unique  report  that  presents  the  reader  with  a  thorough  understanding  of  the  topic  and  the  scientific  and  business  implications  of  the  results  based  on  sophisticated  statistical  analytics.Custom  Analysis  &  Research  AvailableIf  you’d  like  to  delve  deeper  into  the  data  from  a  study,  we  can  always  perform  custom  cross-­tabulations  or  other  analysis  on  your  behalf.  We  can  even  pose  follow-­up  questions  to  respondents  who  answered  in  a  particular  way  or  conduct  a  custom  study  to  extend  your  knowledge.Carefully  Selected  Survey  ParticipantsWhen  others  promote  results  from  their  online  surveys,  they  fail  to  mention  the  uncontrolled  nature  of  their  broadcast  email  invitations.  To  provide  you  with  the  most  valid  and  accurate  results  possible,  the  respondents  to  our  surveys  are  members  of  our  unique  online  panel  —  The  Science  Advisory  Board®and  biomedical  professionals  who  have  agreed  to  take  part  in  our  surveys,  focus  groups  and  other  market  research  activities.  These  respondents  are  carefully  selected  based  on  their  professional  qualifications,  market  segments  and  geographic  regions  —  we  can  even  select  them  based  on  the  products  they  use  and  their  preferred  suppliers.Complimentary  Consulting  ProvidedWith  your  purchase,  we  offer  one  free  hour  of  consultation  with  our  talented  team  of  scientific  and  business  analysts  who  created  the  report.  During  this  consultation,  we  can  answer  any  questions  you  may  have  about  the  survey  results  and  what  we  believe  to  be  the  significant  trends  affecting  the  market.Invest  in  the  most  direct  source  of  information  from  the  scientists  who  buy  your  products,  and  the    RECENT REPORTSWHY CHOOSE OUR REPORTS?
  6. 6. REPORT #13-002Enhancing  the  Customer  Experience:  Insights  and  Life  Science  Supplier  Rankings©2013  BioInformatics,  LLC  ABOUT BIOINFORMATICS LLCintelligence  to  leading  companies  serving  the  life  science,  medical  device  and  pharmaceutical  industries.  We  support  clients  across  the  therapeutics  —  providing  high-­level  management  with  market  insights  from  gene  to  drug.creates  value  for  our  clients  by  combining  extensive  industry  knowledge  and  experience.  We  offer  a  variety  of  products  and  services  that  enable  executives  to  see  themselves,  their  market  and  their  competitors  through  the  eyes  of  the  most  important  information  source  of  all  —  customers.  We  can  precisely  meet  the  needs  of  our  clients  through  the  most  appropriate  mix  of  research  methodologies,  including:and  medicine  with  cutting-­edge  market  research  techniques.  As  one  of  the  research,  BioInformatics  formed  The  Science  Advisory  Board®.  Launched  researchers,  physicians  and  biomedical  professionals  who  convene  regularly  via  the  Web  to  voice  their  opinions  on  a  wide  variety  of  issues  relating  to  biomedical  research  and  clinical  technologies.  Clients  tap  into  this  panel  of  experts  and  receive  answers  to  their  critical  marketing  questions  in  days,  rather  than  weeks.  In  addition  to  providing  real-­time  insights  into  the  offers  substantial  cost  savings  over  gathering  information  via  traditional  market  research  techniques.BioInformatics  offers  both  published  reports  and  custom  research  services.  Published  reports  allow  marketing  professionals  to  share  in  the  results  of  broad-­based  market  studies  that  provide  access  to  high  quality  research  at  of  the  company’s  executive  management.  For  more  information  about  BioInformatics’  product  and  service  offerings,  please  visit  our  Website  at,  call  703.778.3080  x13  or  email  ScienceAbCamAccelrysAdnavance  TechnologiesAffymetrixAgilent  TechnologiesAlcott  ChromatographyAlfa  WassermannAmbionAmerican  Type  Culture  CollectionAnachemApple  ComputerApplied  PrecisionART  Advanced  Research  TechnologiesAsterandAxxoraBarr  LaboratoriesBD  BiosciencesBeckman  CoulterBioceptBioGenexBioneerBio-­Rad  LaboratoriesBiotageBio-­Tek  InstrumentsBlue  Heron  BiotechnologyCarl  ZeissCepheidCharles  River  LaboratoriesCLC  bioClontech  LaboratoriesCorningCyBioDharmaconFermentasFluidigmFluorous  TechnologiesFujirebio  DiagnosticsGene  CodesGen-­ProbeGenVault  CorporationGenzymeGlycomindsHitachi  InstrumentsHybrigenicsIlluminaInstronInteragonKirkegaard  &  Perry  LaboratoriesLife  TechonologiesLuminexPamGenePel-­FreezPetaGenPhotometricsPhoton  Technology  InternationalPlexagen  DiagnosticsPost  Genome  InstitutePPDPromegaProtein  ForestQbiogeneRibomed  BiotechnologiesTargeted  GeneticsTecanTissueInformaticsTransgenomicUniversal  ImagingUVPVirginia  Bioinformatics  InstituteVWR  InternationalWatersMedical  Diagnostics  Applied  ImagingCholestechDade  BehringGuidantProductsRadiometer  AmericaTektronixVarian  PharmaceuticalsAbbott  LaboratoriesAllerganAmgenAstraZenecaAventisBaxter  HealthcareBayerBoehringer  Ingelheim  PharmaceuticalsCardinal  HealthCentocorPfizerProfessional  Services  &  FinanceAudacity  GroupBain  &  Company  Gerson  Lehrman  GroupPureTech  Ventures  Publishers  &  Associations  Academic  PressOUR VALUED CLIENTS
  7. 7. ©2013  BioInformatics,  LLC  REPORT  #13-­002      Enhancing  the  Customer  Experience:  Insights  and  Life  Science  Supplier  RankingsI  wish  to  order  the  following  format  of  REPORT  #13-­002,  Enhancing  the  Customer  Experience:    Insights  and  Life  Science  Supplier  Rankings           Price    Print      Site  License              Print  +  Site  License        Company-­Wide  License     $6,500  Add  Data  SetAdditional  print  copies   Promo  Code  ___________   Shipping  &  Handling         Total          $TitleCountryPhone   Fax  Visa        Discover     /  Order  Authorized  By:      Signature   Date  To  place  an  order,  fill  out  this  form  and  mail  it  to  BioInformatics  LLC  or  fax  it  to  703.778.3081.  Alternatively,  you  may  submit  your  order  by  emailing,  calling  703.778.3080  x29  or  visiting  Credit  Card  Diner’s  Card  or  Discover.  Please  include  your  credit  card  account  number,  expiration  date  and  signature.BioInformatics,  LLC        ORDER FORMCompany-­Wide  LicenseThis  format  allows  an  unlimited  number  of  users  within  your  company  to  access  the  report  regardless  of  geographic  location.  You  may  place  the  document  on  your  secure  intranet  or  share  it  with  coworkers  via  email.  Companies  with  fewer  than  100  employees  may  contact  us  directly  for  company-­wide  pricing.  Site  LicenseThis  format  allows  an  unlimited  number  of  users  within  your  company  to  access  the  report  at  a  single  also  provided.Data  SetTo  accommodate  your  unique  needs,  the  raw  data  is  also  available.  With  the  data,  you  can  analyze  respondents’  answer  choices  in  any  way  needed,  including  cross-­tabulations,  correlations,  etc.  The  conjunction  with  the  global  or  site  license  of  the  report.  Company-­Wide  License:   $6,500Free  data  set  through  April  30,  2013  with  purchase  of  the  report.  Regularly  a  $1,200  value.