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Stratified Medicines Innovation Platform, Graham Bell


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Stratified Medicines Innovation Platform

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Stratified Medicines Innovation Platform, Graham Bell

  1. 1. Driving Innovation Stratified Medicines Innovation Platform Graham Bell Lead Specialist Stratified Medicine
  2. 2. Driving Innovation Challenge Statement• How to place the UK at the centre of a new era of stratified medicines:• Approach: to help accelerate the development and uptake of treatments based on the combination of diagnostic test and drugs ... to benefit the healthcare industry ... to improve patient outcomes ... and for wider UK economic benefit
  3. 3. Driving Innovation Programme Partners• Technology Strategy Board• Department of Health• Scottish Government Health Directorate• National Institutes for Clinical Excellence• Medical Research Council• Cancer Research UK• Arthritis Research UK
  4. 4. Driving InnovationStratified Medicine Technology RoadMap Key Themes 1. Incentivising adoption 2. Increasing awareness 3. Patient recruitment – consents and ethics 4. Clinical trials 5. Data – collection, management and use 6. Regulation and standards 7. Intellectual property 8. Bio-banks and biomarkers 9. Increasing the impact of R&D investment
  5. 5. Driving Innovation Current Competitions • Round One: – Development Business Models – Inflammatory Biomarkers – Tumour Profiling • Round Two: – Adverse Effects and Non responders • Round 3 and onwards: – To be decided
  6. 6. Driving Innovation Next Potential Activities• Potential Ideas – Commission Health economic Modelling impact of Stratified Medicine to clinical care pathway • e.g. RA, change in care pathway – e.g. Breast Cancer: change in care pathway – e.g. Diabetes: change in care pathway – Demonstrators • Change & Develop infrastructure to create market opportunity and benefit – Change testing and treatment paradigm (clinical care pathway) » CRUK, ARUK, Diabetes – Niche indication as stratification to expedite development in core disease – Fund Precompetitive Consortia • Database Generation • Biomarker Validation for surrogate endpoints or patient sub groups – Bio-Imaging • Standards and adoption – Reprofiling of existing drug candidates with signal requiring a stratified indication