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recommendation letter 2


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recommendation letter 2

  1. 1. To Whom It May Concern: Six years ago, I hired her at the first interview because I felt her energy and intelligence. Until she left my school to study abroad, not only did she prove my choice was right, but she also filled the school full with inspiration. From 2008 to 2012, she administrated the university’s entrance exam classes, with 15 other teachers including myself. Binna’s application of academic rigor, tenacity, and consistent follow- through in all challenges has made her a stand-out in my eyes. What made her outstanding in the school was her attitude toward her co-workers. She took any advice from her superiors seriously and applied it to her classes, so that her classes were full of creativity all the time. She also paid sincere attention to colleagues and treated them with generosity. When it comes to student teaching, she was one of the best teachers I had ever met. She voluntarily took extra classes for students who were technically and academically behind. Having extra classes is easier said than done because it requires pure sacrifice. This was why she was elected the best teacher of the year several times. I admired her passion for teaching students. In addition, she never stopped advancing her own skills. Rather than using normal coloration, she had tried to find new ways to express her ideas, thereby making her paintings truly unique. Her innovative attempts to change texture of surface of objects were phenomenal and she sometimes dismantled, reassembled, or simply severed objects in her drawings. This creativity elicited totally different emotions that I did not imagine. When she said she wanted to study abroad, I did not hesitate to tell her to go. This was because I believed that she had immeasurable potential yet to be developed. It was a privilege working with Binna and being inspired by her creativity as an artist. Soo young Park 82-10-3476-2900 GreenSum Studio of Art