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  1. 1. VPS hosting services have been about for years now. Many webmasters are choosing these planswhen they discover that shared hosting plans cannotmeet their needs. How does VPS work and just howis Xen VPS compared to the traditional WHM VPS? Your answers under.hybrid cloud
  2. 2. What is VPS hosting? VPS stands for digital personal machines Thename explains a lot If you subscribe to a VPS host, you are reallyopting-in for a personal account A personal account means theresources are not shared between your account along with other usersYou become the root admin of the hosting account and countlessadvanced qualities like as installing custom modules are just available tothe root admin It is one purpose why VPS is acquiring more and morepopular amidst web programmers
  3. 3. However note which VPS is a digital host, that means that besides thefact that the account owner has root admin access, he or she is not aloneusing the device Special software like WHM is used to create the digitalcompartment This appears because if the consumer is using a devotedmaker, in truth the host is shared amidst many users This type of setuphas many positives and negatives On the one hand, account ownershave no to worry regarding their sites being affected by different hostusers because they are protected inside their digital compartmentHowever, they have to share host resources with a few different users
  4. 4. Such plans are usually ideal for mid sized sites Big community sites aregreater off with a devoted host What is WHM? WHM is the softwareprogram selected to create the VPS compartments It is additionally thecontrol panel which is used by account owners to give their sites WHM isa solid software which has been widely accepted by the world wide webhosting community What is Xen? Xen is a comparatively newcompetition inside the VPS room
  5. 5. However considering it is open source software, it really is free forcontains to use hybrid cloud It is good news for customers consideringhaving competition will bring down further the cost of VPS hosting Andsince the software program is open source, hosting businesses are morecapable to pass on the savings for their consumers How does bothcompare with each other? In terms of stability, each have been proven tobe very solid A fast visit to hosting forums show which Xen provides a
  6. 6. slight speed advantage
  7. 7. In different words, sites loaded on VPS machines powered by Xen tendto load a small faster This speed difference is not noticeable for theordinary web consumer though The key difference must be inside price -Xen VPS hosting has become a lot less expensive for customers, withsome plans costing merely a mere $20 a month Such price plans couldeven be similar to shared hosting plans
  8. 8. hybrid cloud