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  1. 1. There are lots of candidate all around who keep on looking for the resume writing tips. Resume writing is an art that helps candidate to express their career goal and academic achievements in an impressive to build a resume
  2. 2. To write a professional resume is an easy task, a candidate just need totake care of the following resume tips: � For which industry you arepreparing your resume � Does your profile match with the relevantjob? � What are the skills set that is required for the job? � Fulldescription of educational qualification should be described � What isthe career objective of the candidate? Resume are of two types: �Resume for the fresher candidate � Resume for the experiencecandidate All the aspiring new comers who are ready to apply for the jobhave to take a note of resume for the fresher and resume for theexperienced candidate are bit different from each other The experiencepeople who have so many years of experience and they need to fulfill allthe skill set they have as well as the description of the research work andwork experience There is a huge difference in writing a resume for thefresher candidate and experienced candidate
  3. 3. For fresh candidates: While writing a resume for a fresher, one has totake extra precaution, it�s a first over view of the candidate by thecompany In the resume for the recently passed candidate, you have toemphasize on the educational qualifications as well as the skill sets thatwill highlight the capability and talent of the candidate In the section ofthe educational qualification, the highest education will come first andlater on the second highest and at last the lowest one will come In otherqualification, you have to describe the specialization or the certificationcourse that has been qualified by the candidate
  4. 4. The other qualification and how to build a resume skill description is thekey line that is always seen by the recruiter Make sure that it will matchwith the required skill that is required by the recruiter of the companyFor the experienced candidates: The main focus should be on theexperience of the candidate Full description of the work profile should bethere such as: � Job profile � Name of the organization �Responsibility undertaken by the candidate for the post
  5. 5. For e g : Lets assume a candidate worked as a programmer then thewhole description of programming language platform, number ofprogramming languages known by the candidate, operating system usedby the person in
  6. 6. All this information should be there � Previous job role and itsresponsibility � Duration of the previous job
  7. 7. � Corporate training received by the candidate � Managementskills Apart from the job description, these days there are lots ofcompanies who also need detailed explanation of the reason of leavingthe previous organization
  8. 8. Some times companies also asked for the current CTC (salary structure)and the expected salary that you are looking for Even at some instancesthey ask for the attachment of the candidates salary slip along with theresume
  9. 9. how to build a resume