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  1. 1. Real Estate Investing, Flipping Properties, Landlord,
  2. 2. Flipping, Real Estate Mastermind, Real Estate Seminars, AnnettaPowell, Rental Properties, Rental Income, Foreclosures, Flip thathouse, real estate investing training Getting into the Real EstateBusiness is no easy feat That is why getting yourself a good team toback you up and guide you through the process is important Withoutthese three individuals, getting a good head start and maintainingevery aspect of your business would be a challenge Getting the rightpeople on your team would mean moving to the right directionsteadily
  3. 3. Â An Accountant Getting into business means earning and theAccountantÂ’s job goes beyond handling your finances by doingbalance checks and tax preparations There are those that mightthink getting a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) is costly and is notnecessary Think of it as an investment Spending a little bit on theservices of your CPA would mean a lot of other taxes that you cansave, and protection that you can gain
  4. 4. It would also help to gain insights and consultations from somebodywho has been there and done that There are CPA’s who are realestate investors themselves and have gone through the samepredicaments that you’re going through It would be a good move tohave somebody on the team that knows exactly where the companyor the partnership is heading  A Contractor Cashing in on RealEstate is easy when you got a contractor that would make sure everypart of the construction process is transparently provided to you
  5. 5. The details of a house reconstruction and the negotiations ingeneral are importantly laid out for you to see The standards thatyour contractors have are the same standards that your companylive by Their work means your work in the eyes of your clients Thebuyers trust in your judgement enough that they know thecontractors will also provide the same standards as yours
  6. 6. Representing your workmanship is what the contractor does Anhonest and transparent contractor means all the necessary areas ofthe process will be covered Getting only the best would meangetting the best price for their work  Real Estate AgentDetermining how much you can make from your investment is doneby the Real Estate Agent
  7. 7. Getting a really good one means making sure you are able tomaximize your capital and get as much profit as you can Since theyalso negotiate for you, they will need to know the best assets of theproperty that you purchased and how to make the most of it as wellWhat are the characteristics that buyers would look for? Willmaintaining a certain part of the property raise its value by a fewthousand dollars? If you already have a Real Estate Agent that youcan trust, then you know that your property will be sold in no time
  8. 8. Consult on how to make the property “easier” to sell and moreviable in the market They can also give you tips on which propertiesare for foreclosure and would then give you an upper hand on thegame Coordinating with your agent makes it easier to find a propertyand sell it
  9. 9.  These are the three individuals needed in building your teamMake sure to check on their credentials, experience and licenses toensure that you can make the most of your investment For more information on real estate investing go to  Wishingyou much success, Annetta Powell Queen of Real Estate ÂArticle Tags:
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