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  1. 1. If you are driving more traffic to your site or addingmore sites to your current hosting plan, upgrading to a dedicated VPS hosting plan can be an affordable solution for you.Virtual Server Hosting
  2. 2. How does dedicated VPS hosting work? If shared hosting can beequated to an apartment building with many apartments, a virtual privateserver (VPS) can be considered similar to renting an apartment in abuilding with a small number of apartments While you share the buildingwith the occupants of other apartments, you have privacy and security inyour own apartment and can do what you please The server space in aVPS is secure and is used by a very limited number of people, and therearen't any restrictions on what you can do with your space
  3. 3. This means that you can sublet your space to other people and chargethem a monthly fee or an annual fee for the hosting space you providethem Benefits of VPS Hosting VPS hosting gives you root access tothe server which allows you to configure or install several scripts andprograms as per your requirements So if you have to optimize your PHPor MySQL settings for your own website, you are free to do that in VPShosting
  4. 4. Apache Virtual Hosts can be used on dedicated VPS hosting to host anunlimited number of websites The virtual private server can also beused like a mail server, an FTP server or any other kind of server that youwould like VPS hosting gives you space on a server and this space canbe used for things like file storage or for backups
  5. 5. The purpose of a dedicated VPS hosting is to give its users theflexibility and the freedom of Virtual Server Hosting dedicated hosting at asubstantially lower cost It is a great compromise between shared hostingand dedicated hosting giving you best of both worlds Users of sharedhosting might be well aware of instances when the host has suspendedthe hosting account in case their websites received too much traffic
  6. 6. However, this wouldn't be a problem with virtual private servers Bypaying just a little more than the cost of shared hosting, you can get allthe benefits of a dedicated server by signing up for a VPS hostingaccount
  7. 7. Cost Upgrading to a dedicated VPS hosting plan will not break thebank, at least not as much as a dedicated server would Good VPShosting plans can be found for around $30, with prices increasing withadditional features, while a dedicated server will run you into thehundreds
  8. 8. While that $30 per month may be 3-5 times what you're paying fora shared hosting account, the advantages far outweigh the additionalcosts Dedicated VPS hosting is the perfect stepping stone betweenshared and dedicated hosting plans
  9. 9. It enables webmasters to pay only for what they need once they outgrowtheir shared plan, and only move to a dedicated server when it'snecessary
  10. 10. Virtual Server Hosting