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Published in: Technology, Business
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  1. 1. Choosing a web host with the best server options from the dedicated servers to the shared ones is more efficient and costeffective. The success of an online business relies with the type of web hosting servicethat you select to work in an organized way. Linux web hosting India services hasbecome popular in the web hosting industry. Linux offers much more benefits over itscompetitors and contemporaries rather than the storage
  2. 2. Linux server hosting has a constant competition with windowsserver cloud storage The major reason in choosing the LinuxHosting service rather than Windows hosting is that your websitesbecomes easily accessible to the visitors and they don't have towait for a long time It offers open source software platform withmore flexibility
  3. 3. Linux Web hosting companies are ranked in value for money andreliability The Linux OS gives the flexibility of using operating systemaccording to the customer needs Linux based website can be easilyconverted into a Windows website
  4. 4. While the same cannot be done on the conversion of Windows toLinux site which would be more complicated The biggest advantageprovided by Linux is the high level of reliability Linux allows theopportunity to work with the combination of different databases suchas MySql, PHP
  5. 5. It's much more compatible that it can even work with otherplatforms efficiently and without any inconvenience Linux is said tobe more stable and secure and the attacks are found to be lesser, asit offers open source software It is important that a variety of thecommon high end content management systems that are availablefor quick and efficient website creation work on Linux basedoperating systems that are used for hosting
  6. 6. Linux web hosting service offers the round clock customer serviceand supports the hosting problem at an explosive rate Thus, Linuxhosting has become more popular among the web professionals andprogrammers and has been considered as the most affordablesolution for a wide range of users and is been recommended for theadvanced website builders
  7. 7. cloud storage