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  2. 2.  On November 29, 1945 Bajaj Auto came into existence as M/s Bachraj Trading Corporation Private Limited. It started off by selling imported two- and three-wheelers in India. In 1959, it obtained license from the Government of India to manufacture two- and three-wheelers and it went public in 1960. In 1970, it rolled out its 100,000th vehicle. In 1977, the technical collaboration agreement with Piaggio of Italy expired In 1977, it managed to produce and sell 100,000 vehicles in a single financial year. In 1985, it started producing at Waluj in Aurangabad. In 1986, it managed to produce and sell 500,000 vehicles in a single financial year. Bajaj entered into a strategic tie-up with Kawasaki in late 1990s to enhance its product line and knowledge up-gradation.
  3. 3. The worlds 4th largest two- and three-wheeler company livetheir brand by its values of Innovation, Perfection, andSpeed. They are distinctly ahead through excitementengineering.Innovation is how they create the future. It is a value that provokes them to reach beyond the obvious in pursuit of that which exceeds the ordinary.Perfection is how they set new standards.It is a value thatexhibits there determination to excel by endeavouring toestablish new benchmarks all the time.Speed is how they convey clear conviction.It is a value thatkeeps them sharply responsive, mirroring their commitmenttowards there goals and processes.
  4. 4. Chairman & MD: Rahul BajajVice Chairman: Madhur Bajaj Executive Director: Top: Rahul Bajaj Sanjiv Bajaj Left: Madhur Bajaj, Right: Sanjiv Bajaj
  5. 5. CASTING & Crank Misc. Alu. Misc nuts Sheet FORGING Case Casting & bolts plates Buffing & Cutting Heat treat. to size Machining Machining Buffing El. Plating PressingBought Weld/buff Ht. Trt. & Wheel chassis out Grd. assembly formingcomp. Minor Engine Engine Final paintin Chassis ass. ass. testing assembly g forming Quality Dispatch test. for sale
  6. 6.  1971 - Three-wheeler goods carrier 1972 - Bajaj Chetak 1976 - Bajaj Super 1977 - Rear engine Autorickshaw 1981 - Bajaj M-50 1986 - Bajaj M-80, Kawasaki Bajaj KB100 1990 - Bajaj Sunny 1991 - Kawasaki Bajaj 4S Champion 1994 - Bajaj Classic 1995 - Bajaj Super Excel
  7. 7.  1997 - Kawasaki Bajaj Boxer, Rear Engine Diesel Autorickshaw 1998 - Bajaj Caliber, Bajaj Legend, Indias first four- stroke scooter, Bajaj Spirit 2001 - Eliminator, Bajaj Pulsar 2003 - Caliber115, Bajaj Wind 125, Bajaj Pulsar 2004 - Bajaj CT 100, New Bajaj Chetak 4-stroke, Bajaj Discover 2005 - Bajaj Wave, Bajaj Avenger 2006 - Bajaj Platina 2007 - Bajaj Pulsar-200(Oil Cooled), Bajaj Kristal,Bajaj Pulsar 220 DTS-Fi, XCD 125 DTS-Si (Pronounced Exceed 125 DTS-Si)
  8. 8. Trust builds qualityQuality builds satisfaction.Satisfaction builds relationshipsRelationships builds trust We believe in….. A Tradition of Trust
  9. 9.  Bajaj Auto has a huge, extensive and very well- equipped Research and Development wing geared to meet two critical organizational goals:1. Development of exciting new products that anticipate and meet emerging customer needs in India and abroad2. Development of eco-friendly automobile technologies The company has also been investing heavily in the latest, sophisticated technologies to scale down product development lifecycles and enhance testing capabilities. Bajaj Auto R&D also enjoys access to the specialized expertise of leading international design and automobile engineering companies working in specific areas.
  10. 10.  They are committed for continual improvement of safety, occupational health & environment performance & compliance with applicable safety, occupational health & environmental legislations, regulations & other requirements.1. Create a proactive SHE management system that addresses significant safety, occupational health & environment aspects related to activities, Products & services.2. Minimize the generation of waste& conserve resources through better technology & practices for prevention of pollution.3. Identify potential risks/hazards & follow safe work practices by using equipments, tools & personal protective equipments as applicable.4. Promote SHE awreness amongst all who work for & on behalf of Bajaj Auto Ltd. & motivate them to fulfil our commitments.They pledge towards creating & preserving a cleaner, healthier & safe work environment.
  11. 11.  Bajaj Auto Ltd., manufacturer of two and three wheeler vehicles is committed to prevention of pollution, continual improvement of our environmental performance and compliance with all applicable environment legislation and regulation.
  12. 12.  Being the leading manufacturer of two & three wheelers market BAL(Bajaj Auto Ltd.) has been providing the best of the class models at competitive prices. Most of the Bajaj models come loaded with the latest features within the price band acceptable by the market. They regularly update the low price bikes with the latest features like disk-brakes, anti-skid technology and dual suspension, etc.
  13. 13. BAL adopted different marketing strategies for different models, few of them are discussed below: - Kawasaki 4S - First attempt by bajaj to make a mark in the motorcycle segment. The target customer was the father in the family but the target audience of the commercial was the son in the family. The time at which Kawasaki 4S was launched Hero Honda was the market leader in fuel-efficient bikes and Yamaha in the performance bikes. The commercial of Kawasaki 4S had the punch line "Kyun Hero" means "now what hero" which reflected the aggressiveness in the marketing front by the company. Caliber - The focus for the Caliber 115 was youth. And though Bajaj made the bike look bigger and feel more powerful than its predecessor its approach towards advertising is even more radically different this time around. The teaser campaign and the emphasis on the Caliber 115 being a `Hoodibabaa bike placed it as a trendy motorcycle for the college-goers and the 25 plus executives both at the same time
  14. 14.  Pulsar Discover Bajaj Autos entire product portfolio, from the entry-level to the premium, is being sold by the same dealers. The restructuring will involve separate dealer networks catering to the urban and rural markets as well as its three-wheeler and premium bikes segments. Bajaj Auto also plans to set-up an independent network of dealers for the rural areas. The needs of financing, selling, distribution and even after-sales service are completely different in the rural areas and do not makes sense for city dealers to control this.
  15. 15. Particulars August 2008 August 2007 Change %MOTORCYCLES 175,274 167,483 5 TOTAL 2 176,631 170,203 4 WHEELERS 3 WHEELERS 24,324 25,504 (5) TOTAL 2&3 200,955 195,707 3 WHEELERSExports out of the 71,105 56,452 26 above
  16. 16. Particulars April ~ August April ~ August Change % 2008 2007MOTORCYCLES 902,743 821,406 10 TOTAL 2 908,579 833,259 9 WHEELERS 3 WHEELERS 106,175 119,929 (11) TOTAL 2&3 1,014,754 953,188 6 WHEELERSExports out of the 337,075 259,974 30 above
  17. 17. Profit & loss account Mar 08 Mar 07 Mar 06 Mar 05 Mar 04 Income: Operating income 409.66 353.15 210.08 145.40 108.07 Expenses Material consumed - - - - - Manufacturing expenses - - - - - Personnel expenses 50.25 32.30 20.55 12.62 9.40 Selling expenses 94.31 51.35 29.20 15.75 11.74 Adminstrative expenses 130.06 107.46 55.27 32.17 19.47 ( Expenses capitalised - - - R - - Cost of sales 274.62 191.11 105.02 60.54 s 40.62 Operating profit 135.05 162.04 105.06 84.86 c 67.46 Profit loss account Other recurring income 76.28 44.95 27.24 r 19.78 18.63 o Adjusted PBDIT 211.33 206.99 132.30 104.63 r 86.09 e Financial expenses 185.38 134.26 79.96 44.60 ) 36.32 Depreciation 4.85 3.04 1.73 2.01 1.88 Other write offs - - - - - Adjusted PBT 21.10 69.70 50.61 58.03 47.89 Tax charges 9.86 24.03 17.26 9.81 15.68 Adjusted PAT 11.24 45.66 33.35 48.22 32.21 Non recurring items 7.19 1.28 4.21 3.46 0.49Other non cash adjustments 2.15 0.70 -16.48 4.27 5.87 Reported net profit 20.58 47.64 21.08 55.96 38.57Earnigs before appropriation 20.58 47.64 21.08 55.96 38.57 Equity dividend 3.66 10.60 8.40 12.37 9.89 Preference dividend - - - - - Dividend tax 0.62 1.80 1.18 1.73 1.27
  18. 18. Share holdingShare holding 30/06/2008 31/03/2008 31/12/2007pattern as on : Face value 10.00 10.00 10.00 No. Of Shares % Holding No. Of Shares % Holding No. Of Shares % Holding Promoters holding Indian 19075276 52.12 19043276 52.04 19043276 52.04 Promoters Sub total 19075276 52.12 19043276 52.04 19043276 52.04 Non promoters holding Institutional investorsBanks Fin. Inst. 700 - 700 - 700 -and Insurance FIIs 7777394 21.25 7669407 20.96 7474752 20.43 Sub total 8540545 23.34 8423443 23.02 8018168 21.91 Other investors Private Corporate 1043786 2.85 1017253 2.78 1109860 3.03 BodiesNRIs/OCBs/For 3248015 8.88 3264705 8.92 3250514 8.88 eign OthersDirecctors/Empl - - 32000 0.09 32000 0.09 oyees Others 544748 1.49 543212 1.48 644662 1.76 Sub total 4836549 13.22 4857170 13.27 5037036 13.76General public 4143706 11.32 4272187 11.67 4497596 12.29 Grand total 36596076 100.00 36596076 100.00 36596076 100.00
  19. 19. DividendYear Month Dividend (%)2008 May 102007 May 302006 May 402005 May 752004 Jun 602003 May 452002 May 452001 Jun 30
  20. 20.  It is defined as a set of systems, processes & principles which ensure that a company is governed in the best interest of all stake holders. Bajaj Auto‟s commitment to good corporate governance practices predates the laws and mandates of the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) and the stock exchanges. Transparency, fairness, disclosure and accountability have been central to the working of the company, its management and its board of directors. The standing that the company enjoys in the corporate world has as much to do with its reputation for integrity and transparency as with its performance
  21. 21.  Bajaj Auto set up its audit committee in 1987. Since then, the company has been reviewing and making appropriate changes in the composition and working of the committee from time to time to bring about greater effectiveness and to comply with various requirements under the Companies Act, 1956 as well as Clause 49 of the listing agreement.The current audit committee consists of the following directors: S H Khan, Chairman D J Balaji Rao J N Godrej Naresh Chandra Nanoo Pamnani
  22. 22. StrengthS Highly experienced management. Extensive R & D focus. Widespread distribution network. High performance products across all categories.WEAKNESSES Still has no established brand to match Hero Hondas Splendor in commuter segment. Not a global player in spite of huge volumes. Not a globally recognizable brand (unlike the JV partner Kawasaki)
  23. 23. OPPURTUNITIES Double-digit growth in two-wheeler market. Untapped market above 180 cc in motorcycles. The growing gearless trendy scooters and scooter market. Growing world demand for entry-level motorcycles especially in emerging marketsTHREAT The competition catches-up any new innovation in no time. Threat of cheap imported motorcycles from China. Margins getting squeezed from both the directions (Price as well as Cost) TATA Ace is a serious competition for the three-wheeler cargo segment.
  24. 24.  Continuously launching bikes with new technologies like „Digital Twin Spark - Swirl induction‟ (DTS-Si) engine. Along with Renault they are ready to launch there new concept car „Bajaj lite‟.
  25. 25. Jankidevi Bajaj Gram Vikas Sanstha Bajaj Auto‟s Corporate Social Responsibility towards the rural poor is carried out by a trust, Jankidevi Bajaj Gram Vikas Sanstha (JBGVS). This trust was formed in 1987. JBGVS acts as a catalyst for development at the grass root level in 44 villages around Bajaj Auto plants in Pune and Aurangabad District. A project on Rural Education and Information Network (REIN) is being implemented in 27 villages of Maval Taluka. This project imparts non formal education to non school going and poorly performing school going children. JBGVS assist BPL families to construct low cost houses under Indira Awas Yojana. As also help repair school rooms, old structures and construct cowsheds / mangers, community centers etc
  26. 26.  JBGVS also conduct classes for vocational training like tailoring, bamboo craft, handicraft, making of greeting cards, mats, paper bags and assist computer training for Maharashtra State- CIT examination. Samaj Seva Kendra was established in 1975 by Bajaj Auto and is part of JBGVS. SSK provides facilities for social development of the residents of Akurdi, Nigdi and adjoining townships, with the aim of improving their quality of life, through skill development training, hobby centre, nursery education, health care, sports, music, dance and cultural programmes
  27. 27.  BAL look to continuously improve there Products and services to compete with global standards as new technologies are introduced at the blink of an eye. BAL obsession with perfection has been recognized by various institutions such as Automotive Publications like Overdrive, BBC world wheel awards, CNBC Autocar awards. Almost all the new bikes introduced by Bajaj in previous 5-6 years has been awarded with the bike of the year award. It includes bikes like Pulsar, Discover, Eliminator & Platina
  28. 28.  Bajaj is India‟s largest automobile manufacturer. They firmly believe in providing the customer “ VALUE FOR MONEY,FOR YEARS” through there products & services. Quality, safety & service has been given as much considerations as productivity, cost &
  29. 29.  www.bajajauto.com www.google.com www.moneycontrol.com www.wikipedia.com