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Acoustic Cosmology :: Heavenly Discourses 2011-11


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Presentation to "Heavenly Discourses" at Bristol University in October 2011

Published in: Education, Technology
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Acoustic Cosmology :: Heavenly Discourses 2011-11

  1. 1. Acoustic Cosmology The utterance of a cosmological model?Gavin Starks | |
  2. 2. CosmologyDealing with the origin, structure and space-time of the universeUtteranceUtterances do not exist in written language, only their representations doConjectureIn the non-verbal languages of music and cosmology, mathematics is arepresentation of the utterance of the physics...Mathematics can a representation of the utterance of a cosmologicalmodel, rendered in code, through sonification...How can we create the basis of a soundscape, a palette, and a music,which provide frameworks for the utterance of a cosmological model?
  3. 3. Mathematical eloquenceVisual elegance
  4. 4. exploring extremes 10-43 ... 109“can nature truly be this absurd?”[Heisenberg]
  5. 5. On technocracy“I believe that in approaching our subject with the sensibilities of statisticiansand dissectionists, we distance ourselves increasingly from the marvelousand spell-binding planet of imagination whose gravity drew us to our studiesin the first place.A scientific understanding of the beautifully synchronized and articulatedmotion.... does not impede a poetic appreciation of the same phenomenon.Rather, the two enhance each other, a more lyrical eye lending the cold dataa romance from which is has long been divorced.”[Watchmen, Alan Moore & Dave Gibbons]From Pythagoras, to Kepler, to Einstein, there has been a persistent desireto find lyrical connections that join the disciplines,part of our search for romance, part our search for Truth.
  6. 6. Acousmatic:sound one hears without seeingits originating cause(Pythagorean disciples listened to his lecturesfrom behind a curtain, unable to see him) “... the art of mental representations triggered by sound” Homont [1996]“the sound world is not a spaceinto which we can enter;it is a world we treat at a distance”Goehr [1999] “Poetry is the music of being human.” [Duffy] and, perhaps … Music is the poetry of the mind?
  7. 7. Mapping Symphonic Lattice Form Dissonance Transformation Polyphony Operatic Mass Monophony Harmony Mathematics Dimensionality Harmony Romantic Grain Pitch Refinement Primes Curvature Texture Gravitation Madrigals Beethoven, Chant Bach, Mozart, Messiaen Symmetry Baroque Wagner, Cage, Handel Glass Spin Stravinsky Wishart ...?… 1400s … 1500s .... 1600s … 1700s … 1800s … 1900s … 2000s …
  8. 8. Music of the spheres a music thought of not as an audible sound, but as a mathematical transform - a cry for a lyrical unknown?
  9. 9. Music of then-dimensional hypercube
  10. 10. The mathematics of structure, as spokenthrough grains of rendered sound, hewn from binary dust
  11. 11. Colliding galaxies NGC4038 and NGC4039
  12. 12. The “data cube” is like an image, but instead of each pixel being a single “colour" it is actually a radio spectrum. Each pixel/spectra has been transformed into a visible colour so you can see it, based on its redshift or blueshift.Take a Radio Spectral Cube and turn it into sound Selecting a pixel with the mouse takes that spectrum and transforms the radio frequencies (light) into an audible range (sound) with an equivalent distribution. You can listen to, and explore, the structure of the spiral arms.
  13. 13. ds2
  14. 14. Absorptance
  15. 15. [Jean-Pierre Luminet // Physics World]
  16. 16. Acoustic Cosmology The utterance of a cosmological model?Gavin Starks | | | @agentGav