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Salient features of The Radiation Protection Rules


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it is sharing of knowledge. By Bimal Chandra Das, Rtd. AGM (Safety), Bokaro Steel Plant,/ Bokaro. Kolkata

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Salient features of The Radiation Protection Rules

  1. 1. B C DAS (Salient features of The Radiation Protection Rules, 1971 framed under the Atomic Energy Act, 1962)Rule No. 3No person shall handle any radio active material except in accordance with the terms and conditionsof a license granted to him by the Competent Authority (C.A) i.e. Atomic Energy Regulatory Board(AERB) of Central Government.Rule No. 5Prohibition of employment of persons below the age of 18 years.Rule No. 6No license for handling radio active material shall be granted unless, in the opinion of competentauthority:- The request for such license is for the purpose envisaged by act.- The equipment, facilities and work practices afford adequate protection.- The person in charge of the radiation workers possesses adequate qualification to direct the work.Rule No.7. Period of validity of a licenseEvery license issued under these rules shall, unless otherwise specified, be valid for three years fromthe date of issue of such license.Rule No.8. Power to revoke or modify a licenseLicense can be revoked by the C.A. or the terms and conditions governing the grant of license canbe modified by him if he considers so in public interest in accordance with the procedures laid downin these rules.Rule No. 9. Power to withdraw a licenseIf the provisions of these rules are contravened by license in the opinion of the C.A, he maywithdraw the license in accordance with the procedures.Rule No.12. Radiological Safety OfficerEvery employer shall designate, with the approval of the C.A., either himself or a person under hisemployment as R.S.O. who shall in addition to his other duties, perform the duties and functionsspecified in rule 13.Rule No. 13. Duties and Functions of Radiological Safety OfficerThe duties and functions of R>S>O> in any radiation installation shall be :-a) To take all necessary steps for ensuring that operational limits are not exceeded.b) To instruct the radiation workers under his charge on the hazards of radiations and on suitable safety measures and work practices aimed at minimizing exposure to radiation contamination.c) To carry out any leakage test on any sealed sources as per Rule-34.d) To regulate the safe movement of all radioactive material, including wastes, within the area under his charge.e) To investigate and initiate prompt & suitable remedial measures in respect of any situation that could lead to radiation hazards.f) To ensure that reports on all hazardous situations including spillage control as per rule 47 or as laid down in the notification issued by the C.A. regarding operational limits along with details of any immediate remedial measures that may have been initiated, are made available immediately to his employer.g) To ensure that ultimate disposal of waste, containing active material is done in a manner approved by the C.A.