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As media course work evaluation


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As media course work evaluation

  1. 1. AS Media course Work Evaluation
  2. 2. In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge formsand conventions of real media products?Front coverMy front cover relates more towards rock magazines such as Kerrang. Myfront cover follows similar conventions as Kerrang especially the layout. TheKerrang layout conventions that I have followed are: having the Magazinetitle across the top of the page and the band name in the centre of the pagewith a caption bellow it. I had a banner at the bottom of the page and animage in the bottom left corner. I used the Kerrang layout conventionsbecause I like the style of their front covers as well as having artists of thesame genre to mine on the front cover. I used the “Kerrang!” title font asinspiration for the font I used for my “Flux” title.With my magazine I mainly tried to challenge forms and conventions. Themain way I tried to do this was by applying the concept of my magazinesolely to the punk rock genre, there isn’t really any other magazine that doesthis so there is a gap in the market for this type of magazine. The colourscheme I used on the front cover is a lot different to any othermagazine, Kerrang and Q two of the biggest music magazines both use redwhite and black. My magazine is black white and purple. Thepurple, represents the punk rock genre really well, it allowed my front coverto have a unique look. I used an unusual old fashioned looking font for someof my text particularly the “From Death to Glory” text, it added contrast andstyle to the font cover, I thought it related to the Punk rock genre well, theelaborate style that bands and band members from this genre have, such asBlink 182 and Green Day as well as the band member is my photo.
  3. 3. Contents page The inspiration for my contents page came from a magazine that isnt a music magazine, the one featuring a skate boarder. I wanted something different that would challenge the conventions of regular magazines. I wanted my contents page to look unique and by using so I used some features from. Q and some from the Skateboard one. This challenges the convention shown by the mainstream magazine Q who have a very basic and boring layout. To represent the punk rock genre I had to make my contents page look a bit edgy and unusual. To do this as well as using an unusual layout I put “Fatality” down the side of the image and used it as and acronym, this idea challenges conventions as it is an unusual feature that you dont see in magazines very often. The ways in which my contents page follows the conventions is by having a large image dominating the page, nearly all contents pages have a large image dominating the page. I have used the same colour scheme for my contents page as the Q contents page, I wanted to use purple again but this wouldn’t have suited the contents page and there is no purple in the image. I chose red instead of purple partly because of the Q contents page but partly because I wanted to tie the rest of the contents page to tie in with the image and the heart on the graffiti was an obvious choice because it stood out, this was red so using the Photoshop dropper tool I copied this colour from the image and used it for some of the text.
  4. 4. Double Page SpreadMy double page spread relates closely to the NME radardouble page spread this is because I liked it a lot and I knewI would be able to emulate it as it was simple and effective. Iused a similar layout, a large image to the left and aseparate column to the right and the middle filled with thearticle. I highlighted a key piece of text in the article, similarto the NME double page spread and over lapped some texton to the image.However despite the conventional layout I did try andchallenge the conventions. I used an unusual colourscheme, Purple, blue, black and white. I used this colourscheme because with out the unusual colour scheme itwould have looked too mainstream and this magazine ismeant to be a punk rock/alternative magazine. I copied afeature on the unconventional Paramore double pagespread of having the band’s name on an angle simulatingthe angle that the band members were sitting at.
  5. 5. How does your media product Representparticular social groups? The idea for my music magazine was to focus on how the band members have been able to become successful, despite their working class background. I wanted my music magazine to mainly represent young adults between the ages 16-24. The setting of the images are important in symbolising the working class background, they are taken in quite a run down are on the edge of Bristol. The graffiti represent the genre of music and the personality of the band, the creative punk style. It adds colour to the grungy setting. The article text, shows that the band members are quite arrogant and brash when talking about their success, this represents the “rock star” status that they have earnt. The interview is informal and feels like the interviewer is just chatting to the band members, this shows their laid back approach and that they are still young lads who are basking in the glory of their recent success but also people who really enjoy making music. The media product and the Fatality success story I created is good for young aspiring musicians and shows that it doesnt matter what background you are form you can still be successful. They can be seen as role models for the teenage working class.
  6. 6. What Kind of Institution might distribute your media product why? My magazine has some links to Kerrang, Q and NME. I think it mainly follows the conventions of Kerrang because their target audience is similar to mine this is shown by artists that they feature and the design of their magazine. Kerrang are firmly associated with the rock genre and alternative artists and are already under the Bauer media institution that is why I would choose IPC media to distribute my media product because then my magazine would be able to rival the magazines distributed by Bauer Media which as well as Kerrang includes Q and Mojo. I think my magazine would be able to do this because it would focus more on the up and coming artists. It would focus on alternative genre artists who arent as instantly recognisable as the mainstream bands. The artists who havent reached world wide stardom but play at smaller venues in the UK and have a loyal fan base. IPC media distribute NME and Uncut who both are struggling to keep up with the likes of Mojo and Kerrang in the sales of their magazines, IPC media saw a 14.2% drop in its circulation year-on-year. This is why my magazine could revamp IPC media, who need a fresh new magazine and perhaps get rid of the falling lesser known title of uncut who saw the biggest drop in its circulation in the second half of 2011. The way forward with distribution of music magazines is subscription including offers on the website encouraging people to subscribe and getting the magazines cheaper. A downloadable version of the magazine. Would a great way to reach the younger audience. If magazine was distributed by creating an app or an Ipad version of the magazine then this would increase sales, and would mean that you could reach a wider target audience as the amount of people going out and buying music magazines is decreasing.
  7. 7. Who Would be the Audience for your MediaProduct? Age- My magazine is aimed at young adults between the age of 16-24. Gender-Predominantly male because of the colours and style of my magazine Social background- Students at University, college or Sixth form. Interests and character types- It would have to be someone interested in punk rock/indie music. He would be out going and enjoy going to see local bands. His friends would share his music interests and music would be the main topic of conversation. Him and his friends would always be on the look put for new music that suites their taste, they would enjoy reading and finding out about their favourite bands. Demographics The social class of the audience- C1. lower middle class- supervisory or clerical, junior managerial, administrative or professional Social values/ mindset- Strivers. Attaching importance to image and status, as means of enabling acceptance by their peer group, at the same time holding on to traditional values.
  8. 8. How Did My Front Cover Attract/ Address The Audience? Distorted Graphics relates to genre well and compliments the look of the band Shocking pink colour members related to Punk rock genre, adds to the style and works well with the background. CatchesExclusive interview draws the readers eye.the readers attention, acontrast to the membersof Fatality, a more indie Elaborate textstyle, attracts a wider contrasts theaudience. distorted text and gives it a gothic look Related artists of A unique selling Punk rock/ indie point, draws the genre reader in.
  9. 9. Contents Page Analysis Red title the sameAcrostic draws the colour as the heartreaders attention on the image, tiesbecause it is the text in with theunusual. image, and uses a limited colour palette. The angle of the Strange graffiti shot makes the makes the reader page look think about what interesting and it represents uses the setting well Blurred background highlights the band Unusual text members presence layout, draws the reader in.
  10. 10. Double Page Spread Analysis I like how I have used this text to make the pages look less split and defined.Darkened treesadds to the Purple representsreflects the the genre andmood and works well withexpression of the blue, two highthe band contrastingmembers colours, to give the page an edgy look.The picture isthe main feature The pullthis gives the quote typifiespage a big what thevisual impact article iswould attract the aboutreadersattention Blue text the same colour as the band members trousers, ties the text in with the image and helps gives the page a colour scheme.
  11. 11. What Have you learnt about technologies fromthe process of constructing this product I have mainly learnt about how to take all the individual components needed to make a music magazine and piece them together to create an affective magazine that achieves a certain style depicts the genre I chosen. I have learnt how to use a range of Photoshop skills and how to apply them to the task, I do an ICT course so this helped with the basic understanding of Photoshop but this course has allowed me to develop those skills and use them creatively as well as teaching me how to use some new tools such as the burn tool and the gradient tool. This task looks simple but the attention to detail needed to achieve the desired look and make it look to a similar standard as your research requires a lot of effort and experimenting with different ideas and features. I have learnt how to take good quality photos and the importance of the photos on the quality of the final piece. I used the photos as the basis for my designs when it came to choosing a colour scheme for the rest of my magazine. I think I have used the Photoshop tools well to create some interesting designs that challenge the conventions of a normal music magazine. I have learnt how professionals create a magazine they dont just take a picture and put some text round it, each piece is used to attract the target audience and construct a style. The picture that is taken the text, the way it is edited and the way in which they format the text is all for a purpose. I now know how to apply these techniques to my media product.
  12. 12. Photoshop SkillsI used the I then wentquick to the filterselection tool tab andto select the selected blurpart I wanted and then boxto blur. blur. This is where I chose the amount of blur I wanted This is where I tweaked the contrast and brightness to improve this photo. I also used the burn tool to darken the trees.
  13. 13. Photoshop skills I then movedI then quick this slider toselected the change thebackground hue to abehind the purple colourband this changedmembers. all the colours in the graffiti, prefer red the as it looked a bitFor this photo more gothicI quick and punkselected theearth at thebandmembers feetand used thebox blur filteras shown onthe previousslide
  14. 14. Progression From The preliminary Task I think I have improved a lot from my preliminary task, I feel that I used the Photoshop tools to better affect and paid more attention to detail. I filled the page much better and included more features. I did a lot more research which helped come up with stylistic ideas that suited the genre of music I had chosen. The quality of my images improved a lot and this allowed me to create a more affective magazine that had looked much more professional. I was much more creative with my designs and came up with some good layout ideas rather than just strictly following the conventions of other magazines.