7 Keys to Enhance Your B2B Website


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The main motivation behind website renovations should always be to improve the performance of your website.

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7 Keys to Enhance Your B2B Website

  1. 1. Improve Performance Homepage Refinement SEO Create Original Content Change Landing Pages Metrics Make Landing Pages Improve Performance Homepage Refinement SEO Create Original Content Change Landing Pages Metrics Make Landing Pages Select EnhancementSelect Enhancement B 2 B M A R K E T I N G E B O O K 7Keysto Enhance Your Website B2B
  2. 2. shouldbetoimprovetheperformance ofyourwebsite. Themainmotivationsbehind websiterenovations Abeautifulwebsite,althoughintriguingandaestheticallypleasing,issecondary toafunctionaltrafficandleadgeneratingwebsite. RIGHTReasonsforRedesign “Wanttogetfoundbymoreprospects.” “Wanttoconvertmoreprospectsintoleadsandeventually,customers.” “Wewanttocreateamobileresponsiveexperience” KEY 1 WRONGReasonsForRedesign “Wehaveanewcorporatelookandfeel.” “It’sbeen12monthssinceourlastredesign.” “TheCEOwantstodoit.”
  3. 3. KEY 2 ✘ ✘ ✘ ✘ ✘ ✘ ✘ ✘ TheAssetAssessmentCheckList: Determinehowmanypagesyouhave. Figureoutwhichpagesaremostpopular/powerful. Determinehowmanyinboundlinksyouhave. Establishwheretheselinksarecomingfrom. Lookupwhatinteriorpageshaveinboundlinks. Figureoutwhichinboundlinksaremostpopular/powerful. Determinewhatkeywordsyourankforbeforethemove. Figureoutkeywordsaremosteffective. bemoredamagingthanhelpful. Ifyoudonotfullyunderstandthe importanceandpractice properSEO,of doingawebredesigncan It’sTimeForaGutCheck IfyoudonotfeelcomfortablearoundSEO work,itmaybebesttohireaspecialistto performtheredesignsoallthehardwork youhaveputintomakingawebpresence doesnotdisappear.Itmayalsobetimeto contactaprofessionaltosetyouupwitha systemthatcantrackthesemetricsifyou don’talreadyhaveasysteminplace.
  4. 4. ■ 75% of Internet users never scroll past the first page of search results. ■ 76% of consumers want a website that makes it easy to find what they want. ■ Highlight blog on homepage. ■ Set up a 301 redirect, for SEO’s sake! ■ Have a permanent redirect. ■ Limit the amount of choices the consumer must make. If you offer 25 services, put those 25 under 4 overarching umbrella services so consumers will not be overwhelmed. ■ Links to social networking pages are a must on home page. K E Y S TAT I S T I C S KEY 3 Yourhomepage isthefaceofyourservicesorproducts. 10% 5% 76% 9% OTHER THEWEBSITE HAS A BEAUTIFUL APPEARANCE THEWEBSITE OFFERS A CUTTING-EDGE INTERACTIVE EXPERIENCE THEWEBSITEMAKESITEASY FORMETOFINDWHATIWANT Youonlygetonechancetoimpressthatvisitor, somakesureyoucarefullyplacetheessentials youwantthemtoknowonyourhomepage. Itshouldalsoactasalaunchingplatform toplaceswheretheycancontactyouin thefuture(i.e.blog,socialmedia,etc.) Thefirstimpression isallaboutsimplicity.
  5. 5. ■ Blogging results in a 55% increase in website visitors. ■ People like fresh content. ■ Companies that blog have 2x as many twitter followers than those that don’t. ■ Companies that blog have 97% more inbound links than those that don’t. ■ Original Content Vehicles: Blog Video Content (Youtube Channel) Podcasts Photos (Flicker) Presentations (Slideshare) eBooks News Releases Infographics K E Y S TAT I S T I C S KEY 4 Searchengineslikefreshcontent, whichwillincreaseyournumber ofindexedpages. SOURCE: HubSpot, 100 Awesome Marketing Stats, Charts and Graphs forYou, 2011 55% MoreWebsiteVisitors for CompaniesThat Blog Don’t Blog 97% More Inbound Links for CompaniesThat Blog Don’t Blog itwillinformyourprospectsonwhatyoudo, andhowpassionatelyyoudoit. Withavastarrayofformatstocreatecontenton,youshouldalwaysbecontinuouslycontributing originalcontenttokeepyourprospectsengagedandconstantlyinteractingwithyourwebsite. Originalcontent isyourwebsite’smessenger;
  6. 6. K E Y S TAT I S T I C S ■ Leave out any website navigation. ■ Keep the description of the offer clear, simple, and concise. ■ Keep the form above the fold. ■ To maximize efficiency, consider these questions: How fast can you launch a new landing page? Can one person do it in 15 minutes? What is the cost of experimentation? KEY5 http://www.bigwidget.com/ theyarethegatewaytoyourconversionoffers thatcreateengagedandinterestedleads. Landingpages arewherethemagichappens; LastName: StreetAddress: CompanyName: City,StateZIP FirstName: Completethisformforsix-monthsoffullaccessto ourproductand24/7onlinecustomerservice. Makesureyoucangrab theirattentionwithan interestingoffer,butalso coherentlyexplainwhat youareofferingthrough thelandingpage! ALL NEW! t GIVEITTOMENOW
  7. 7. K E Y S TAT I S T I C S KEY6 ■ They need to help educate your prospect’s on the buying process. ■ If your landing pages and offerings do not seem to be reaching their full potential, you should try to: Attach their links in your email newsletters. Have your pay-per click ads go right to the landing page. Use them as the next step after a trade show or event. Youroffersshouldbeliving, breathingdocumentsthat areconstantlychanging. Yourwebpagesshouldevolveandimprove overtime.Thisisespeciallyimportantforyour landingpagessincetheyhelpconvertyour facelesswebsitevisitorsintoopportunities thatyouhavecollectedvitalinformationabout. isnotaoneand donedeal. Websitedesign
  8. 8. Metrics Bydoingsmall,butconstantadjustmentstoyourwebsite,youwillbe abletomaximizetheutilityofyourwebsitesoitbecomesaplatform forgeneratingvisitors,leads,andultimately,sales. arepivotalforpinpointingthe exactpainpointsofyourwebsite. Focus on these three metrics: Visitors ■ How many people are coming to my website? ■ Where are they coming from? Leads ■ How many visitors converted to leads? ■ What did they convert on? Sales ■ These metrics will help you determine what parts of your website need revision. ■ How many leads converted to sales? K E Y S TAT I S T I C S KEY7
  9. 9. Redesignprojects InboundmarketingtacticssuchasSEO, blogging,andsocialmediaareeasyto includeinyourexistingsite,andare twiceaseffectiveastraditionalweb redesignelements.Youshouldstriveto makesmall,butconstantandcontinuous improvementstoeachelementofyour currentwebsitesoyourwebsitebecomes apowerfultraffic-generatingmachine. canbelaborious, ■ Remember that most companies don’t need a new website, but rather need better tools on their existing site. ■ Protect your assets during the design process so you do not damage your website presence. ■ Make a great first impression by focusing on the functionality of your homepage. ■ Design compelling landing pages so visitors will be more willing to give away their contact information for your content offerings. ■ Create relevant content to move prospects through the funnel and increase organic search ■ Make constant adjustments to landing pages by experimenting with their layout and formatting. ■ Set up a system to measure the metrics of your website so you can reproduce successful campaigns, and scrap failing ones. K E Y S TAT I S T I C S somostcompaniesarebettersuitedattrying togetmoreoutofwhattheyalreadyhave. Creativeandoriginalcontent isthemostpowerfulwayof attractingandretaining websitevisitors.
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