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Future UX의 방향성 검토:다양한 사례를 통해 영감 얻기


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Future UX의 방향성 검토:다양한 사례를 통해 영감 얻기

The Five Agenda of Flexible Display UX
Wearable UX
Glasses UX
UX Ecosystem
Flexible Smartphone/Tablet UX
Flexible Layout

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Future UX의 방향성 검토:다양한 사례를 통해 영감 얻기

  1. 1. 다양한 사례를 통해 영감 얻기2013.6.4InnoUX CEO 최병호, @ILOVEHCI
  2. 2. © 2013 InnoUX & Innodesign All rights reserved.Future UX: 다양한 사례를 통해 영감 얻기Table of Contents• Warning-up• The Five Agenda of Flexible Display UX• Wearable UX• Glasses UX• UX Ecosystem• Flexible Smartphone/Tablet UX• Flexible Layout• Others1
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  4. 4.
  5. 5. Motion Project was a collaboration between a lotof clever creative people working together to create amachine that turns motion into music. The client for theproject, Frucor (makers of V energy drink), togetherwith their agency Colenso BBDO, kitted-out awarehouse space for this project to grow in andgathered together a group of talented people from anumber of creative fields.
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  7. 7. Sifteo Cubes
  8. 8. Project Snooker: Real Game Detection - Testing
  9. 9. - Kinect wall game
  10. 10. Interactive Grasp Full Hands On Demo
  11. 11. Projects Images Beyond Your TV for an Immersive Gaming Experience
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  26. 26.
  27. 27. Vision
  28. 28. World of 3D Sensing by PrimeSense
  29. 29. Future Vision (2011)
  30. 30. in 2019
  31. 31. Future Vision
  32. 32. | Future Technology | Vision
  33. 33. Banks Branch of the Future
  34. 34. Bank - Vision for 2013, were improving customer service
  35. 35. New Envisioning Center: Live, Work, Play
  36. 36. peek to the workplace of the future, imagined by Intel
  37. 37. Future Vision
  38. 38. Stories with Data via Freeform Sketching
  39. 39. Design Lab 2010 Finalists
  40. 40. Design Lab 2011 Finalists
  41. 41. Social Web of Things
  42. 42. - Future Life and Style WMV
  43. 43.
  44. 44.은 단지 물건을휘게하는 것만을 의미하지않는구나!Flexible은 착용할 수 있다는의미로 해석할 수도 있구나!그렇다면 들고 다니는 것과착용하는 것들을조사해야겠구나!
  45. 45.일명 먼지털기… 가방, 지갑, 호주머니 등 들고 다니는 모든것과 귀걸이, 반지, 시계 등 착용한 모든 것을 꺼내 놓고보니… 모든 것이 Flexible Display!?
  46. 46.
  47. 47. display &bracelet의 가능성!• 팔찌의 특성 상 개성 표출:자신만의 칼라 설정으로• 스마트폰과 연동: 칼라 설정및 앱 활용 유도; N스크린과의 연동 또는독자적인 스마트 기능 확보가능성 고려 (최적화된 범주정의 필요)• 낮보다 밤이 더 어울려:야광과 무도회!
  48. 48. display & bracelet의 가능성: 공통의 제스처, 칼라,메시지 그리고 배우와 관객의 쌍방향 소통, 참여, 연대
  49. 49. display &band의 가능성:독창적인 디자인,대중교통 도우미!?
  50. 50. display & band의 가능성: 어디에서 무엇을 타야 하고, 그곳에 가려면어떻게 가야하고 시간과 거리가 얼마나 걸리는지, 타려면 얼마나 기다려야 하는지,목적지에 도착하려면 얼마나 남았는지, 현재 몇 시 인지 안내한다면!? 해외, 낯선곳에서
  51. 51. display & band의 가능성:• 차세대 교통 시스템으로서의가능성다양한 교통 시스템의 지원: 지하철,기차, 고속버스, 도심버스,마을버스, 택시, 콜택시, 자가운전,비행기 등 탑승 및 환승(또는 낯선지역 여행)다양한 목적 지원: 좌석 예매, 결제,대리운전 호출, 렌탈, 주차, 도보 등다양한 상황 지원: 사람이 걷고,멈추고, 타는 것에 포커스. 이 외에기다리고, 뛰고, 놀고, 대화하는것에 고찰 필요 (예) 기다리는 상황:1분 밴드형 애니팡 게임, 7번째지하철 역에 도착할 때까지 즐길수 있는 15분 세바시, 36초 등
  52. 52. as “MP3 Player Creative,” the portable music player features a flexible OLED screenthat other than displaying the playlist also lets the user select the song or control volumewith just a touch of a finger. Worn around the wrist like a bracelet, the MP3 concept giveseasy access of the functions to the user. In addition, the sleek music player includeswireless headphones to offer clutter-free music on the go.Flexible display &bracelet의 가능성!• 팔찌의 특성 상 개성표출: 차별화된 형태• 분위기 업: 혼자만의음악 청취, 더불어 음악공유; 지속가능한활용성 검토
  53. 53. display &Watch의 가능성!• 시계 특성 상 개성 표출:차별화된 형태 추구,1개가 아니라 2개?• Flexible display을채택한 Smart watch는어떤 용도?
  54. 54.
  55. 55. display &Watch의 가능성!• 시계의 확장: 알람,일정 관리 및 공유• 탁상/착용 겸용• 인증: 지문/터치와맞춤 서비스• 통화 지원• 운동 지원: 기록/공유;건강• 기억의 확장: 도어비밀번호 등; 실버지원
  56. 56.
  57. 57. display &band의 가능성!• 염력의 재탄생와 flexibledisplay를 채택한제품과의 연동 가능성• 제스처를 취하는 그대로이루어지는WYGIWYD(What YouGesture Is What You Do)• 직접 통제할 수 있는지배욕과 과시욕• 재미
  58. 58.
  59. 59.
  60. 60. was Brazilian designer Dinard da Mata who conceived the “Fluid” forPhillips. It is a smartphone concept that stays loyal to its name and is flexiblein every imaginable way. The phone can be wrapped around the wrist todouble up as a wristwatch or a bracelet and can be accessed easily on the go.The phone is exceptionally energy efficient. As suggested by the image thephone lacks a physical keypad but the shape and the adaptability of theflexible display allows user interactions either horizontally or vertically.
  61. 61.
  62. 62. display & cover의가능성: 타인 및 사물과의소통과 이해의 탄생. 나에서또 다른 나에게로의 관점 이동
  63. 63. Sikker (Danish for safety) is a jack of all tradesbaby monitor, radio, alarm clock, and watch. Onebracelet stays on baby; the other on parent. The unitswork in tandem with the base station to transmit basicbiometric data about baby’s condition liketemperature. The units also transmit sounds and evenremotely play music for baby.Flexibledisplay &band의 가능성!• 부모와 아기의연결고리: 관계디자인• 통제되지 않는아기를 향한 분노와죄책감의 심리• 외롭게 않게 알아서챙겨주는 키다리아저씨• 실시간 건강정보의기록과 공유 그리고발 빠른 피드백(소통)
  64. 64. display &Glasses의 가능성
  65. 65. display & Glasses의가능성• 제1의 눈: 부모님의 주신 눈• 제2의 눈: 사회에서 준 눈인 안경• 제3의 눈: 보이지 않는 매크로한 것을 볼수 있게 하고(예로 망원경, AR 기술을적용한 스마트폰), 보이지 않는 마이크로한것을 볼 수 있게(예로 현미경) 한 제품• 제4의 눈: 스마트 안경; AR 기술을 적용한스마트제품은 제2의 눈에 비해 인위적이고불편함. 대안으로 제3의 눈을 혁신하는것이 아니라 제2의 눈을 혁신함
  66. 66.
  67. 67. display &Glasses의 가능성!• 검색 포탈의미래는 지도포탈이 아니라G-포탈?G-인물 검색의탄생G-테마검색의 탄생입체(3D,AR 등)정보의 대폭발
  68. 68. display & Glasses의가능성!• 검색 포탈의 미래는 지도포탈이 아니라 G-포탈?1. 검색 인터페이스의 변화:Click/Voice to search의연속적인 접근에서 Point tosearch의 단일 접근으로2. 검색 시작점의 차이: 막연한연상에서 명료한 대상으로3. 맥락 정보의 차이: 만족화원리에서 시간, 공간, 사람 등여러 맥락 정보 통합 자동 처리
  69. 69.
  70. 70.
  71. 71.
  72. 72. display &Glasses의 가능성!• 미래의 뉴미디어 권력은TV나 유튜브가 아니라익스트림 동영상을 찍는만인의 손?
  73. 73.• 미래의 뉴미디어 권력은 TV나 유튜브가아니라 익스트림 동영상을 찍는 만인의 손?1. 만인의 습관: 일상을 동영상으로 기록하는 습관. 제4의눈 특성 때문2. 사물의 습관: 제4의 눈은 지능적인 블랙박스 역할(레코딩, 공유, 편집 등)3. 만인의 소비: 1초에 소비되는 정보량은 인류 처음 경험4. 시간의 지배: TV보다 적극적 소비. 자극적인 또 다른버전의 트루먼쇼이기 때문5. 권력의 이동: 시간 지배자인 네트워크 허브(사람/사물)6. 거래의 지배: 실시간 경험 거래로 시장 파괴 및 대체7. 큐레이터의 지배: 과도한 데이터 스모그 현상과 대안8. 모바일 지상주의
  74. 74.
  75. 75. display &Glasses의 가능성!• G-날씨예보와코디/행동 추천• G-TO DO의즉각적인 처리/관리• G-초단타 실시간영상 뉴스 시청/제작및 공유• G-냉장고 관리
  76. 76. display &Glasses의 가능성!• G-실시간 운동 정보기록• G-메시지 및 영상통화• G-상품 내비게이션• G-상품 정보 열람 및평가• G-결제
  77. 77. display & Glasses의 가능성!• 커머스의 미래는 M-commerce가아니라 G-commerce?1. 상품 내비게이터: Findability의 극대화2. 친구 내비게이터: 위치 정보의 공유와 인도;아동, 실버 등3. 상품 정보 열람: 상품 설명, 칼로리,소셜평가/점수, 구매횟수, 만족도, 내 구매이력4. 카트 정보: 카트에 포함된 상품 실시간 계산5. 눈의 공유: 내가 보는 것을 타인도 볼 수 있다!6. 쇼핑 목록 관리: 합리적인 쇼핑; 외부 개입?7. 즉시 결제
  78. 78.
  79. 79.
  80. 80.
  81. 81.
  82. 82.
  83. 83. prototyping Google Glass - Tom Chi
  84. 84.세르게이 브린(Sergey Brin): 왜 구글 글래스인가요?
  85. 85. featuring Police Pro Application by Ikanos Consulting
  86. 86. Google Glasses Demonstration at Google I/O 2012
  87. 87.
  88. 88. display &band의 가능성!• 손목 착용 ▶• 운동 ▶• 데이터 기록 ▶• 목표 달성 확인 ▶• 스마트폰 앱과 데이터 연동 ▶• 웹사이트와 데이터 연동 ▶• SNS에 데이터 오픈 ▶• SNS에 게임화 적용 ▶• SNS에 관계 형성 및 강화 ▶• 오프라인 인맥으로 발전 ▶• 운동
  89. 89.
  90. 90.
  91. 91.
  92. 92.
  93. 93. display &Tablet의 가능성!• 크기 선택의 자유:펼치고 접기• 통화 수단의 자유:스마트폰과이어폰의 선택• 휴대의 편리:손목에 착용
  94. 94.
  95. 95.
  96. 96.
  97. 97.
  98. 98.
  99. 99.
  100. 100.
  101. 101.
  102. 102.
  103. 103. always come up withsomething innovative and stylish. Thistrendy phone has been created beinginspired by Chinese scrolls. Yun Liang’sScroll smartphone uses a flexible OLEDdisplay that takes its design’sinspiration from unfurling scrolls.When the phone is not in use thedisplay recedes smoothly into a tube.The numeric keypad is a physical oneand has been integrated alongside thelength of the tube. This makes itpossible to use the phone withoutactually having to draw out the screen.Thus, you need to unfurl your scrollonly while viewing texts, mails ormedia.
  104. 104. like the phone above it, this phonealso incorporates a scroll like designconcept. The best part about this phoneis its size. It is hardly bigger than anaverage pen and it comes with a flexibleheadset that allows making or receivingcalls. Both the outer casing and theretractable screen are made up of aflexible OLED display. The casing showsimportant notifications as new texts, mails,missed calls and battery life. The phonealso features a fully rotatable camera anda USB connector at the bottom.
  105. 105.
  106. 106.
  107. 107.
  108. 108. was the firstcompany to come up witha foldable/flexible display.The latest from them is aprototype that waslaunched just a fewmonths back. It is madeby sandwiching two superAMOLED panels, a modulecase, silicone rubber and agorilla glass protectioncover. The prototype hasresponded well in testscenarios. Experts say thatthe screen was folded over100,000 times before adecrease of 6 percent indisplay brightness wasnoticed, which barelydetectable to the humaneye. The design is byHeyon You and will makeit possible forsmartphones fromSamsung to have a displaylarger than 7”.• Slim• Flexible• Skin• Natural UI
  109. 109.• Slim• Flexible• Skin• Natural UI
  110. 110.
  111. 111. this phone did not have the Nokia logo it would probablyhave had alien written all over it. One has to really see thepromotional video for the Human form phone from Nokia tobelieve in its exceptional looks. This phone is light yearsahead of its time. The phone is teardrop shaped and housesa wicked, closely guarded nanotechnology concept. Thedevice is flexible and its entire surface is touch sensitive andoperates on user’s gestures. The design has beensegmented for reception of gestures that are lot like thosefor the Wiimote. The device also houses Nokia’s mammothKinetic Device. Nokia recently showcased the shell ofHumanform, which did not do much except bend, but it didso in a really cool alien style.
  112. 112.
  113. 113., the Japanesemanufacturer, has come upwith a flexible phone that isvirtually a shape shifter. Thephone is dubbed as the “EOS”and thanks to its flexible OLEDdisplay that can transform intoa wallet, a clamshell or a purse.The casing is a soft and semirigid polymer. The design issuperbly clean and compactand the device itself is greatlyadaptable, as in it opens up toreveal a large widescreendisplay. But that is not wherethe coolness of this deviceends. The phone does notrequire a battery. You heardright! The phone has inbuiltnano piezoelectric generatorswhich converts the kineticenergy, from user gestures andinteractions, into electricalenergy. So the more you usethe phone, the more theenergy it creates.
  114. 114. this phone simply looks like a futuristiclampshade. We have seen ideas whizzingacross drawing boards into production,when it came to coming up with radicalconcept designs and exploring newpossibilities of user interactions. Finestexamples of such devices would be theNapkin PC and the Bento Box Laptop. TheSuper Flex by Nari Lee is basically alampshade in disguise and doubles up ascharging dock when not in use. The designincorporates a flexible LED display around ahilt. However, it looks more like a curvytablet than a smartphone.
  115. 115. adds to this list again with its Kinetic device. Straight from Nokia’s Future Lounge comesanother flexible device that can be folded any which way you like, and the phone operates on twistgestures. For example, if you bend the phone towards you it will select the current option or zoomthe image you are viewing. The same twist gestures work for the music player as well. The Kineticdevice is still under development and is a long way from actually being installed onto phones. Nokiapromises to come up with a working super AMOLED prototype soon, and Nokia is known to deliverwhat it promises.
  116. 116.
  117. 117.
  118. 118.
  119. 119. a first glance, the Smart Hydro looks like anordinary bathtub. However, the bathtub has twotransparent walls on either side, made from a highly-resistant glass material. Made from molded plasticand acrylic material, it also features a couple ofaluminum handrails, which makes it a lot morecomfortable to use. What makes the Smart Hydromore special is that it incorporates a very advancedcontrol system. You can set the exact temperature ofthe water, and will be alerted when the desiredtemperature has been reached. What’s more, the tubalso has a Keep Warm function, which will keep thewater’s temperature at a constant level. Additionalfeatures include a self-cleaning system and severalconnectivity options. You can even activate itsfunctions from your smartphone and monitor in realtime the water’s temperature. No word on pricing oravailability at this time.
  120. 120. rising out of the sidewalk and topping out at nearly 12 feet, BEACON is a slender concrete and stainless steel structure enclosing a stack ofindestructible LED matrix screens, similar to those found on Times Square billboards.The upper screens function as digital signage, creating an ad-supported revenue stream that allows Beacon to provide its other functions free of charge.These screens also adapt to public events throughout our city, from NYC marathon mileage markers to themed banners, celebrating with the city duringits many parades.Beacon was designed to connect New York City with New Yorkers, businesses and visitors. Beacon takes everything chaotic, colorful & loud about NewYork City and connects it back to us in an intelligent, purposeful & familiar way.
  121. 121.
  122. 122.
  123. 123.
  124. 124.
  125. 125.’ve all walked into a door at some point. Walking into aglass door hurts like hell, but is still quite funny. Charginginto a screen door is just plain hysterical. Whether you justbend it a bit, or head straight on through, everyone aroundyou will share a laugh. The Flexible Screen Door Kit easilyreplaces an existing screen door with a UV-resistant flexiblemesh screen that prevents all that unnecessarydamage…and unfortunately, some of the humor. This specialdesign resists tearing, sagging and constant impact,allowing the screen to bounce right back into shape aftersome fool runs right through it.
  126. 126.
  127. 127.
  128. 128.
  129. 129.
  130. 130.
  131. 131. 경청해주셔서고맙습니다!