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Re. Social Media


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I was asked by a big consulting firm to make a presentation on social media (LinkedIn specifically) for their executives. It was a one hour phone conference. Maybe there is something in this for you.

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Re. Social Media

  1. 1. LER re. Social Media | 06.30.11XLER | Marketing & Brand Consultancy
  2. 2. Hello! I’m Bill.XLER | Marketing & Brand Consultancy
  3. 3. I’ve Worked For The Past 35 Years In Retail, Healthcare, Advertising, Publishing, Education, and Film.XLER | Marketing & Brand Consultancy
  4. 4. I Have Two Friends, Laura and Kevin. XLER | Marketing & Brand Consultancy
  5. 5. We Met Online.XLER | Marketing & Brand Consultancy
  6. 6. Because All Three Of Us Make Our Living Consulting, Teaching, and Speaking.XLER | Marketing & Brand Consultancy
  7. 7. We’ve Even Been Able To Work Together A Few Times.XLER | Marketing & Brand Consultancy
  8. 8. Over the Years We’ve Built Extensive Professional Networks. XLER | Marketing & Brand Consultancy
  9. 9. New Tools, Technologies, and Platforms Are Changing How, When, and Where We Work (Mostly For The Better). XLER | Marketing & Brand Consultancy
  10. 10. So You Can Connect With Us On LinkedIn.XLER | Marketing & Brand Consultancy
  11. 11. Friend Us On Facebook.XLER | Marketing & Brand Consultancy
  12. 12. And Follow Us On Twitter.XLER | Marketing & Brand Consultancy
  13. 13. If You’re On LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. Connect Friend FollowXLER | Marketing & Brand Consultancy
  14. 14. Honestly, In Business Today Your Presence In Social Media May Be Less Important Than Your Absence From It.XLER | Marketing & Brand Consultancy
  15. 15. LinkedIn: A Must For Any Professional. Facebook: Don’t Write Off Too Quickly! Twitter: What’s All The Buzz About?XLER | Marketing & Brand Consultancy
  16. 16. But Starting or Increasing Your Social Media Presence May Require Decreasing or Stopping Other Activities. Four Actions Framework - Blue Ocean StrategyXLER | Marketing & Brand Consultancy
  17. 17. But Starting or Increasing Your Social Media Presence May Require Decreasing or Stopping Other Activities.Eliminate Reduce Raise Create XLER | Marketing & Brand Consultancy
  18. 18. LinkedIn: A Must For Any Professional.Company DescriptionFeeling a bit disconnected to the business world? LinkedIn wants to help.The firm operates an online professional network designed to help membersfind jobs, connect with other professionals, and locate businessopportunities. The site has grown to reach more than 100 million users insome 200 countries since its launch in 2003. LinkedIn is free to join; itoffers a paid premium membership with additional tools, and sellsadvertising. It additionally earns revenue through its job listing service,which allows companies to post job openings and search for candidates onLinkedIn. Former CEO and current chairman Reid Hoffman co-founded thecompany, which filed to go public in 2011. XLER | Marketing & Brand Consultancy
  19. 19. LinkedIn: A Must For Any Professional. Key Benefits From Those Who Know.XLER | Marketing & Brand Consultancy
  20. 20. LinkedIn: A Must For Any Professional. Build A Profile Present Who You Are, How You’re Different, Why You Matter, What Matters to You, How to Connect, Etc.XLER | Marketing & Brand Consultancy
  21. 21. LinkedIn: A Must For Any Professional.Your Goal XLER | Marketing & Brand Consultancy
  22. 22. LinkedIn: A Must For Any Professional. Get/Give RecommendationsWho You’ve Worked For | Who You’ve Worked With | Who Worked For You XLER | Marketing & Brand Consultancy
  23. 23. LinkedIn: A Must For Any Professional. Get Stats The Size and Strength of Your Network Will Surprise You!XLER | Marketing & Brand Consultancy
  24. 24. LinkedIn: A Must For Any Professional. Messages Stay In Touch With Others In Your Network Without E-mail, Text, or Phone.XLER | Marketing & Brand Consultancy
  25. 25. LinkedIn: A Must For Any Professional. Jobs Receive Job Notices That Fit Your Profile and Work History.XLER | Marketing & Brand Consultancy
  26. 26. LinkedIn: A Must For Any Professional. Jobs You’re Able To Search Out, Investigate, and Apply ForPosted Positions. XLER | Marketing & Brand Consultancy
  27. 27. Facebook: Don’t Write Off Too Quickly!Company DescriptionWhen it comes to social networking, its wise to put your best face forward.Facebook is the latest star of the online social networking craze. Users postphotos and information about themselves and connect with one anotherthrough online profiles. The site was launched in 2004 by Harvardundergraduate Mark Zuckerberg (CEO) as an online version of the HarvardFacebook. (The name comes from books of freshmens faces, majors, andhometowns that are distributed to students.) It began by connectingstudents, but later opened its service to the general public. Microsoftpowers the sites Web search and provides its search ads. Investors includeGoldman Sachs and investment group Digital Sky Technologies (DST). XLER | Marketing & Brand Consultancy
  28. 28. Twitter: What’s All The Buzz About?Company DescriptionHeres less than 140 characters for ya: trivial texts or not, every ones all a-twitter about tweeting. Twitter operates a free digital service site that blendssocial networking with the ability to post short messages (or micro-blogs) limitedto 140 characters or less, commonly known by users as "Tweets." Twitters serviceis designed for use on personal computers and via mobile devices, such as iPhoneand BlackBerry smart phones. When accessed through the Internet, Tweets arepublished on a posters personal Web page. Tweets can be restricted to selectviewers, or viewed by anyone. Evan Williams, Jack Dorsey, and Biz Stone co-founded Twitter in 2006. XLER | Marketing & Brand Consultancy
  29. 29. HELPFUL RESOURCES LER Pimping Your Profile: Top 25 Tips Fundamentals Dont Change Social Networking in Plain English Social Media in Plain English Twitter in Plain English | Marketing & Brand Consultancy
  30. 30. THANK YOU LER — LinkedIn | FaceBook | Twitter | Plaxo | MySpace | Flickr | Shelfari | Brightkite | Digg | BeboXLER | Marketing & Brand Consultancy
  31. 31. Comments? Questions?XLER | Marketing & Brand Consultancy