Sample Business Model # 1 - Basic Business Plan (ConservEnergy)


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ConservEnergy is a fictitious company, however the business plan developed can be used to develop and fine tune your own business enterprise. All entrepreneurs need to have a clear grasp on how creating a basic business plan works and this sample business model will show you the exact steps you'll need to take in order to implement the basic operations that consists of a free enterprise. Understanding how to put together a basic business plan is just the start of creating a business. Once you begin to understand the core dynamics of how a business operates you will begin to incorporate your own ideas and leverage them for your own profitable business. Educate is the key to all success. Once you have a firm understanding on the basis of what this basic business plan is conveying, you can create your own sample business model just from the concept alone.

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Sample Business Model # 1 - Basic Business Plan (ConservEnergy)

  1. 1. ConservEnergyBusiness Portfolio Presentation
  2. 2. Introductory Mission Statement ConservEnergy’s number one mission is to revolutionize the way our planet uses natural resources by spreading the technology and products our company has to offer. Carbon monoxide and harmful pollutants are the result of the many destructive resources our planet consumes and ConservEnergy is absolutely committed in becoming the solution to this problem. Company OverviewConservEnergy is a solar energy companythat specializes in transforming solar powerinto a renewable energy resource that can besold to any energy company or appliedtowards any electrical appliance or utility inresidential, commercial, and industrialproperties. Our products are designed tosave money for consumers by not having topay any electrical or heating bills whilepreserving the Earth’s natural resources.
  3. 3. Top Management Oversees all functions and operations in the West and East Region Teams, Provides feedback and assigns new work cases and assignments to West and East Research Development Team 2. Region Managers. Researches new innovations regarding renewable resources so Management records Top Management ConservEnergy can upgrade existing clients personal and products while creating more energy billing information and saving products.1. submits it to the Service Center. West and East Region Research DevelopmentSolar Consultant TeamsInitiates and Records (Managers) TeamSales to the Manager Corporate Service Center Support Staff Solar Consultants (Admin, HR, Accounting, Customer Service (IT Support, Installation Team, Legal Team Product Maintenance Solar Consultants 3. Corporate Service Center Sets up appoints with Management sends Support Staff Handles all accounting functions clients, and sales the product order to IT tech support assists within the two regional teams, HR initial solar products support team, in all IT related issues Team and Administration oversee available. Records all Support team then within both the West the functions of employees, and sales in database and assigns project to a and East Region teams, Customer Service assists clients submits client documents designated Installation Teams with questions and sends orders to to managers. installation team. receive orders to intiate support if client needs product maintenance. Legal team assists solar installation with filed work related legal products, and Product claims. maintenance assists with any trouble-related Business Organization issues concerning solar products.
  4. 4. Legal & Ethical Issues • All ConservEnergy Employee’s choose to engage and conduct all of our business and business interactions with client’s and businesses legally and ethically respecting all laws applicable • Each ConservEnergy employee believes that ensuring their clients with honesty and integrity guarantees prosperity in future business • Each organization and business is expected to honor all agreements and contracts signed by the client and ConservEnergy’s employees. • All ConservEnergy employees are expected to remain free of discrimination of age, sex, race, or religion in regards to employment and engaging in business interactions. • Any legal issues : Are handled through the companies legal department. Within the company’s administration department there are designated lawyers assigned to different regions of the company. All employees are assigned a lawyer and all contact information is provided. Any work related issues concerning legal matters are brought to their attention.
  5. 5. ConservEnergy strongly believes that our business culture should Encourage open feedback and suggestions, while also encourageBusiness Culture Employees to find new and improved ways of performing their job Functions at an optimal level. Open Door PolicyPerformance Tracking Encourages employeesTracks the performance of each to offer any usefulemployees and their tasks. Offers assistance or feedback Open Dooreach employee the opportunity for for the company or any Policymonthly reviews and feedback to employees.Improve company workperformance. Quarterly Meetings Quarterly Town Performance ConservEnergy Recognizes the over Hall Meetings Tracking Business Culture achieving employees and rewards them, informs the employees with new information about product and policies. United Employee Assistance Encourages all employees to United Employee Assist any new hires with their Assistance Job assignments, and always Be of assistance in a warm friendly Manner.
  6. 6. Each individual department in administration has a bonus ranking if each individual Motivation completes more than their over assigned work cases for their group. Each individual Solar consultant has a monthly bonus if they over Bonus achieve their monthly goals.Each individual is encouraged to push themselves RankingTo the best of their abilities. Every employee sets a SystemGoal they will accomplish for the month concerning Individual BasedAssigned job duties. If employees overachieve their goals Monthly West and East Regions areThey are rewarded through the bonus ranking system. Sales Goals assigned a set goal for all (Personal Based) employees to achieve at the end of the month. If all employees Region Based Monthly Sales overachieve the assigned goal Goals for the month they are rewarded. (Group Based) Top Management assigns all of tasks needed to be Management Objectives done for the month and executes those tasks to regional management All motivation is encouraged by work performance and personal goal setting. Any employee who struggles with goals are always assisted by other employees based on the united employees assistance and performance management.
  7. 7. Human Recruitment and Selection All employees are recruited basedResources on a number of years of work experience for their assigned job tasks. Training and Development All training is coordinated throughRecruitment is assigned trainers for new hires and abased off of separate training department is availableresumes posted for struggling employees who needonline, career fairs, assistance relearning material.and referrals. Labor Relations Each department is assigned a Labor Relations representative that is available All training to discuss any issues regarding policies or instructors are Open-Door regulations. Before issues are taken to specialized in Policy always Labor Relations, issues must first be motivational applies brought to managements attention. tactics and are experts to hands- Performance Appraisal All performance appraisals are on-training. recorded by managers and are reviewed with the employee on a monthly basis. Monthly reviews cover The main goal of performance for their job tasks, and performance appraisal behavioral performance regarding reviews is to find ways to assist the employee in attendance. becoming a better worker, after several attempts Pay and Benefits Free Health, Life, Dental, and Vision have failed we must let insurance is covered for employees after a the employee go. certain number of years and after a certain number of positive performance reviews. Pay can be increased or decreased Bonuses are included in the pay as well if depending on the employees work employees achieve their goals and the performance. company’s goal, however if employees cause misconduct pay can be lowered.
  8. 8. Information Technology The TPS systems are available for all solar (IT) consultants, managers, HR, Admin, Support Teams, and Research Development to input data into the company’s database. All information inputed The E-Commerce Systems are available for into the TPS systems, are potential prospects to view our products filtered through the KMS and schedule appointments online so that systems and placed in Transaction Processing Systems consultants can determine how much their correct data category product would be needed for your property. in their company’s Clients can pay bills and check balances database. online as well. Knowledge Management E-Commerce Systems Systems Four ERP systems help different departments function their daily tasks at a moreArtifical Intelligence helps arrange all of efficient level. SolartheImportant statistical data regarding sales, Consultants, HR, Accounting,production levels, profitability ratios, business and IT all have different ERPrelated expenses and organizes the systems that allow them toinformation based on management discretion. perform daily tasks at an optimal level. Expert Systems & Enterprise Resource Planning Artificial Intelligence Systems
  9. 9. Operations and Materials ManagementBusinessIncome 2009 2010 2011Costs ofGoods Sold $3,300,000 $4,400,000 $5,670,000 Energy $300,000 $550,000 $720,000 Sold Leased and Financed $150,000 $255,000 $466,000 Products Interest $30,000 $51,000 $83,000 EarnedTotal $3,780,000 $5,256,000 $6,939,000Expenses ConservEnergy’s annual expenses are above and shows all of the gross income that was earned from our business resources and management operations.
  10. 10. Operations and Materials Management (Expenses) Admin. Marketing Transportation Payroll Insurance Licenses Lease/ Payroll Research Total Annual Expenses Expenses Costs Manufacturing Costs Materials Utilities Tax Development Expenses $1,20 $22,0 $30,0 $51,0 $18,0 $47,0 $31,5 $175, $350, $15,0 $150, $1,732009 0,000 00 00 00 00 00 000 000 000 00 000 9,500 $1,30 $25,0 $35,0 $60,0 $22,0 $50,0 $32,5 $180, $400, $21,0 $175, $2,302010 0,000 00 00 00 00 00 000 000 000 00 000 0,500 $1,50 $30,0 38,00 $62,0 $24,0 $53,0 $37,0 $200, $430, $24,0 $200, $2,592011 0,000 00 0 00 00 00 00 000 000 00 000 8,000 2009 (Income) $3,780,000 – $1,739,500 (Expenses) = $2,040,500 (Annual Profit) 2010 (Income) $5,256,000 - $2,300,500 (Expenses) = $2,955,550 (Annual Profit) 2011 (Income) $6,939,000 - $2,598,000 (Expenses) = $4,341,000 (Annual Profit)
  11. 11. Research Development Operations and Materials Management Top Management Researches new innovations for finding new ways of improving (Operations) Oversees all activities in ConservEnergy’s existing products, departments of both while discovering new ways of regions. Executives creating renewable resource Managers company goals for each products. Ensures that all Support Team regional manager to accompish. departments are Assists with all IT Top Management performing daily tasks tech related supportCorporate Center and living up to issues for every performance department withinReceives orders from Managersregarding client information and standards and their assigned region.documents it. HR, Admin., company goals. Installation TeamsAccounting, and Customer receive orders andService assists clients and install solar productsemployees with operational on clienteles property.functions. West Region Research Maintenance teams Team Development assist 24/7 and East Region receive orders from (Managers) Team managers to repair (Managers) any solar products. Corporate Corporate Center Center (East) (West) Solar Support Solar Consultants Support Team Consultants (West) Team Clientele (East) Database Solar Consultants Assist with sales and marketing of solar products. Coordinate changes with products and billing for clients and reports to managers all sales recorded.