Images & Graphics 101 for Bloggers


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Basic info on how to use images for your site and where to find them.

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Images & Graphics 101 for Bloggers

  1. 1. Image Do‟s & Don‟t {mostly don‟ts} @BillieHillier
  2. 2. Disclosure • I am not an intellectual property / copyright attorney… • Or a general attorney… • Or trying to give anyone legal advice… • But what I “know” from experience is…
  3. 3. This old adage is WRONG in the photo world! It is better to ask for forgiveness… …than to ask for permission
  4. 4. Images Not Your Own • Using first & asking for permission later IS NOT the way to go • Ask permission first always – tell the owner • WHO you are • WHAT appeals to you about their image • HOW their image(s) will be used • WHERE they will placed • WHY you want them TIP: I use a special Gmail account just for images to keep permissions saved
  5. 5. Images • Use your own when you can • Be sure to read the terms of use for each photos if not yours TIP: I keep a list of photos and where I got them from for future reference
  6. 6. Images Not Your Own • 150 x 150 is the size to use without permission aka “thumbnail” • Giving credit in the article to the source IS NOT ENOUGH • Giving a link back to the source IS NOT ENOUGH • Ooops… I didn‟t„ know IS NOT ENOUGH • Removing the images once you get the letter IS NOT ENOUGH
  7. 7. A Costly Mistake • 3 images cost $5,000 {paid to iStockPhoto} • 1 image cost $7,000 {negotiated down and paid to individual owner} • “I didn‟t know better” has the potential to cost you $1,000‟s
  8. 8. Images Sources • Creative Commons • DreamsTime • iClipArt • iStockPhotos • Microsoft Images • Morgue File • … and the list goes on and on
  9. 9. HOTLINKING YOU WILL BE BRANDED AS A THIEF • EASIEST WAY TO PI$$ SOMEONE OFF FAST! • Image is hosted on owner‟s server but appears within your article • You are “stealing” their image • You are “stealing” their bandwidth
  10. 10. Hot Linking • Change options in your cPanel to prevent hot linking • Do a Google Image Search to find if someone is stealing your images • Replace photo with something fun if they don‟t remove • Right click protection really doesn‟t work… I can steal your photos if I want them