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  1. 1. 1 SYNOPSIS SWITCHCRAFTWhen tough cop Nick Mann is killed in the line-of-duty he’s so angry he won’t leave Earth until the perpsare busted. The only person who can see or hear Nick is rotund taxi driver Henry, so sarcastic ghostlyNick “haunts” Henry into being his cowardly sidekick and – when necessary – actually possesses thereluctant side-kick. The semi-supernatural duo takes on the most powerful gang in the city whoseSuccubus leader – and her paranormal henchmen – dominate the underworld… uh, both underworlds.A rooftop bare knuckle boxing match enables beautiful mob boss JONEEL HAMILTON to acquire ahotel from her rival ZHEUNG HAN. There is something supernatural about Joneel… her reflectionexposes her to be more than one hundred years old.Dopey rotund taxi driver HENRY DU bicycles to his job where fellow cabbies are split in their supporton Henry’s desire to woo his weekly fare, gorgeous GONG LI. Henry takes her to the airport, but is tooshy to express his feelings and lets her get away again.NICK MANN appears to team with evil henchman LOUIS to put pressure on a local casino owner to sellhis business. When Louis gets abusive, Nick pulls him outside where Louis realizes Nick is anundercover policeman who is trying to bust Louis’s boss…the very same Joneel Hamilton from theopening.Nick returns home to his girlfriend DEZZIE. He intends to propose marriage, but his pager beeps and heleaves for a final attempt to bust Joneel. At the mob meeting, Nick is exposed and is shot. Wounded, heis bumped by Henry’s cab and Henry deftly evades the villainous pursuit of Louis.Nick returns to the police precinct and learns he is off the case; the reasons made clear when it is revealedthat Nick is dead! He is a ghost and no one can see or hear him. His extreme desire to bust Joneel andLouis permit him to remain on this plane of existence, but how can he accomplish his duty?Cowardly Henry is the only person who can see Nick who coerces Henry into the simple task ofdelivering the evidence-filled tape recorder Nick had the night he died. But not before Henry performshis bi-weekly drive for the object of his desire, Gong Li. Sardonic Nick teases Henry causing Henry tofail in his wooing attempt.In a saloon, Nick taunts Henry to help. One of Joneel’s henchman, COWBOY NESS, enters to force thebar owner to give up his establishment – Joneel is acquiring properties all over town. Nick forces Henryto fight Cowboy and Henry is victorious when Nick discovers he can “jump in and possess” Henry andguide his limbs to fight skillfully!Nick declares they are to be sidekicks to crumble Joneel’s corrupt organization. Henry wants nothing todo with it. Nick “haunts” Henry into agreeing to infiltrate her mob. Detroit Los Angeles Denver Bangkok Seoul Malaysia
  2. 2. 2In order to attend the gala casino grand opening (where Joneel is stealing the establishment from itsowner), Nick helps Henry land Gong for his date; her beauty permitting Henry’s entrance into the sold-out event.With Nick’s “coaching,” Henry appears to be a real lady’s man, is seriously winning Gong’s heart, andHenry has the romantic date of his life. However, it is interrupted by Nick demanding that Henry assist ininvestigating Joneel who has a hostage forcing the owner to sign over the building. Henry and Nick mustfree the hostage and steal Joneel’s lap top computer which contains evidence to arrest her. All goes welluntil it is revealed that Joneel’s evil henchwoman (possessed Zheung Han from the opening) can see andhit Nick! A hilarious fight ensues which includes Henry in a panda bear costume. Nick and Henry freethe hostage, grab the laptop, and defeat the villains.Impressed, gorgeous Gong takes Henry home and she beds her panda hero. Nick is worried…his super-hero skills may be no match for the villains…do they possess supernatural abilities, too?Yes, they do. Joneel performs a spell enabling evil Louis to become a supernatural henchman who willbe able to defeat Nick by sending him to another plane of existence!Nick coaches Henry into separating himself from Gong’s lovely arms. The dynamic duo heads to theprecinct where, alas, the Lieutenant will not accept the lap top as evidence and Henry makes the terriblemistake of saying that Nick is still “alive.” This results in Henry being committed to the local wackyward where even the insane patients dislike nerdy Henry and tease him. While Henry is locked inside…Nick is helpless and Joneel presses her evil plan and acquires several more properties.When released, Henry spills the beans to his taxi boss, MOMMA MADISON. She not only believesHenry’s weird story, she tells the tale of Joneel Hamilton which spans several decades; a flashback showsthat Joneel performs a malevolent ritual every fifty years enabling her to take possession of the bodies ofbeautiful younger women and live indefinitely. Momma Madison herself was blinded fifty years agowhen witnessing the rite. Joneel requires ownership of several properties to do so and the next victim willbe Nick’s fiancé, Dezzie! Henry says he won’t help anymore until Momma Madison informs him that thereason Henry is the only person who can see Nick is because Henry’s collision with wounded Nick isNick’s actual cause of death. Feeling guilty, Henry will help Nick. Detroit Los Angeles Denver Bangkok Seoul Malaysia
  3. 3. 3Henry helps Nick convince Dezzie that Nick is still “around.” Eventually, she believes them (unlike thecops at the precinct) and is angry that Nick took so long to make his presence known and to give her theengagement ring.Joneel and Louis arrive to take Dezzie, but Nick holds them off long enough for Henry and Dezzie to getaway. The villains give chase and Henry’s cabbie buddies run interference in an acrobatic chasesequence between Joneel’s limo and three taxi cabs. Joneel runs Momma Madison’s cab off the road andJoneel grabs the taxi company’s roster. Now, she knows where Henry lives and goes there seekingDezzie. However, when the baddies arrive – and the good guys escape again – Joneel sees Henry’s photoof his new girlfriend Gong and decides she is a more beautiful candidate for the re-possession ceremonyof the Serpent. Vain Dezzie is insulted by this. And Joneel kidnaps Gong.Recently courageous Henry stashes Dezzie and wounded Nick near Nick’s actual gravestone. Henry tellsNick that, thanks to Nick, Henry now has a real life and is willing to risk it to save his friend and his girl;Nick is not permitted to go to the big fight because, if he is defeated, he will be sent to another plane ofexistence.Henry goes to Momma Madison to learn more information about the possible whereabouts of Joneel’sforthcoming ritual and discovers the sacred center of the thirteen orbs is in the taxi garage itself!Joneel and Louis crash in. They have Gong, begin the ritual, and kill Henry!Henry’s ghost returns to the graveyard where thanks to Nick he was not afraid. Angry, Nick now flies tosave Gong. However, Nick is overwhelmed by Louis’s supernatural ability and all hope is lost until –Momma Madison uses jumper cables and CPR to resurrect Henry!Together, Henry and Nick defeat Joneel and Louis and save Gong and the taxi garage in an acrobatic andaerobatic fight sequence which utilizes all the ghostly and auto mechanic abilities known to man andspecters.Henry and Nick become local detectives. Invisible Nick is the best man at Henry’s wedding to Gong…the guests see a ring magically levitate into Henry’s hands during the ceremony.Henry and Ghostly Nick exploit their supernatural buddy cop relationship by opening their own detectiveagency… a lot of justice can be served when your partner is invisible! Detroit Los Angeles Denver Bangkok Seoul Malaysia
  4. 4. 5 READERS REPORT CONFIDENTIAL COVERAGE REPORTTITLE: SwitchcraftSUBMITTED AS: Writing Sample ANALYST: Staff ReaderSUBMITTED BY: Confidential DATE:FORM/LENGTH: Screenplay/95 pages LOCATION: Urban CIRCA: PresentDRAFT: Unknown GENRE: Action ComedyLOGLINE: When tough cop Nick is killed in the line-of-duty, the only person who can see or hear him iscowardly taxi driver, Henry. Determined to bring the bad guys to justice, wise cracking Ghost Nick“haunts” Henry into being his sidekick. Henry and Nick must face a powerful gang of criminals whosedominance is made possible through their supernatural henchmen.GENERAL COMMENTS: Hilarious storyline with plenty of fun tongue and cheek action. This script isa clever merging of the wacky action comedy of Rush Hour with a supernatural twist of Ghostbusters.ELEMENTS/NOTE: Moderate need for CGI special effects. Excellent Good Fair Poor PREMISE x CHARACTERS x PROJECT: RECOMMEND DIALOGUE x x WRITER: RECOMMEND STORY LINE x Detroit Los Angeles Denver Bangkok Seoul Malaysia
  5. 5. 6COMMENTS:Overall, the script is a fantastically fun read and a good time all the way around. The storyline ishilarious from beginning to end - a wacky marriage of a classic buddy cop action thriller with theoff the wall antics of a film such as Ghostbusters.A tight pacing keeps the story moving forward like a rollercoaster so even the dramatic momentsmaintain the momentum. The characters are well rounded and believably three-dimensional.There are great leading roles for veteran comic actors or a vehicle for a hot new star on the rise.The dialogue is snappy, witty and generally age appropriate for the entire family, which is vital inthe case of an off the wall comedy. The tongue and cheek action ensures that the moments wheregun fire and other physical violence erupts will not push this film into the dreaded box officewrecking R rating realm.The script might benefit from a minor dialogue punch. A little extra polish to the already hilariousdialogue could be accomplished after casting so dialogue can be crafted to suit the comedic deliveryof a specific actor. This would easily make this script to a beautifully gleaming 10.A suggestion regarding the rules as they apply to the supernatural elements: Early on, Ghost Nickcannot manipulate the world around him – he cannot move, touch, or feel anything. As the storymoves into the second act, he can pick up objects and move them around at will. This can beremedied with a brief orientation moment that helps Nick understand the rules as they apply tohim as a ghost.This script deserves serious recommendation. It has all the makings of a successfully commercialsummer tent-pole action comedy. With proper casting this project has significant box officepotential. The writer is an excellent candidate for consideration of writing assignments orrewriting duties for any screenplay that has comedy or big action elements. Detroit Los Angeles Denver Bangkok Seoul Malaysia
  6. 6. 7 CREATIVITY and COMMERCE Award-winning writer Lawrence Riggins (Serpent Rising, Replicant, Ironheart) is a graduate of UCLA’s prestigious M.F.A. screenwriting program, and returned to “the greatest film school in the world” as a Visiting Professor. As a producer, writer, and director, Riggins carefully crafts stories and films to appeal to the most lucrative markets and creates profitable products at any budget. He has sold more than a dozen screenplays and has won more than thirty awards. Switchcraft is his third collaboration with David W. Smith. Serpent Rising (production still)Detroit Los Angeles Denver Bangkok Seoul Malaysia
  7. 7. 8 Prior to even beginning production, Replicant garnered $20 Million in presales at the Cannes film festival based solely on the screenplay and star attachment.Serpent Rising is inpost-production. Ironheart was the final film by Enter the Dragon director Robert Clouse. Revenue for Ironheart exceeded 400% of its budget. Detroit Los Angeles Denver Bangkok Seoul Malaysia