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Springfield Tornado, Tribute to a GREAT City 2011


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This slide look focuses on the devastation cause by the Tornado with a special emphasis on historic resource. Many lifes have been damaged or disrupted. But it is also important to realize that Springfield was once a very rich city and that the built environment we've inherited is irreplaceable and wonderful. Apparently FEMA has a historic preservation unit headed by John Ketchum, in DC ( It's important that we lean on them to assess that aspect of this situation to be sure that those things that can be saved, are saved - especially the Ames Hill campus of MacDuffie

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Springfield Tornado, Tribute to a GREAT City 2011

  1. 1. Springfield Tornado June 1, 2011 Reflections on a disaster/ Tribute to a Once & Future GREAT City
  2. 9. “ City of Homes” also a City of spectacular trees
  3. 13. Beech Street – Some of the Most Shocking Destruction
  4. 16. Beech Street
  5. 19. Springfield College, Cost more to fix than demolish!?
  6. 20. Springfield Cemetery A National Treasure!
  7. 26. Don’t forget. American glory started here – Watershops
  8. 28. Voices on the street spoke of horrific sound and fear
  9. 29. Hundreds of historic houses damaged. WE can save them!
  10. 30. These guys and that girl (and her mom) made me hopeful
  11. 31. Then came a gifted Governor and a Mayor who “gets it” and cares Thank you Deval & Dom Sarno!
  12. 32. Oh yea, just in case you forgot This is how Springfield kicks butt The City of Homes is a city with more amenities, cultural assets and reasons to believe than most places in America. The ember theory! What was can always glow and sparkle again 
  13. 34. Here’s to Looking at You 
  14. 36. Forest Park is THE best urban park in western New England
  15. 37. Springfield Museums ROCK
  16. 38. The architecture here is astonishing
  17. 39. Produced by Historic Springfield, A Facebook community A program of William Hosley, TerraFirma