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Raising the bar on tourism, crv short

"Raising the Bar on Tourism: Envisioning a Connecticut River Valley / I-91’s Cultural Corridor" - is a PowerPoint program by William Hosley about how to jump start tourism in the CT Valley. It contains ideas and observations that apply as well to other places. Hosley is available to present the long version of this program and discuss issues related by contacting

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Raising the bar on tourism, crv short

  1. 1. Raising the Bar on Cultural Tourism Envisioning a CT Valley/I-91 Culture Corridor
  2. 2. Natural & Cultural Resources of the CT Valley
  3. 6. Connecticut Shakers
  4. 8. Literary Giants of the Connecticut Valley
  5. 10. Yale University Art Gallery
  6. 11. Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History
  7. 18. Knights of Columbus Museum
  8. 23. Coltsville National Historic Park - A Future