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What Does Technology Have to Do with Volunteers?


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Learn how leveraging technology can help you recruit, grow, and retain volunteers.

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What Does Technology Have to Do with Volunteers?

  1. 1. What does technology have to do with volunteers? Learn how good technology reduces the burden on volunteers and allows them to engage in more meaningful work that creates impact and builds deeper emotional connections with your organization.
  2. 2. Meet Your Presenters Stacia Skoog FRATERNAL INDUSTRY ADVISOR Former International President of Delta Gamma Fraternity. 30+ years of Delta Gamma & community volunteer experience. Charlotte Muylaert MARKETING TEAM LEADER 7+ years at Billhighway | greekbill. Serves on ASAE Component Relations Council
  3. 3. 72% What you should know about volunteers 66% Donations Volunteers are 66% more likely to donate financially to the organization they support than those who do not volunteer. 18% Passion Volunteers generally devote themselves to something they believe, so it's no surprise that 72% of volunteers serve only one organization or cause. Education Only 18.3% of volunteers serve two organizations and typically have a higher level of education than those who serve only one.
  4. 4. Why are we talking about this? Volunteers are the lifeline of your organization. They must not feel alone. They need to know you’re as invested in their work and chapter as they are—and that you’ve got their back.
  5. 5. Personal What’s in it for me? Does this align with my goals? Generational, Lifestyle changes, conflict with other volunteer ops, lack of micro volunteering opportunities. 01 Communication "Nobody asked me" & lack of information about opportunities. Volunteers are less likely to commit to something if they don’t really know what they’re in for. 02 Education Fear of not having skills needed. The amount of time needed to train the volunteer, or additional time the volunteers to spend getting up to speed. 03 What are the roadblocks?
  6. 6. Recruit How can I keep my volunteer pipeline full by leveraging technology? Retain How can technology help me create value-add programs to retain my all-star volunteers? Grow How can I grow my volunteers and empower their development, personally and professionally with technology? Help you AND your volunteers
  7. 7. 3 ways to recruit volunteers by leveraging technology Micro-Volunteering Virtual Volunteering Align professions/strengths with opportunities 01 02 03
  8. 8. NACE Austin Chapter – Content Creation Example What is volunteer nirvana? Where do you want them to ultimately go? Have a representative from each functional area (e.g. communications/marketing needs to review content, etc.) Research shows that 60% of volunteers want small, ad hoc jobs. Micro Volunteering SignUp Genius Leverage this tool to automate the sign-up process.
  9. 9. Virtual Volunteering Chapter advisors Manage & promote campaigns (fundraising, scholarship nominees, etc.) Chapter website management & other tech support/monitoring Get the best person for the job, not the person who is around the corner. Zoom & Google Docs (or OneDrive) Leverage these tools to interface, interact and collaborate with volunteers who are at a distance.
  10. 10. What are you interested in? What is important to you? OR what are you passionate about? Align opportunities with professions Existing Tools OR Survey Monkey Leverage your current database to identify professions, or ask via a survey tool. What do you like doing? “We should practice “the ask.” Teach our staff and current volunteers how to frame the conversation about volunteering, how to invite someone to volunteer, and how to follow up on that conversation.” - Peggy Hoffman, President and Executive Director of Mariner Management Tip 10 ways to have better conversations by Celeste Headlee
  11. 11. 3 ways to grow volunteers by leveraging technology Online Learning Micro Moments Professional Development 01 02 03
  12. 12. Entertaining: People want to be entertained. It will spark their interest and curiosity. Engaging: People want to spend their time learning things that they can engage with and apply to their real life. Educational: People want to learn. Personal and professional growth is a priority among volunteers. LMSs…can be stale… Online Learning Powtoon & Kahoot Leverage this tool to create entertaining educational videos for your volunteers
  13. 13. American Marketing Association – 10 minute coffee breaks Are you prepared to handle mentor or professional advice requests? Zoom Chats or Zoom Rooms 94% of employees said they would stick with an organization if they felt like they are getting professional development from their employer. – LinkedIn Training Study Create Micro Moments that Matter New Take on Zoom & Video Conferencing Leverage these tools to strengthen relationships with face to face discussion. Together platform – Mentor Matching
  14. 14. Quarterly professional development email template Videos, podcasts, audiobooks (e.g. TEDTalks, Brene Brown, Master Class, Hacking Your Leadership, etc.) Self-Assessments (e.g. 16 Personalities, self- awareness tests, etc.) Empower professional development Existing Email Platform Leverage this tool in a new way to engage and add value to the volunteer experience.
  15. 15. 3 ways to retain volunteers by leveraging technology Build Volunteer Community Create Recognition Online Conference 01 02 03
  16. 16. Facebook or LinkedIn Groups Find new ways to connect senior volunteers with new volunteers to best practice share and support each other. Build a volunteer community Slack or GroupMe Bring volunteers together and give them a sense of community. AIGA - Slack Example Higher Logic Community (RAPS)
  17. 17. Make use of social media (photos, user- generated content). Personal notes - thank you, birthday (or another significant milestone) Recognize volunteers for their hard work Handwrytten or Leverage this tool to both save you time and show volunteers your appreciation. Appreciation from the people they serve. Small gifts (e.g. Etsy boxes, organization swag, gift cards)
  18. 18. This makes volunteers feel special and rewarded for giving their time. Investing in volunteer development shows you are committed to giving back to them. But…they can be tedious and expensive… Leadership Conference Matchbox Virtual Media Leverage this tool to facilitate and entirely online conference/educational experience. Encourage relationship building and build a sense of community.
  19. 19. Recruit Micro Volunteering Virtual Volunteering Align Professions Key Takeaways 01 Grow Online Learning Mentorship Professional Development 02 Retain Build Community Create Recognition Leadership Conference 03