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Technology Best Practices: The When, Why How for Implementing Technology Solutions


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In a digital and mobile world, company leaders are tasked with discovering the right tech solutions needed to rectify disparate financial systems, revenue leakage, transparency issues and decentralized reporting. Learn from association executives who overcame these challenges through the implementation of a robust technology solution that aided in their ability to increase coordination across their organization, improve fundraising capabilities, event management and marketing tools and create better reporting processes. Learn how you too can recognize and identify the need, implement new technology and measure the end results of replacing or integrating the right technology needed to take your operations to the next level.

Originally presented by Doug Fry, Director of Program Management and Implementations at Billhighway, at the 2016 FHRBOC (Finance, Human Resources, Business Operations) Conference on May 10, 2016.

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Technology Best Practices: The When, Why How for Implementing Technology Solutions

  1. 1. Technology Best Practices The When, Why and How for Implementing Technology Solutions #TechBestPractices
  2. 2. THE HOUSE01 02 NEW TECHNOLOGY 03 THE STEPS 04 BEST PRACTICES #TechBestPractices Our Agenda
  3. 3. Think of your association as if you’re building a house #TechBestPractices FOUNDATION FRAMEWORK PLUMBING FURNISHING
  4. 4. Is your association considering implementing a new piece of technology to…? New Technology: Benefits of Implementation STREAMLINE Streamline operations CROSS- FUNCTIONAL Increase cross-functional visibility & efficiency AUTOMATION Automate manual processes STRATEGY Bring new programs or strategy initiatives to life 01 02 03 04 #TechBestPractices
  5. 5. 1. Is there a clear understanding of what the end goal is? 2. Are all impacted departments represented? 3. Are you including chapters, affiliates or other stakeholders? Project Team & Plan: Hit the ground running #TechBestPractices
  6. 6. Ask yourself… 1. Are staff complaining about manual tasks? 2. Are you prone to errors that require hours of costly clean up? 3. Has there been increasing concern around data and payment security? Gap Analysis: Where are YOU feeling the pain? #TechBestPractices
  7. 7. Ask yourself… 1. How much is the pain costing your association? 2. Does the pain outweigh the costs of the proposed solution? 3. Do you have other implementations or large projects going on? Timing: When is it right for YOUR association? #TechBestPractices
  8. 8. Consider… 1. Is there another association that has faced a similar challenge? 2. Does the new technology play nicely with your current systems? 3. Have you thought about change management? Selection: Finding the right vendor partner #TechBestPractices
  9. 9. Implementing: Measuring progress & reporting KEY METRICS01 02 03 ACCOUNTABILITY02 OWNERSHIP03 #TechBestPractices
  10. 10. Keep in mind… 1. Perception is everything 2. Different audience, different message 3. Pilot with beta testers – do it! 4. Adoption is the real indicator of success Change Management: How are you transitioning? #TechBestPractices
  11. 11. Ask yourself… 1. Did it address the pain points you identified? 2. Are people using it? 3. Is it benefiting (or tasking) areas of your association that you hadn’t anticipated? Launch & Beyond: Did the technology do what it was supposed to? #TechBestPractices
  12. 12. Best Practices Strategic Objectives Add firepower to the solution by aligning with strategic objectives. #TechBestPractices
  13. 13. #TechBestPractices Partner Once you’ve decided on timing, vetting out a trusted partner is the next step. Discovery Be sure to complete a discovery process with users to uncover specific needs and document scope for your project.
  14. 14. #TechBestPractices Assessment & Feedback Do team gut checks often and get feedback from users. Ownership Once you identify your internal champion, what resources across the organization will they need to leverage to be successful?
  15. 15. Pilot Have a small, diverse sampling of chapters pilot the solution. #TechBestPractices Adoption & Change Management Use communications specialists and people with strong relationships throughout association.
  16. 16. Strategy: Embrace technology as a strategy Increased productivity Predictable transparency Greater organizational effectiveness Quicker & more accurate processing Steady cash flow & quality data #TechBestPractices
  17. 17. 248.273.0074 | | #TechBestPractices Questions?