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Powering Up Your Chapter Leaders Succession Planning


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Join Peggy Hoffman from Mariner Management & Marketing LLC for a different take on chapter succession planning. We’re shifting from talking about providing succession plan templates to coaching for success.

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Powering Up Your Chapter Leaders Succession Planning

  1. 1. Powering Up Your Chapter Leaders Succession Planning
  2. 2. Which best describes your average chapter board?  All positions filled  All key positions filled  Few “openings”
  3. 3. Which best describes your average chapter’s leadership succession plan?  Fully functioning (& we have the people to prove it!)  It’s on paper  Catch-as-catch-can
  4. 4. What is their struggle? Share in the chat box!
  5. 5. Old Model • Focused on the top • Focuses on titles • Focused on what we need – not how do they want to engage
  6. 6. New Model • Turn the focus upside down • Focused on how they want to engage
  7. 7. Source: Decision To Volunteer, ASAE AD-HOC, MICRO, EPISODIC
  8. 8. 1.Lack of Information about opportunities to volunteer Conflict with other volunteering activity Never asked to volunteer Lack of virtual volunteering Lack of short-term assignment
  9. 9. New Model • Use teams vs committees • Embrace micro- volunteering
  10. 10. New Model • Set up portals • Focus on new volunteers • Recruit for lighter volunteering • Shift requirements for traditional structure
  11. 11.
  12. 12. Maximize Member Engagement through Micro- Volunteerism
  13. 13. Make volunteering fun again • Coach on creating dynamic meetings • Focus on community not plans
  14. 14. Succession planning is – hard
  15. 15. New: Talent Development • Talent Scout replaces NomCom Chair • Talent Council replaces the NomCom
  16. 16. Craft a compelling volunteer profile
  17. 17. Practice the ASK!
  18. 18. Draw a different strategy … • Succession plan made easy
  19. 19. Engage Connect Orient Monitor Mentor Reward Feedback
  20. 20. Draw a different strategy … • Succession plan made easy • Workshops/training on what they need to practice – the framing, the ask, the follow- through • Volunteer portal for collecting interest – central or regional • Shift requirements to embrace new models • NVW promotions
  21. 21. • Be an active partner in recruiting members to serve on our local boards • Ask a national board or committee member completing their term, to consider serving at the local level • Keep a list of local/state volunteer opportunities to refer to members • Consider adding local volunteer service to your CE requirements • Ask your national leaders to recruit colleagues in their organizations to sit on local boards • Make it easy for members to invite others to volunteer • Make a personal introduction for a current chapter leader to a future leader • Take care in recruiting for national positions so you don’t drain the local talent
  22. 22. Stay in touch … Peggy M. Hoffman, CAE Mariner Management & Marketing 301.725.2508 Connect with me on-line: Twitter: @peggyhoffman LinkedIn: Peggy Hoffman
  23. 23. Why CEX? It’s no secret that there’s currently a gap in education for associations that operate in a component model. We want to help fill that gap. Gather with professionals to discuss great ideas, what’s working and what’s not, best practices, and more! CEX: Association Component Exchange When? October 13th @ 7:30AM-7:30PM Where? Hyatt Centric in Arlington, VA How Much? $149 $99 (Code: WEBINAR) LEVERAGECHAPTERS.COM