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New Year, New Ideas: Start a New Conversation About Chapters


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In this webinar, you’ll learn how to tackle some common challenges unique to component-based associations with examples from the CRP community. We’ll focus on themes like the role of components in the association ecosystem, harnessing innovation from your chapters, and addressing the volunteer issue. Plus, we’ll give you tips on speaking the language of your C-suite in order to bring impactful change to your association.

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New Year, New Ideas: Start a New Conversation About Chapters

  1. 1. New Year, New Ideas: Start a New Conversation About Chapters
  2. 2. Got chapters? We’ve got solutions. Billhighway is a chapter management solution that unifies data systems and simplifies administrative processes to empower staff and volunteers, so you can focus more time and energy on members and growing your organization. About Hosts Billhighway & Mariner Mariner Management & Marketing is your partner in helping association volunteers and staff create the greatest possible value for your members and in ensuring the long term health and growth of your association.
  3. 3. Chat Question What New Year’s Resolutions have you established for your chapters this year?
  4. 4. Tech Tools to make your volunteers’ jobs easier! #10
  5. 5. CRP Tech Tools “Any tech tool is a solution, not the solution.” – Corey Strausman, Associate Director of Chapter Development, American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA) Where to find more tech tools  Your Nerdy Best Friend aka Beth Ziesenis  Tech Tools for Chapters  199+ Amazing Free or Cheap Online Tools for Nonprofits Chapter Tech Tools for Creating Visual Content [Blog] Chapter Tech Tools for Providing Resources to Chapter Leaders [Blog] Chapter Tech Tools for Collecting Chapter Data [Blog] Chapter Tech Tools You Can’t Live Without [Webinar] Resources:
  6. 6. Chapter Tech Guiding Questions 01 02 03 What current pain or challenge are you trying to solve with this tool? What existing systems must integrate/play nicely with this tool? How will you evaluate potential tool vendors? Do you have a list of key questions and requirements? 04 Who ultimately owns this project/implementation? Do you have a champion for it? 05 How will you receive member and chapter feedback? 06 What does success with this tool look like? What tools are you already using to address this challenge? Are they working? How will you roll out this tool and encourage chapters to adopt and leverage it? 07 08 09 Will you consider having a small diverse sampling of chapters to pilot the tool?
  7. 7. Power-up your chapter programming #9
  8. 8. Power Up Programming 3 Ways to Help Find Speakers • Curate Existing Lists Finding effective speakers and connecting them with the right chapter can be challenging. Curate existing lists instead of recreating the wheel. • Set Up Directory Creating a directory of speakers helps connect people looking for a speaker with those who are looking to be a speaker. • Provide Speakers Every chapter is on the lookout for programing content. Offer a speakers series, or provide training to help find effective speakers. Tips on Building a Speakers Bureau for Chapters [Webinar] Part 1: How to Find Speakers and Programming for Chapter Events [Blog] Part 2: How to Help Chapters Find Speakers for Their Events [Blog] Speakers Bureau: Solving Problems With Mutually Beneficial Partnerships [Blog] Resources:
  9. 9. Incentives AADE ties Diabetes Educator of the Year award to being available to travel to local groups to give presentations – can help build the speaker directory? You’ve Built It…But Will They Come? Discounts AMA offers 5% discount off the speaker fee for all bookings via their portal Rethink “Competition” • Rethink competition for speakers between local chapters and national • Leverage best speakers from national events for local chapter events, at no cost or discounted cost • National Association of Tax Professionals schedules events and speakers further in advance than chapters, so there’s rarely an issue
  10. 10. Find a new way to collaborate with chapters #8
  11. 11. Collaborate With Chapters Key Questions:  Are you currently using your components to enhance National’s marketing efforts?  What is the one thing that your chapters could help you do better? Why It’s Important: • Removes Silos: Components reach a whole new segment of members and non-members • Local Storytelling: Opportunities to focus on chapter members and highlight the local angle and impact of broad national topics Turn Chapter Members Into Social Media Influencers [Blog] How to Create a Collaborative Chapter Marketing Movement [Webinar] How an Innovative Idea Went From Pilot to Chapter Buy-In to Success [Blog] Resources:
  12. 12. Find the WIIFM (What’s In It For Me) Show value-add to members by giving their projects national exposure. Key Takeaways Dedicate a Campaign Manager/POC Remember you are still the campaign manager – be sure to build time to help chapters succeed Piggy Back on Success Build on an existing effort that members know about – no need to convince leaders that the campaign will be successful
  13. 13. Harness the innovation at your chapters #7
  14. 14. Harness Innovation Taking a ‘Trickle Up’ Approach to Chapter Engagement Programs [Webinar] Chapter Member Engagement: Components as Innovation Incubators, Part 1 [Blog] Chapter Member Engagement: Components as Innovation Incubators, Part 2 [Blog] How NAIOP Launched a Chapter Mentoring Program to Engage Members of All Ages [Blog] Resources: Brainstorm w/ Chapters What are the most successful programs your chapters introduced? Would they work for other chapters? 01 Pick a Program Pick a program and showcase it at a national level. Ask for feedback. Gauge interest from other chapters. 02 Make a Choice Do you want to be a ‘driver’ or ‘facilitator’? Which will work best within your organization? 03 Roll It Out Roll a program out and test how effective and successful it is for your chapters. 04
  15. 15. Get Chapter Buy-In Bring Chapters to the Table Encourage a collaborative culture Provide opportunities for them to contribute Allow and encourage focused feedback Empower & Challenge Them to Take the Initiative Be results-focused: allow time for more project-based work Adapt your management style Listen: be objective & welcome new ideas Do what you can to bridge the gap between national & chapters 01 02 03 Provide Professional Development Opp. Provide mentoring & education (i.e. chapter leader conference) Encourage cross-functional partnerships, or cross- network and association- chapter partnerships
  16. 16. Train (and inspire) your chapter leaders #6
  17. 17. Remove Obstacles Remove obstacles for chapter leaders – take money & time out of the equation to increase participation Leadership Training Takeaways 01 Design an Experience Identify learner outcomes and keep those goals in mind when planning training agendas 02 Get National Involved Involve National (and industry partners) to participate, listen and help support chapters 03 Continue Learning Make your session plans actionable and continue to support chapters beyond an event 04
  18. 18. Train Chapter Leaders How to Train, Support & Inspire Chapter Leaders in One Place [Webinar] How to Train, Support & Inspire Volunteers at Your Chapter Leader Conference [Blog] Chapter Leadership Conference: The Catalyst for Chapter Success [Blog] Resources: Remove Obstacles & Encourage Participation  Money: Offer subsidies, scholarships and/or sponsorships to remove $$ from equation  Ability to Get Time Off: Add continuing education credit (CAE credit) & share a letter that builds your case to management (reasons to attend/ROI)  Accessibility: Create a 12 month plan with on-demand, virtual & face-to-face training
  19. 19. Address the volunteer issue #5
  20. 20. The Volunteer Issue Powering Up Your Chapter Leaders Succession Planning [Webinar] How to Build a Chapter Leadership Pipeline [Blog] How to Attract Chapter Volunteers: Solutions to 8 Excuses for Not Participating [Blog] Power-up Your Chapter’s Succession Planning [Blog] How to Retain Chapter Leaders by Preventing Burnout & Turnover [Blog] Resources: Tips: 1. Embrace new volunteer model and shift requirements for traditional structure 2. Launch a new process for recruiting new volunteers 3. Coach leaders to engage volunteers 4. Tap that low-hanging fruit  Make it easy for members to invite others to volunteer  Make a personal introduction for a current chapter leader to a future leader
  21. 21. Old Model • Focused on the top • Focuses on titles • Focused on what we need – not how do they want to engage
  22. 22. New Model • Turn the focus upside down • Focused on how they want to engage
  23. 23. Get the resources and decisions #4
  24. 24. Return On Investment Chapters: Are They Worth The Effort? [Webinar] Chapters – A Defensible ROI? [Blog] How to Demonstrate the Value of Chapters to Your Association [Blog] How the Global Business Travel Association Measures Chapter ROI [Blog] Chapters– Are They Worth The Cost? [Blog] Driving Chapter Value [Whitepaper] Resources: You can’t manage what you don’t measure. “ “
  25. 25. ROI Valuation Matrix: Sample Channel Direct Value of Activity Price the Service Price the Volunteer Contribution Indirect Value of Activity Distribution Chapters sell association products (t-shirts, publications, etc.) for which we can track income & profit Marketing & Communication Chapters conduct PR campaigns re the value of our profession; we identify what it would cost us to hire a PR firm to do the same Listening Chapter leaders regularly conduct and report calls to members in which emerging issues are identified; we track hours & value same Next Gen Development Chapters offer mentoring programs which prepare entry- level professionals for our certification; we identify increase in participation.
  26. 26. Do something different with your chapter mgmt #3
  27. 27. Do Something Different 10 Ways to Hack Your Chapters: Takeaways from ASAE Annual [Webinar] #ASAE18 Component Hackathon: Take These Innovative Chapter Ideas, Please! [Blog] 10 Ideas Shared by the CRP Community to #LeverageChapters [Blog] Let’s Hack Our Chapter Systems [Blog] Turn Members Into Hackers (The Good Kind) [Blog] Resources: Ideas:  TOPS – Tool for Optimization and Performance Streaming (Goal = streamline chapter management)  Association version of or virtual un- chapters (Goal = super simple group structure)  FLEX: A Strong, Flexible & Configurable Chapter Solution (Goal = platform for chapter leaders to share their experience & feedback in 1 spot)  Components Kickstarter (Goal = model that leverages components as innovation incubators)
  28. 28. 01 02 03 Two questions can spur re-design: (1) what do you make your chapters do that seems kind of silly; (2) what guidelines do chapters routinely miss or ignore? Reframe your mindset Can you get 60-80% of the way there? Rethink your resources (CRP community, Slack, Excel, group email address) 04 Lead with motivation Know what motivates your chapter leaders to spur their engagement 05 Key Hackathon Takeaways Format Use hackathons to engage volunteers in designing new solutions to old problems (start with a specific question) Freedom to Fail Give chapters the go-ahead to try new things; the okay to fail responsibly Just-in-time Resources Have resources & training available when chapter leaders need it – they’re not going to go searching.. 06
  29. 29. Find the member sweet spot #2
  30. 30. Member Sweet Spot Resources: Optimize the National / Chapter Intersection  Recruit local-only members  Sell dual membership  Create alignment with chapters  Make resource/support decisions  We & our leaders better understand the member  Unlock the solution to engaging Next Gen Sharing Members: Optimizing the National & Chapters Intersection [Webinar] Member Journey Mapping: Walking a Mile in Your Members’ Shoes [Blog]
  31. 31. Ways YOU can level up #1
  32. 32. #1 Understand and speak the language of the C-suite • Speak the language of senior management to get your voice heard. • Pay attention to what CEO talks about during meetings. • Learn about their challenges and concerns. • Understand their goals and strategies. How components fit into that picture? Advice from CRPs #2 Show the role of components in the association ecosystem • Components drive membership value. • Find data or stories/testimonials that support this view. • Association C-suite must see components as an opportunity to be leveraged, not a structure to be managed. • A strategic asset that helps National achieve its goals and fulfill its mission. #3 Build a reputation and relationships with senior staff • Spend as much time with them as possible. • Find out what makes their job tough. • Become a resource. • How can you make their job easier so you can get their support when you need something?
  33. 33. #4 Be accessible and transparent to all • To get the valuable information and data the C-suite and senior staff need. • chapter leaders and members must be willing to provide it to you. • Make yourself available, trustworthy. • Be transparent. Necessary to eliminate the “us vs. them” mindset so often seen between associations and their components. Advice from CRPs (cont.) #5 Collect and share strategically valuable information • Take advantage of your relationships with chapter leaders, access to the “average” member. • Analyze what you learn. • Identify strategic trends and opportunities for National, emerging issues, places where National and chapters can align/collaborate to achieve mutual goals. #6 Adopt a strategic mindset • CRPs work with chapters, but work for National. • Need to find the balance. • Don’t want to be perceived by senior leadership as solely aligned with the chapter point-of-view. • Responsibility to bring the chapter perspective to National, but focus on National’s strategic vision.
  34. 34. What’s Your 1?
  35. 35. 2019 Benchmarking Study Participate in the 2nd Benchmarking Study sponsored by Mariner Management & Billhighway Act Now! Survey closes Friday, January 18th
  36. 36. October 18, 2019 Registration opening soon! visit