Saving the Koalas


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Saving the Koalas is about how these adorable animals are changing their habits in a determined struggle to survive a major disaster. Due to bushfires their habitate has been destroyed and they may perish also however they are moving towards people in their flight for help.

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Saving the Koalas

  1. 1. Saving the Koalas
  2. 2. No doubt many of you have heard of the devastating bush fires in Victoria Australia. The immense lost of human life has been overwhelming and nothing short of tragic. As well the lost and destruction to the Fauna and Flora has added even more heart-ach and causing a major environmental disaster. It is estimated that over a million native animal have perished so far and many many more injured will die. The areas so far destroyed (and I say so far as many of these fires are still burning) will provide little or no food for those that did survive. However in such situations whether through desperation, insight or divine intervention some have learnt to adapt. One such situation involving the Koala, a native species to Australia, is seeing this usually shy remote animal suddenly changing it’s habits. Because of it’s lifestyle the Koala has been steadily declining in numbers and considered an endangered species. There now has been many reports of this adorable gum tree dweller seeking human help and assistance. Ever since that famous photo of “Sam the Koala” drinking from a water bottle, the situation is being repeated all over the State of Victoria. Here are some pictures showing just how the Koala is seeking help. Use mouse button to change slides
  3. 9. Because of the heat with temperatures up in the 40º-47º Celsius, the Koala has become extremely venerable due to dehydration which causes it’s kidneys to fail resulting in death. It has resorted to seeking help from us as seen in these photos.
  4. 18. / As we all share the same environment. The least we can do is give other animals a hand, or in this case water