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The Spirit April 2011


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Shippers Warehouse wins PepsiCo award for Quality & Service

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The Spirit April 2011

  1. 1. Page 28Page 84 5 TheThe Spirit SpiritHappenings (continued from pg 3) "Understand, Deliver & Improve." Annette Starkes’ husband Rufus received a tribute from Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle and Senator Gail Davenport of the 44th District. 2010 PepsiCo—Frito Lay Service and Quality Awards The Award stated, “Senator Gail Davenport and The Citizens of Senate Dis- Go to Shippers Warehouse trict 44 Pay Tribute during Black History Month to Rev. Willie Rufus Starkes In April 2011 Edition Recognition of Outstanding Service to the Community.” The Award was pre- sented on Thursday, February 24, 2011 at the Georgia State Capitol. On March 9, 2011, Shippers Warehouse of Georgia was presented with the 2010 Some of Rufus’ recent contributions being, helping a couple from Cuba re- PepsiCo-Frito-Lay Service and Quality Awards at the 13th Annual Contracting unite and helping to place families in housing when they were homeless. Manufacturing Meeting in Plano, Texas. Pictured left to right, Senator Gail Congratulations to Rufus and Annette. We are very proud of you. The Service Award was presented to Shippers Warehouse of Georgia with the following Davenport, Dan Starkes (Rufus criteria - 2010 vs. 2011 Volume in cases & pounds, Perfect Order Compliance & and Annette’s son), Annette Average Detention Dollars per load. Starkes, Rufus Starkes, and Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle. Shippers Warehouse of Georgia was presented the award due to their accomplishments during 2010—102% volume increase 2010 vs. 2011, 99.92% perfect order compliance, $.053 average detention dollars per load and great customer service by all. The Quality Award was presented to Shippers Warehouse of Georgia with the following Roy Barbee celebrates his 40th Company Anniversary! criteria—Improvement on consumer complaints from the previous year, foreign matter and AIB audit score. Shippers Warehouse of Georgia was presented the award due to Thank you Roy for 40 Years of Dedicated Service. their accomplishments during 2010—52% reduction on consumer complaints, no foreign matter and an average score of 925 on their AIB audits – both audits were unannounced. Presenting the awards to Shippers Warehouse of Georgia from Frito-Lay Inc. for the Service Award was Alan Weinman, Innovation Manager Contract Manufacturing and presenting the Quality Award was Tim Eschbach, Contract Manufacturing Quality Group Manager. Roy is pictured with Accepting the awards on behalf of Shippers Warehouse of Georgia were Roy Barbee, wife, Sherry and sons Roy’s wife, Sherry, Bill Stankiewicz presents Roy with his Loretta Clark, Eloise Ingram, Jerry Moses and Bill Stankiewicz. Kevin (next to Roy) shares in Roy’s gift and a little guy named “Will Storit” Roy proudly dis- and Jamie. Kevin special day. also works at Ship- shared in the moment. plays his 40th Anni- versary plaque pers. while modeling his new SW Jacket. In This Issue Cover Story— 1 Soaring with Sports 2 Happenings 3 People & Service 4 Safety 5 Employee of the Qtr 6 etc. 7 Debbie Morris tells Of course Roy’s office Happenings continued 8 Pictured right to left, Pictured left to right, Dave Bartels We had plenty of cake for stories on Roy from Roy and Will Storit are all Bill Stankiewicz, Roy Barbee, (Frito-Lay), Tim Eschbach (Frito-Lay), was decorated for the smiles on this very special Roy’s coworkers to enjoy way back when. special occasion and he Jerry Moses, Eloise Ingram, Loretta Clark, Roy Barbee, Jerry for his 40th Anniversary day. Loretta Clark and Alan Weinman Moses, Bill Stankiewicz, Eloise In- had to wear his special celebration. hat. (Frito-Lay). gram, and Karl Schraer (Frito-Lay).
  2. 2. The Spirit Page 7Page 2 The Spirit Soaring With Sports (by Cathy Blondell) March Madness 2011, who could have predicted the 1 Who was the famous rock and roller who etc... men’s final four? The #1 and #2 seeds were missing taught Jeffrey Dean Morgan to play guitar for his part Solve the ” Ports of Call” Word Search and try to identify the person in “Guess Who.” All correct, completed puzzles/guesses in action for the first time in NCAA history! With very in P.S.I Love You? received by May 1st will be entered into a drawing to receive a prize. Send entries to “Attention: Carla Franklin.” The winner of poor shooting in the final game of the championship, ___ Bon Jovi ___ Nancy Wilson our last Spirit contest was Ionie Farquharson. Our “Guess Who” for the last issue was Debbie Morris. the second half became a defensive battle in which the Ports of Call ___ John Mellencamp ___ Stevie Nicks UCONN Huskies emerged victorious! A D Y O L N A I E C L E T M T L A S E N S R N I T A H C Guess Who? The major league baseball season is upon us once 2 Which movie character said, “What if I’m not the again! For the Atlanta Braves, this is a new era with hero, what if I’m the bad guy? U A C M O I L A T H E N S G new manager, Fredi Gonzalez at the helm. So get ___ Edward Cullen ____ Jacob Black M T A L Z I A R U B A N K X your “tomahawk chop” ready. Go Braves! ___ Bruce Wayne ____ Peter Parker R L D P U R O M N I E Q A C E A A G M P B P A S Z F G E Associate Sports News 3 A batted ball hits the pitcher’s plate (rubber) and ricochets into the visitor’s dugout without being B M N Q E A A N L J I A W U touched by a player. It is a foul ball. T A E E L C T C T L L B A M We have some athletes of our own! Ionie’s daughter, Felecia, has just started golfing for Riverdale High ___ True ____ False R L R I G I U H A O E M Y N School. Charis, Cheryl Jackson’s daughter, has made O F G B G R G H Z N B K E U the track team for Henry County Middle School and 4 Actor Edward Norton is fluent in what two languages, P I V U A M E K A P O M H C will participate in the Hurdles and High Jump events. English and? ___ Spanish ___German W J A C C D N B M N E K I N You go girls! E M A R I G O T O R T O L A ___ Japanese ___ French N O T S O B A S B O L S O C Gwen is a proud grammie, as her 4 yr old grandson Jaki Bell, plays on the Hawks team for Mt. Zion Baptist 5 Did actress Liv Tyler first discover she was Steven ACAPULCO, AMALFI, ANGUILLA, ANTIGUA, ARUBA, ATHENS, BALI, This employee just celebrated his 40th Church in Morrow. Tyler’s daughter at 11 when she… BARBADOS, BELIZE, BERGEN, BERMUDA, BOSTON, BREMEN, CAIRNS, Company Anniversary! No more hints ___ Found old pics ____ Went to a concert CANCUN, CAPRI, COZUMEL, CURACAO, FREEPORT, GENOA, GRENADA, Nicole Haymes has a ballerina in the family as her ___ Read a tabloid ____ Told by a relative HALIFAX, HILO, JAMAICA, KONA, MALTA, MARIGOT, MAUI, MAZATLAN, on this one! Who Is It? daughter, Jaelyn Martin, has started beginner’s ballet MYKONOS, NEWPORT, NICE, OAHU, OSLO, SEATTLE, SKAGWAY, at the Virginia Burton Center. The family is anxiously 6 Movie characters Joe Fox and Kathleen Kelly TAMPA, TORTOLA anticipating Jaelyn’s first recital on June 4th. shopped at what grocery store? ___ Safeway ___ Zabar’s ___ Whole Foods ___ Food Emporium HEALTH MATTERS THE LIGHTER SIDE RECIPES Mini Movie Reviews WAYS TO WELLNESS MUSINGS, JOKES, etc. A Refreshing Springtime Drink 7 What was the jersey# that movie character Rod Battle Los Angeles-B+--Good movie, not great, What Tidwell wore? Who Said It? Strawberry– Orange Smoothie Skyline should have been ___ 85 ____ 83 Heart Healthy Foods Lincoln Lawyer-A- --Mobile lawyer defending a ___ 88 ____ 87 • Mark Twain—Always do right. 2 c. orange juice Beans—contain antioxidants, fiber, folate This will gratify some people and 1 pkg. (16 oz) frozen whole spoiled rich brat who might be guilty strawberries Paul-B- Combine ET with a Hangover type field trip 8 Christian Bale reportedly lost how many pounds to and potassium. astonish the rest. 1 pkg. (3.4 oz) Jell-O® Vanilla Red Riding Hood-C- --Different slant of the Werewolf play Dicky Ecklund in The Fighter? • Ruth Gordon—Courage is very Flavor Instant Pudding legends ___ 10 ___ 20 Berries—contain antioxidants, fiber, important. Like a muscle, it’s Source Code-A++ --Great Movie, amazing story ___ 30 ___ 40 folate and potassium. strengthened by use. If using fresh strawberries, hull 4 about doing everything you can to not give up hope • Muhammad Ali—The man who cups of fresh berries, then spread Dark Chocolate—contains antioxidants Love and Other Drugs-B- --Love story, good but very 9 Colin Firth was reportedly the third choice for The has no imagination has no wings. into single layer on waxed paper King’s Speech lead, who was the first? and monounsaturated fats. lined pan. Freeze until firm. graphic language • Norman Vincent Peale—Getting Your Highness-F-Why would Natalie Portman play in ___ Russell Crowe ___ Tom Cruise Nuts—contain antioxidants, fiber, people to like you is simply the this farce of a movie? ___ Hugh Grant ___ Ralph Fiennes Blend ingredients in blender until monounsaturated fats and omega-3 fatty other side of liking other people. smooth. 10. Can a baseball team end a 162 game season with acids. • Golda Meir—You can’t shake 161 games? hands with a clenched fist. Serve immediately. ___ True ____ False Oatmeal—contains antioxidants, fiber • Beverly Sills—You may be Sports and Movie Trivia disappointed if you fail, but you and folate. Remember to turn in all entries to Cathy Blondell by are doomed if you don’t try. May 1. Tie Breaker Movie personality who has been all of these: Salmon—contains • August B. Black—Pride is Writer, Texas Ranger, Spy, Golfer, Lawyer, Soldier, antioxidants and tasteless, colorless and sizeless. Genius, Gambler, and Baseball fan. omega-3 fatty acids. Yet it is the hardest thing to swallow.
  3. 3. Page 6 The Spirit The Spirit Page 3 Happenings Rick Jones shows off the fish First Quarter 2011 he caught. This baby weighed a little over 7 pounds. Nice one, Rick! Bill Stankiewicz will serve as Committee Chairper- The 9250B Pkg. Team played son reporting to the Board of Directors at the Geor- a big part in helping to achieve gia Indo American Chamber of Commerce. There is the December 2, 2010 AIB a great interest with India companies wanting to do Score of “950” for the 9250A business with companies in Georgia. side. They received a plaque in Recognition and Apprecia- tion for their efforts. The team was lead by Eloise Ingram. Shippers Ware- house welcomes the Vickie Mays Suzuki Team with a cake. As Bill always Congratulations to Gwen Wil- says, “We Love Su- liams who was presented the zuki”! Vickie Mays has been with the company for 26 years. Vickie has worn may hats over the Employee of the Quarter Award for the 4th Quarter of years and right now she plays a key role as one of our 2nd shift Floor Coordinators for the 2010. Way to go Gwen. Packaging Department. Vickie has done a great job with substituting for our 2nd shift Manager in his absence. Vickie can step up and get the job done and never miss a beat. The 9250A Team Cheryl Jackson received a beautiful en- proudly displays gagement ring from her fiancé Lewis on Feb- ruary 13th. The wedding is planned for Vickie also has been helping with the training of Coordinators that will be working on the their award for the AIB score of Spring of 2012. Congratulations to Cheryl Weekend Shift. Vickie also comes in on the Weekend Shift whenever the Weekend Lead is and Lewis. “950” for the Dec. out and runs the shift. 2, 2010 Audit for Gwen Williams’ Grandson, Jaki Bell, the A side of the made student of the month for March at Vickie earns perfect attendance quarter after quarter, year after year. Her dependability, Building. Applegate Academy. He is in Pre-K. drive and loyalty is above and beyond. Nicole Haymes’, son Javan, made stu- dent of the month for March at Swintt We know we can always count on Vickie to do whatever it takes to get the job done. She Elementary. He is in 2nd grade. has that “I’m here to help” attitude. Perfect Attendance Winners for 1st Quarter 2011—9250B Thank you Vickie for your exemplary service to Shippers Warehouse of Georgia. Cruz Baires Eloise Ingram Elia Quintero Larry Barber Pharis Jackson Teresa Reed Maria Cabrera Leticia Martinez Maria Garcia de Roa Kelvin Cistrunk Vickie Mays Glenn Salter Daksha Desai Stan McLendon Maria Sanchez Veronica Hernandez Gioi Nguyen Hugo Villalobos Mildred Holland Mirna Pineda Roy Weatherly
  4. 4. Page 4 The Spirit The Spirit Page 5 SAFETY NEWS PEOPLE & SERVICE Take Care of that Back! 20+ Year Anniversary Anniversaries Avoiding a Back Injury Associates (January—March) Most back injuries can be avoided through preventative activities and awareness. To reduce the risk of back (January—March ) injuries, be aware of the following causes and risk factors and guard against them: 10 + Years • Lifting without warming up • Improper lifting techniques and material handling procedures Mattie Pope 01-21-93 • Failure to get assistance when lifting (teamwork) when necessary Roy Barbee Daksha Desai 03-17-97 • Poor posture (behind the desk, operating equipment, or behind the wheel). Jeannette Thomas 03-23-98 • Trying to lift too many items at once. 3/1/71 Gwen Williams 02-14-00 • Working in a cluttered area with limited space to maneuver. 40 Years Cathy Lawrence 02-19-01 • Lack of flexibility Stretching Before work, try to stretch the major muscles that you will be using during the day to help prevent injury. Steve Secrest 5 - 9 Years Stretching before lifting is essential to avoiding strains and sprains. Remember to stretch your muscles throughout the workday. 1/15/73 Elia Quintero 03-11-02 Veronica Hernandez 03-18-02 Add additional stretches to include muscles you use most. 38 Years Maria Garcia de Roa 03-18-02 • Shoulder, arm, and wrist stretches for office work Alicia Bryant 01-27-03 • Thigh and calf stretches for walking activities Leticia Martinez 01-25-05 Bill Stankiewicz 02-13-06 Think about your level of activity during work and include those muscle groups during your stretching ses- sion! Proper Lifting Techniques Debbie Morris Less Than 5 Years • Estimate the weight by trying to lift a corner. 3/22/76 • Stand close to the object/load. Teresa Reed 01-29-07 • Keep your back straight; bend your knees to get the load. 35 Years Kevin Barbee 03-30-09 • Grasp objects at opposite corners. • Draw object close to your body. • Lift smoothly, do not jerk abruptly. • Lift with your legs by straightening them, and keep back straight. • Keep your head up when lifting. • Shift your feet to carry or place load, do not twist with a load. • Do not lift objects by straps or bands. Larry Barber NEWSLETTER CONTRIBUTORS • Be aware of sharp edges, splintered surfaces, or protruding nails or staples on the pallet or packaging. 1/18/78 • Don’t attempt to lift in an awkward position. Cathy Blondell—Customer Service • Avoid lifting from the floor whenever possible. Loretta Clark—Customer Service –Pkg 33Years • Plan your lifts. Don’t get stuck holding a heavy box with no place to set it down. Ionie Farquharson—Administrative • Ask for assistance, when needed, with heavy or awkward shaped items. Carla Franklin—Human Resources Nicole Haymes—Customer Service Cheryl Jackson—Administrative Please submit your Shippers Warehouse of Georgia “Safety Slogan” to Carla Franklin by May 1st. The Rick Jones—Administrative & HR—Dallas winner of the slogan selected will receive a prize. Don’t forget to write your name on your entry. Randall Ricketson—Operations Al Santos—Packaging Por favor remitan su "Frase de Seguridad" para Shippers Warehouse of Georgia Bill Stankiewicz—Administrative a Carla Franklin antes de Mayo 1. El ganador de la frase seleccionada va a Annette Starkes—Operations recibir un premio. No olvide escribir su nombre en su entrada.