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Bill Stankiewicz Copy Of Expeditors Newsletter Insights 2009 Ed2

  1. 1. ISSUE 2 - VOLUME 12 - 2009 GULF COOPERATION COUNCIL COUNTRIES Final Mile Service Direct Delivery LCL Express International Road Freight Linking European Roads Customer Sourcing Pro les
  2. 2. Let te r t a b l e . o f. c o n t e n t s f ro m Let te r Let te irto r Ed Customer Sourcing Profiles . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . p .02 Direct Delivery . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . p .03 International Road Freight . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . p .05 f roLet te r f ro m m Edto r r if to m LCL Express . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . p .07 Gulf Cooperation Council Countries . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . p .08 Awards . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . p .11 Ed i ro It seems logical that we should all be able to view an insured Ed i to r shipment from order initiation through freight movement, on to inventory management, finishing with customs clearance and delivery. End to end systems integration is helpful when viewing shipment status. The key is that your department knows how to access the information quickly, knowing we can give you visibility through Expeditors worldwide technological systems integration. In 64 countries, our operations teams work as a cohesive unit to manage these shipments from conception to delivery. These offices within our network are consistent in not only technology, processes and procedures but also in presence and personnel. We take pride in this consistency and will give you a look into our locations in the Middle East Gulf States: Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Oman, Qatar and the UAE. Our Road Freight, LCL Express and Direct Delivery services are unique in each country as well, and based on the same consistent measures you expect from us. We help you become more efficient and thus you are able to remove excess costs. We depend on our local expertise to maintain this consistency. These local experts are well versed in border security, proximity to ports, size and structure of the roads, all of which have an impact on freight movement. We can bridge the gap between the speed of airfreight and the economic value of ocean freight. This gives you faster order-to-delivery cycle times and keeps you on budget even when unexpected events impact a portion of the shipping process. ISSUE 2 - VOLUME12 - 2009 With so many delivery options available, let us manage your movement end to end and give you the visibility using consistent worldwide technical access so you can manage everything else. Blake Gray Corporate Communications Insights
  3. 3. Customer sourCing Profiles As a U.S. importer have you ever • Sourcing Profile The value of these reports has not only wondered how your sourcing pattern This report will allow a side by side been in helping to answer specific compares to others who are importing comparison of the customer’s sourcing questions, but more importantly, they the same products? Are there shifts in pattern versus other U.S. importers. have helped raise additional questions for sourcing locations taking place that you consideration (or provide validation) in may not be aware of? Are you looking The sourcing profile breaks out relation to sourcing issues. for alternative or additional countries to the following information: source certain products from? Are you Of course just because a customer may considering a direct import program for - the importer’s import value by have a sourcing pattern that is different product that you are currently buying country for each tariff number, from all other importers of similar on a domestic basis? We often receive - the percentage of the importer’s total products does not automatically mean import value broken out by country requests from our customers to help that something is wrong. There are many of origin, them answer these types of questions. - the percentage of total U.S. imports factors that influence sourcing decisions: for a particular tariff number, product quality, brand image, market To further help our customers we have - the total import value into the U.S. proximity, concentration of purchasing developed a new reporting capability: by country of origin for each tariff power with suppliers, risk factors, etc. Customer Sourcing Profiles. number, and - the percentage of total U.S. imports The feedback that we’ve received from We are now able to generate confidential for each tariff number broken out by customers for whom we have provided sourcing profile reports for our U.S. country of origin. this reporting to has been extremely customs brokerage customers, merging positive and appreciated as another way the customer’s sourcing related data • Special Trade Program Profile in which we provide them with value. with similar data for all U.S. importers Based on International Trade sourced from the United States Commission data, this report will For more information on Customer International Trade Commission. capture by tariff number what Sourcing Profiles, please contact your percentage of total import value was local Expeditors representative. entered under a special trade program. These reports provide our customers with Madeleine Veigel the following types of information: • Tariff Query Profile Director Customs, The Americas This provides a report for designated • Tariff Number Summary Profile tariff numbers to be used when This report will provide the customer a considering alternative markets for table of their active tariff numbers and specific items or researching possible the associated entered value based on sourcing markets for products currently their U.S. Customs declaration data. being purchased on a domestic basis. ISSUE 2 | 2009 2
  4. 4. In the past eight months, we have seen Deliver many major corporations intensifying their efforts to streamline and optimize their supply chains by improving efficiencies and removing excess costs. Direct To address these needs, Expeditors Direct Delivery suite of services was specifically designed to help customers achieve supply chain improvements. One of the most preferred components of Direct Delivery is the Expeditors Final Mile program. Final Mile is a DC-bypass program that enables customers to bulk ship multiple orders directly from non-U.S. manufacturing facilities to selected U.S. gateways under one consolidated international house air waybill (per gateway) for subsequent breakdown and distribution throughout the country to multiple final consignees. This unique transportation arrangement combines Expeditors’ international heavyweight capabilities with our domestic partner’s (U.S. Integrator/ Courier) superior U.S. network for a cost effective and seamless door-to-door transit. The Expeditors and courier’s systems are fully integrated such that customers receive complete door-to-door shipment visibility at both the sales order and carton levels using Expeditors’ exp.o® visibility tool. This program is ideally suited to support door-to-door transit times ranging from 4-6 days, which greatly reduces the transit times traditionally associated with standard transportation and distribution models. Final Mile Service Another distinct advantage of this The Final Mile service provides customers with numerous time saving and program is it requires only minimal I.T. cost eliminating benefits: support from the customer during the initial set up process. In order for us - Elimination of U.S. distribution center (DC) costs to generate an integrated Expeditors and courier label at origin, the - Reduction or elimination of inventory carrying costs customer must provide us with an Advance Shipment Notice with the - Reduced damage risk as a result of less handling at destination appropriate sales order detail. - Reduced transit time compared with cross-dock or DC model The process is fairly straightforward and simple. The customer sends us an - Reduced cost through utilization of multiple U.S. gateways (zone skipping) electronic message that contains details such as order ID, carton ID or serial - Order to delivery (end-to-end) visibility in one system numbers, and delivery address. This information is populated into our system - Lower customs clearance costs through the use of consolidated and is immediately available for viewing Insights air waybills international
  5. 5. Traditional Supply Chain SEGMENTED VISIBILITY Customer Responsibility Expeditors Responsibility Manufacturer Expeditors Branch Customer Control Expeditors Control Distribution Center Direct Delivery - Final Mile END-TO-END VISIBILITY Customer Responsibility Expeditors Responsibility Manufacturer Expeditors Branch Expeditors Control Expeditors Control w/ Courier in the exp.o® visibility tool. This system was specifically consignee. Customers can also enable their customers access to designed to integrate the shipment details between Expeditors their inbound orders using the same system. and the courier as well as the mechanism for creating a combined shipment label at origin. We also offer invoicing flexibility. We can accommodate either a single invoice that includes the total door-to-door service or we We then receive the freight at origin. The warehouse operator can invoice the customer for the international segment (including scans each carton into the system, which generates an integrated customs clearance) and the courier can invoice for the domestic courier label that is affixed to each carton. This barcoded delivery per the customer’s existing courier contract. label includes the standard delivery information as well as the Expeditors international air waybill number. The origin Expeditors has undertaken an extremely innovative approach to branch then assembles the cartons and ships them as normal the traditional supply chain model. We provide our customers with consolidated freight to the selected inbound U.S. gateways. options that include quicker order-to-delivery cycle times, while simultaneously offering opportunities to reduce existing supply Upon ‘wheels up’ notification, the shipment is pre-cleared chain costs. in the U.S. under the consolidated international air waybill. When the freight physically arrives at the inbound U.S. For more information on the Expeditors Final Mile service gateway, it is tendered directly to the courier. As the offering, contact your local Expeditors representative. freight is moved to its final delivery address, the statuses are continuously updated and visible in exp.o®. Lance David Global Air Product Development From a visibility standpoint, customers can track their shipments in exp.o® (via the Expeditors website) using any of the relevant reference numbers - order number, individual carton number, international house air waybill number, or any other number that the customer includes in the order process. Shipments are visible from the time that Expeditors receives the initial ASN through to the final delivery to the ultimate ISSUE 2 | 2009 4
  6. 6. InternatIonal road F L inking EuropEan roads Expeditors has addressed customers’ domestic and able to modify our services to their requests and now offer international road freight needs in various industries like weekly departures from both facilities. We’re now working on automotive, oil and energy, aviation, electronics, retail and a value-add that will offer an express service for emergency healthcare. Our road freight service offering is a complete shipments. When looking for a company to help them in one-stop-shop that includes an experienced and established their new venture, they needed a logistics provider who was network along with unique solutions that will provide willing to tailor their services to meet specific requirements. flexibility for your supply chain. Expeditors was able to answer the call. Our European network consists of 40 branches and includes Additional services to compliment FTL and LTL include key gateway locations such as Dublin, Birmingham, convoys and police escorts to offer maximum security for Amsterdam, Paris, Düsseldorf, Prague, Milan, Vienna, double drivers. GPS tracking and real-time optimization Warsaw, Lisbon, Oporto, Munich, Barcelona, Budapest, routing guides are also available for fast and accurate direct Ankara, Istanbul and Athens. Daily departures are available to deliveries. multiple locations throughout Europe and the Middle East. White Glove Delivery FTL & LTL Services Some customers need an enhanced delivery service that This offering provides a secure, fast and effective way to move requires extreme care. By utilizing this service you can your various sized shipments within Europe and the Middle arrange for delivery or retrieval of high value products, custom East, direct from your door to your consignees. packing and crating before delivery, on site set up or removal of equipment, as well as unpacking and debris removal. Recently we were able to build on an existing relationship with a customer who primarily utilized our Air Import and Export Expeditors Groupage Network services. We arranged shipments of machinery, via FTL and This offering is a door-to-door freight consolidation service LTL, from the Netherlands to Romania. As their business that is supported by a hub-and-spoke model. By developing grew, they needed to include return shipments. We were our number of gateway consolidation centers, we link supply to
  7. 7. TrusTed ParTnershiPs A network of asset-based carriers with strictly approved Vendor Service Agreements. Access to over 170,000 vehicles across the European continent . Strategic relationships with key parcel integrators and niche providers to fulfill express, standard package and pallet requirements and specialized services. adaPTable selecTions Time-definite transportation solutions. True multi-modal door-to-door service. FreIght Combine with any of our air and ocean freight service offerings. demand in an integrated domestic and international capacity. Complete Visibility Our network operates daily departures up to 3,000kg per With each of these services our advanced online tracking shipment. Since our primary business is moving palletized system, exp.o ®, provides continuous visibility to the flow of freight, our groupage service is very important to the region. your supply chain. By updating real time information once a shipment is booked, we provide an estimated date of arrival Other Road Freight services include: and proactively update our files when freight has delivered. Our team ensures that on-time efficiency is consistently met - Transportation of any type of load, including, hazardous by actively working with local, regional, and international materials vendors. Together we establish a range of quality measures - Guaranteed day and time definite deliveries early in the process which sets both parties up for success. - Handling of non-palletized goods - Critical Logistics Services (such as Aircraft On Ground) We are continuously looking to spot trends set to shape the - Project Cargo Services for oversize shipments future of the road freight industry in Europe. The size and - Merge in Transit structure of the road freight market is set to change as current Intra-European trade welcomes Russian and Middle Eastern arrivals. Our priority is to collaborate with our partners in Lead Logistics Services this new environment and economic climate to continue We are often responsible for managing a network comprised of offering you innovative solutions. a number of our own core services bundled together with other providers. The other providers are often a combination of Bart Bak those we work with already on a strategic level, new providers Road Freight Manager selected specifically for their niche skills and ones that come Europe and Africa highly recommended by our customers. Our network success and stability depends on how we select, onboard and manage multiple providers to form a single network. ISSUE 2 | 2009 6
  8. 8. LCL EXPRESS 1 A US retailer’s overseas supplier has of traditional ocean LCL service? range from a third to half the cost of unexpected production delays which Give me a better option.” traditional full service air freight. cause their goods to miss the cut-off for their scheduled ocean shipment. “Express” and “Ocean LCL” are two Expeditors is also committed to We are all aware that this is common in the shipping terms not typically heard creating environmentally friendly and industry, and know the goods are on a tight together. However, to help bridge the sustainable transportation programs. marketing schedule and must be on the store gap between air freight’s speed and LCL Express is a cleaner shipping shelves for maximum consumer impact. Not to mention you don’t want the retailer to handle consistency and ocean freight’s economy, option with fewer carbon emissions. If and inventory the product. However, the next we have created LCL Express. maintaining an environmentally sound ocean sailing will not be able to deliver the goods supply chain is part of your company’s in time, and traditionally, the alternative was to Our LCL Express program was created goals, LCL Express is another option. choose air freight. Unfortunately, their margins on the basis of our existing Ocean are tight and product costs were built around LCL global network. With dedicated To ensure the security and efficiency shipping via ocean and just in time delivery weekly service from 20 origin points of your shipments, all LCL Express to the store. But these delays have forced the in the Asia Pacific region to any door shipments are managed by Expeditors’ shipment to move via air and the discrepancy location within the continental United people, in Expeditors’ systems and in the cost has now surpassed the budget. They States, this service is designed to be completely under Expeditors’ control. were unaware of other options. simple, fast, secure and reliable. You can follow your shipments every 2 step of the way via Expeditors’ visibility A hi-tech manufacturer has changed Expeditors’ LCL Express service is tool, exp.o®, from booking all the their order cycle to smaller, more frequent easy to use. There is no need to call way through to final door delivery. shipments in order to reduce carrying multiple providers or make separate As with all services, custom reporting costs and to more closely match actual arrangements; simply book the shipment and auto-alerts can also be set up to sales. In order to keep the supply chain moving at origin as LCL Express and let meet individual customer needs. quickly and consistently, air freight has been the Expeditors do the rest. With the need only available mode of transport. Traditional for reliability, speed and visibility LCL Express is faster and more ocean LCL is often too slow, too unreliable or in mind, LCL Express is integrated time definite than traditional ocean both. You need better choices. into our technology network. LCL, and can be a cleaner, lower cost option than other modes. The After we mark your shipment as LCL service is 100% managed within Express at the time of booking, we will Expeditors’ systems by well trained A t Expeditors, we hear variations urgently push it out from origin. Before and dedicated Expeditors staff. As of these stories every day; arrival at destination, we confirm the many of our customers are discovering, production problems, stock-outs, final door delivery address and pre-clear LCL Express is a good option to marketing commitments, samples, direct the shipment. Our domestic cargo have in your transportation tool kit. to retail stocking programs and changes team is ready with premier LTL carriers to smaller, more frequent shipments. to deliver your shipment as soon as it Contact your local Expeditors arrives. This enables transit times to be a representative and ask for LCL All of these situations have traditionally third less than traditional LCL services. Express. You will be surprised led to one shipping option: air freight. at how fast we’ll go for you. Our customers are telling us, “I don’t LCL Express is also more cost efficient; need the cargo in five days, I just pricing is per kilogram from origin CFS Brian Murphy need it in less than 30 days. Do I to destination door in four US delivery Manager LCL and Network Planning need to pay air freight rates, just to zones. There are no hidden or additional Global Ocean Services avoid the time and inconvenience fees and no additional invoices. Rates Insights
  9. 9. Gulf Cooperation Council f f f f f f f f Countries f f f ff f f f A s the environment changes in each of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries, Expeditors promises consistency and loyalty to our partnerships. options. We consistently educate the community through city-wide seminars, bringing together experts on all aspects of transportation and supply chain challenges. The GCC was established as a common market and With Kuwait and Dubai being geographical gateways into cooperation between the United Arab Emirates, State of Iraq, we have bonded facilities and a secure transportation Bahrain, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Sultanate of Oman, State process to commercial sites or military camps. Dubai also of Qatar and the State of Kuwait. serves as a major gateway for Sea+Air traffic from Asia to Europe and North America. Expeditors is located in all of these six countries within the GCC, represented by nine branches, Oman being the We also offer unique trucking solutions throughout the Gulf most recent office to join our network in 2009. We have the Region. We have established safety requirements for road combined strength of a global network to step in, enhance and freight, trans-loading, sorting and cross dock shipments. optimize your supply chain. Expeditors has strength in utilizing the Jebel Ali Port in the UAE as an import transship point. This enables trucking to Each office in this region adheres to the strict standards of Qatar, Saudi Arabia and multiple destinations, and has led to every worldwide Expeditors office. This includes ISO certification an increased ease in importing by offering alternate routings. and insurance, Dubai and Qatar are compliant licensed cargo insurance brokers. Our Riyadh office, personnel and technical Distribution and warehousing has proven important for the set-up are the same as our Los Angeles, Hong Kong or Paris region. Our Abu Dhabi office is the largest warehousing and offices. distribution vendor in the city, offering temperature controlled options and shock frequency reliability. Full security is These offices are managed from our regional headquarters in especially important for our clients in this region, and we Beirut and Dubai. Our Dubai office is tied to Bahrain, a full comply with all security standards, 24/7/365. licensed broker, which in turn is the key to Saudi Arabia - the export hub to the Middle East. Most of us think the oil and gas industry is the only sector in this part of the world, but there are a vast number of These GCC countries have strong balance sheets, large cash other industry specific markets which we have serviced for reserves and a healthy banking system. The region has a years such as healthcare, aerospace and specialized project forward looking vision with a promising future. cargo. Each country is focusing on diversifying their revenue streams, developing their industrial sectors, and building their As in all worldwide offices, the Expeditors GCC region economies as they are on the rise. is diversified with integrated technology in Air, Ocean, Distribution, Customs Brokerage, Road Freight, Order To increase your awareness about this region our local District Management, Project Cargo, Insurance and Multi-Modal Managers offer you some key facts on the following| pages... 8 ISSUE 2 2009
  10. 10. UnItED ar aB Qatar EmIr atES Established in 2007, Expeditors is Oman Established in 1998, Expeditors is located located in Doha with a current staff of 27. in Dubai with a current staff of 102. Established in 2009, Expeditors is located in Muscat with a current staff of 8. Established in 2007, Expeditors is located ʚ With a centralized location in the in Abu Dhabi with a current staff of 19. Gulf, many air and ocean carriers ʚ The oldest independent state in the service Qatar, which allows for ease Arab world, Oman is one of the ʚ The UAE has the world’s sixth in product distribution. more traditional countries in the largest oil reserves and possesses one Gulf region. of the most developed economies ʚ The 45 km Friendship Causeway, in the Middle East. Dubai is the linking Qatar and Bahrain, will ʚ Oman has diplomatic relations with gateway to the entire Gulf Region. further open up intra-regional trade over 140 countries. and travel. ʚ The oil industry remains the driving ʚ Major trading partners: US, Japan, TiTle force and major investments in upstream ʚ Top Import Trading Partners: India, UAE, South Korea, China, oil projects increased by 30%. Italy, UK, France EU, Thailand ʚ The UAE healthcare market is ʚ Top Export Trading Partners: ʚ The Green Award Foundation growing rapidly, from $5B today to S -Tub iTle Japan, Singapore, S. Korea announced the Port of Sohar to be the first port in the Middle East to an estimated $8B by 2012. ʚ Qatar’s population of approximately receive the Green Award license. ʚ The UAE has been spending $2B 1.9 M is made of around 80% expatriates. a year to send citizens abroad for ʚ Port of Salalah is a world class medical care. Today, the focus is ʚ New Doha Airport, opening in transshipment hub and can on channeling money back into the 2012, is expected to initially handle accommodate the world’s largest UAE with new medical buildings 24 M passengers annually and over container ships. and laboratory facilities. 50 M when fully completed in 2015. ʚ US Originated Goods Imported ʚ Tourism and retail have become ʚ Qatar’s construction sector is worth from USA are duty free into Oman. major factors in the UAE economy $119B USD and includes the Gulf ’s ʚ A free-trade agreement with the and remain very active today. first hydrocarbons industry business centre due to open in 2010. USA took effect 1 January 2009, ʚ As one of the few busiest airports to eliminating tariff barriers on all show positive growth, there was a ʚ Qatar’s primary imports include consumer and industrial products. It 2% passenger increase in the Dubai machinery, mechanical appliances, also provides strong protections for Airport in the first quarter of 2009. base metals, vehicles, food products foreign businesses investing in Oman. and retail. ʚ Dubai remains the glitzy icon for ʚ Major Industries: Oil, Natural Gas, economic development and massive ʚ The North Dome Field is the world’s Agriculture and Fishing. investments in the Middle East, largest Natural Gas field. ʚ Strategic location on Musandam boasting the largest man-made islands ʚ Oil and gas accounts for 70% of Peninsula adjacent to Strait of and the largest shopping mall. export income used to diversify the Hormuz; a vital transit point for ʚ Many investments have been poured economy. world crude oil. into real estate, tourism and leisure, with ʚ Unemployment is almost non- ʚ Oman is actively pursuing a developments such as Masdar City and existent in Qatar, and the State’s development plan that focuses on Saadiyat Island, bringing Abu Dhabi’s economy is forecast to grow by 26% diversification, industrialization, and status as an emerging market. in 2009. privatization, with the objective of ʚ There are seaports throughout the reducing the oil sectors contribution to ʚ The Pearl, Qatar’s first man-made country; Jebel Ali Port is the largest GDP to 9% by 2020. island, when completed in 2010 will port in the Middle East, and the create 32km of new coastline and ʚ Sohar is the upcoming industrial seventh busiest in the world. will consist of 13 islands. area for oil and gas companies. ʚ The Jebel Ali complex in Dubai includes a deep-water port and a free trade zone in which all goods for re-export or transshipment enjoy a 100% duty exemption. Insights
  11. 11. SaUDI ar aBIa KUwaIt Bahr aIn Established in 1992, Expeditors is located in Riyadh with a current staff of 30. Established in 1997, Expeditors is located Established in 2008, Expeditors is located in Kuwait City with a current staff of 25. in Manama with a current staff of 8. Established in 1992, Expeditors is located in Jeddah with a current staff of 58. ʚ Kuwait is in the process of ʚ Bahrain is an archipelago of 40 Established in 2008, Expeditors is located diversifying its economy by islands connected to Saudi Arabia by in Dammam with a current staff of 15. capitalizing on its strategic location. a 23-km causeway, which opened in November 1986. ʚ In 2009, the Central Bank of Kuwait ʚ With a record 2009 budget of SAR devised a US $5.15B stimulus ʚ Bahrain has an excellent road 475B ($127B), the Saudi government package to help boost the economy. network with causeway connections is committed to stimulating the local to Muharraq, Sitra and Saudi Arabia. economy and increasing infrastructure. ʚ There is a recent airport expansion A road link is also planned between plan to cater to 20M passengers. Bahrain and Qatar; construction is due ʚ The King Abdullah Financial District in Riyadh will be the to complete in 2013. ʚ The fourth richest country in the headquarter for CMA (Capital world, Kuwait’s immense wealth is ʚ As the leading financial centre in the Market Authority). derived in large part from its upstream region, Bahrain has been contending and downstream oil industries, with with growing regional competition. ʚ Rabigh City is considered as important an estimated 10% of the world’s oil as Jeddah, due to growth in major reserves, or 104B barrels. ʚ Maintaining good relations with projects in the metropolitan area. the USA, the Kingdom hosts the ʚ Being a tax-free country, Kuwait’s fifth fleet and the two countries have ʚ Large manufacturing hubs with oil industry accounts for 80% of concluded a free-trade agreement. finished goods re-exported via truck. government revenue. Petroleum and ʚ The Kingdom’s high budget is heavily petrochemicals account for half of the ʚ The official language is Arabic. dependant on crude oil prices. GDP and 95% of export revenues. English is very widely spoken and is the principal language of commerce. ʚ Crude oil traded at a ceiling rate of ʚ Increase in oil prices since 2003 resulted $147 / barrel in the last quarter of 2008, in a surge in Kuwait’s economy. Kuwait’s ʚ Unemployment has remained high creating a surplus for the economy. current oil production of 2.8M BPD is among the local population with the expected to increase to 4M BPD by Bahrainisation of jobs being a slow ʚ Jeddah is a hub for major oil and 2020. process in view of its potential effect energy companies and the busiest port on corporate competitiveness. of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. ʚ The non-oil sector is 45.55% of Kuwait’s gross domestic product; the ʚ The economy is open and diversified ʚ Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia, retail sector accounted for 3.4%. with hydrocarbons, aluminum, contains three large industrial areas financial services and tourism. and is home to the largest and most ʚ A $189M healthcare plan aims to profitable non-oil company in the upgrade existing infrastructure and ʚ The decline of oil production is Middle East. expand capacity. worrying, with the economy remaining very dependent on oil revenues. ʚ Jubail is a major industrial city in the ʚ Manufacturing sectors, including Eastern Province, and stands as a steel and cement, are growing symbol of the government’s vision of on the back of massive regional Saudi Arabia’s future development construction projects. and is the sight of the world’s largest ʚ Other major industries include petrochemical complex. shipping, construction, cement, ʚ In the Eastern Province, Dammam water desalination, construction controls the worlds largest oil reserve. materials and financial services. ʚ As the single largest consumer market in the Middle East, the retail sector is growing rapidly. ʚ Major retail brands based out of Saudi Arabia are expanding rapidly, leading to strong consumer confidence.
  12. 12. OuR PeOPle AWARDS Seattle Times Top 100 NW Companies NORDSTROM AWARD Expeditors cracked the top 10 in the Seattle Times’ annual ranking Growing from bronze to gold level performance, Expeditors of the Top 100 Northwest Companies. The overall weighted score receives the Nordstrom Supplier Logistics Award for the had Expeditors out ranking many other popular global companies. third consecutive year. To qualify, the company must be based out of Washington, Oregon “The jump to gold this year says a lot about the dedication or Idaho USA and have been traded on a major stock exchange. of all the people working on the Nordstrom team. They Additionally, they used four metrics to come up with the weighted evaluated the process and found solutions that brought about score: sales per employee, operating income, return on equity and increased efficiency and accuracy for both Nordstrom and stock-price appreciation. Expeditors. I am very proud of the entire team.” - Kevin Postlewait, Distribution Manager Portland Expeditors International of Washington, Inc. 1015 Third Avenue, 12th Floor Seattle, WA 98104 Contact Insights | Corporate Headquarters | Tel: 206.674.3400 Managing Editor: Blake Gray | Production Manager: Brian Lutzvick | Copy Editor: Annie Frith | Designs: Kash Wimer Articles are contributed by Expeditors offices worldwide. Copyright 2009 Insights newsletter articles are compiled from a number of public sources that, to the best of our knowledge, are true and correct. It is our intent to present only accurate information. However, in the event any information contained herein is erroneous, Expeditors International of Washington, Inc. accepts no liability or responsibility. Insights ht tp : / / w w w.expeditor