Bill Stankiewicz Copy Gshog 411 Jan162011


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Bill Stankiewicz
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Bill Stankiewicz Copy Gshog 411 Jan162011

  1. 1. Welcome to the Great South Chapter #2505 Weekly 411 January 16 2011Annual Membership RenewalRemember you have to renew your HOG chapter membership annually and it is that timeof the year. You can find the applications on the website under member menu in publicdocuments. Please fill out the form and return to either Jeff Flinn, Membership Directoror leave at the front desk at the dealership with a check to Great South HOG Chapter orcash $20 per member. Questions can be addressed to Jeff Flinn .This is also a good time to ensure your National HOG membership is current. Rememberyour chapter membership will be terminated if you fall out of tolerance on your Nationalmembership (as outlined in the Annual Charter for HOG chapters; Article VI,Membership). You can check by going to the National HOG website at ~1~
  2. 2. Grillers Needed Fellow GS HOG members!! As always grillers are needed to cook the burgers and franks for the dealership. Don’t let the weather deter you from earning those chromed points. Plus, this is an excellent opportunity to meet new friends and get acquainted with old ones and recruit new members for GS HOG. Come out and support Great South Harley by donating 3 hours of your time any Saturday to grill hot dogs and burgers. Let Great South Harley know especially Geneand Kevin that we appreciate how much they support the HOG chapter. I know we allenjoy our GS HOG discounts and having use of the HOG Pen. This opportunity isavailable every Saturday from noon to 3 PM. If you can spare a few hours on Saturdayplease contact Tim Summers at and let him know you arewilling to help out. Your support is greatly appreciated! DINNER RIDE -- GSHD (C) – EVERY THURSDAY, AT 6:30 PM Meet at the Hog Pen to plan and decide on a dinner destination. These are usually very easy and short rides to a local eatery. The camaraderie is great and it is a good time for new members to meet others in the chapter. This our most popular ride for a Thursday night. 1-2 pigs SAFETY TIP -- SAFETY OFFICER, Josh Mazzucco If your shadow is directly in front of you, the longer it is, the harder it is for oncoming traffic to see you ~2~
  3. 3. Upcoming Events for January 2011 Check the Calendar Chapter Officer Business Meeting January 18th Monthly business meeting will be held at 7 p.m. in the HOGPEN. Open to all members, come on over and see what’s it all about. Chapter Meeting January 22nd This will be our first meeting of the New Year. We will meet at 1:00 p.m. in the HOGPEN. We will be serving a pasta dish, salad and a drink for $5. Please RSVP on the website no later than this Thursday (1/20). A representative from CORRAL, one of the two charities we support, willbe presenting an information brief about their cause and how we can assist. 2011 Ride Planning Meeting January 25th This is the meeting where we plan out the 2011 Ride Schedule. Road Captains please bring your proposed recurring rides and dates to be uploaded into the calendar, along with any ideas for new rides,destinations, etc... We will also include important dates for National and State Meeting is scheduled to start at 7:00 p.m. and last to approximately 8:30 p.m. inthe HOGPEN Great American Motorcycle Show January 29th Motorcycles for sale, lots of accessories, bike shows, etc. One day pass is $12. Road Captain: Robert Sexton 2-3 Pig Ride (All Expressway Riding) Check the Website for further details Road Captain Training February 1st Interested in being a Road Captain? Come and participate in next month’s Road Captain training in the HOGPEN. Check the calendar for further details. Questions can be addressed to Bill Keyser ~3~
  4. 4. Events over the Horizon Check the Calendar Georgia Days w/ Sweethearts February 5th Spend some quality time with your significant other Road Captain: Paul Van Wagner 3-4 Pig Ride Check out the Website for further details Chili Cook off February 26th Calling all Chili Masters! Answer the call and offer up your special recipe, and any other side that will help your chili set itself apart from the others, for the enjoyment of and judging by chapter members forthe best chili during February’s Chapter meeting. A small monetary donation will beaccepted to help offset the cost of flatware and condiments. Check out the websitefor further details. Corral Work Day March 19th Ladies of Harley Corral work day is scheduled! Come on out and lend a helping hand to those who help others. Pack yourself a hearty lunch with plenty of water and meet at the HOGPEN at 8:30 in themorning. We will travel as a group to the Corral site. Check out the website for furtherdetails. HOG Community Yard Sale to Support Welcome House April 30th Just in time for spring cleaning, Great South HOG will be having a yard sale in April. We all have items that we’d love to get out of the closet, garage and basement but not enough to have your own yard sale. Please no motorcycle part! All proceeds going to the Welcome House for battered and abused families. Well here is your chance,check the website for further details. Patch sewing The second Saturday of each month Cathy will be at the dealership to sew patches on your denim or leather. Check the dealership calendar for exact dates and times. ~4~