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Bill Stankiewicz Anixter


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You are viewing presentations from conferences that I have attended. Please enjoy & if we can help you with any logistics projects in the Americas please contact me at 678.364.3475

Bill was also on the Board of Directors for the St.Vincent DePaul Foodbank in Roseville California helping with the fund raising and meals to the poor program. While based in Northern California he was successful in fund raising programs for the Crusade of Mercy and helped Father Dan Madigan at the Sacramento Food Bank also. For 2008, Bill is a member of the Board for WORKTEC on also an Advisory Board Member for Boys and Girls Club for Metro Atlanta-Clayton County Chapter. See or . Bill is also on the Board of Directors for the Southeastern Warehouse Association & represents Georgia for 2010-2012.


Bill Stankiewicz
Vice President and General Manager
Shippers Warehouse

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Bill Stankiewicz Anixter

  1. 1. What Hi Tech Solutions Shippersand Customers expect from 3PL Serafina Valente Anixter - EMEA Freight Manager Eyefortransport European Technology Forum 26th Sept 2007
  2. 2. Anixter - Who are we?• Distribution Company- 350,000 telecom products across the world• Employ over 5,000 people• $900M in Inventory• 220 warehouses worldwide.• Locations in 247 cities- in 49 countries across the globe
  3. 3. Why Supply Chain visibility is important to us• We are shipping inbound and outbound goods across the world using a variety of forwarders and methods of transport• Regular Customs inspections require fast and accurate shipping documentation• Our customers demand fast and accurate visibility of their orders• Transportation Costs have major impact on our distribution process
  4. 4. Why visibility is important to shippers and customers• Enables Track and Trace• Freight Costs Visibility• Speeds up deliveries and Productivity• Improves Consolidations and therefore freight costs reductions• Reduces unplanned costs (Demurrage)• KPI Reporting• Finally IMPROVE SERVICE TO CUSTOMERS
  5. 5. We, as added value suppliers andcustomers, want morevisibility on our orders
  6. 6. Top Areas of Concern for Global Supply Chain Immaturity of logistics networks 4 in low-cost countries Customs and other regulatory 11 requirements and costs Longer lead times and lead time 20 variability Rising Logistics Costs and Fuel 20 Prices Ability to affectively manage 29 companys growth Loss of operational Control & 30 difficulty managing 3PL Uncoordinated multi tier supply 37 chain process Lack of critical supply chain 51 process visibility 0 10 20 30 40 50 60Source :Aberdeen Group % of Respondents
  7. 7. Still most of suppliersdo not use any technology for visibility…
  8. 8. Technologies Used for Global Visibility Use solution from 3PLs Do not use 16% visibility technology 32% Use Home- grown solution 24% Use CommercialSource: Aberdeen Group Solution 28%
  9. 9. but this is slowly going to change
  10. 10. Global Supply Chain Technology Investment Areasover the next 24 months % of Firms Plan IT Investments in the Next 2 years 90 80 77% 70 63% 60 51% 50 42% 40 29% 30 27% 22% 20 10 0 ty n t t s e n gm en ili io nc g ti o in at b m ia M ra si st or ge pl Vi bo rt Co b om a o la la in an sp in ol ol ha C M an ha rC C e C k ad Tr C er is lie ly ly Tr om R t l pp pp pp InSu st Su Su CuSource : Aberdeen Group
  11. 11. What shippers / customers expect from 3PL
  12. 12. Supply Chain Major Areas of Visibility ManufacturerIndependent Track and Inter-Companies Suppliers Trace Scanned Distribution Points / Documentation Whse at Destination Landed Costs Digital POD’s Final Customers at Destination
  13. 13. Track and Trace
  14. 14. Track and Trace- Some of the recurring issues• Goods Received at destination- System shows “goods have not boarded the plane yet”• Goods delivered in the warehouse- System shows “goods arrived at the airport”• Goods not arrived at destination - System shows “delivered”
  15. 15. Goods delivered -System not updatedReal Status : Goods delivered to our warehouseShipment Number: 5479894596Mode: AirOrigin CHICAGO (MIDWAY), IL USService Type: STANDARD W/CLEARANCE & DELIVERYDestination BIRMINGHAM GBPieces: 9Received Date/Time: 22 JUN 2007 6:00 PMDate Time Status Location26 JUN 1:08 PM NOB YTO
  16. 16. Goods not arrived at destination- System shows “ delivered” Real Status : Goods were still NOT DELIVERED in our warehouse by 16th July Shipment Number: 7051676434 Mode: Ocean Origin TRENTON, NJ US Destination STOCKHOLM SE Received Date/Time: 15 JUN 2006 12:00 PM Cargo Received At: US Date Time Status Location 14 JUL 3:00 PM DELIVERED SPANGA, SE
  17. 17. Goods delivered- System shows still “not arrived”Real Status : Goods arrived - Going through ClearanceDate Time Status Location11 JUL 08:43 AM NOT ON-HAND (1 of 12) BRUSSELS BE
  18. 18. Track and Trace- What shippers / customers expect from 3PL
  19. 19. Track and trace - 3PL Expected solutions• Real Time visibility: crucial for airfreight shipments• Fast to rectify inaccuracies• Accurate data to avoid unnecessary costs• Proactive in pre-alerts management• Standardise level of sophistication of their system - This still varies from low to advanced.
  20. 20. Landed Freight Costs
  21. 21. Forwarders and IntegratorsFORWARDERS INTEGRATORS Freight Costings are Freight Costings CANNOT be produced at arrival point provided when cargo arrives at destination. Any Customs financial Any customs financial details details are supplied when CANNOT be supplied at goods are delivered to delivery time final destination
  22. 22. Freight Costings NOT supplied at destination- Consequences•Financial unbalances when invoices are supplied•Unnecessary waste time to determine freight costs•More room for manual mistakes•Increased chance to pass to Sales /Customerswrong freight amount•More unhappy final customers
  23. 23. What we expect from the Integrators• Ability to supply financial details when goods arrive at destination• Customs paperwork visibility• Better operational network to proactively support customers and suppliers
  24. 24. Digital Proof of Delivery
  25. 25. Transportation LifecycleSELLER Purchase Orders Info BUYER Advance Ship Notice Receipt Notification Invoice Payment/ Remittance Advice Pick Up Notification Pick Up Info Assigning Bill of Lading Routing Shipment Shipment Status Status Freight Invoice Freight Invoice PROOF of DELIVERY
  26. 26. What are the PODs benefits ?• Improve Cash flow• Increase Customer satisfaction• Easily to be retrieved at a simple click of a button• Provided to customers securely over the internet – reducing the strain of telephone calls
  27. 27. Additional Benefits of PODs• Rapid Implementation• Minimal up -front expenditure• Easy Deployment throughout the organisation• Latest technology with no upgrade issues
  28. 28. Why Digital PODs• “Real Time” of signature and Time of delivery• Significant Implications for Premium deliveries• Substantial impact on “time sensitive” projects• No risks in getting lost
  29. 29. Forwarders and IntegratorsFORWARDERS INTEGRATORSMost DON’T provide Digital Most CAN providePODs Digital PODsPrinted Signatures retrievable No need for printedonly 24hrs after delivery signaturesOriginal hard copy are Hard Copies can beprovided not earlier than 3 immediately printeddays from delivery
  30. 30. Scanned Freight Documentation
  31. 31. How is this service provided to customers ?FORWARDERS INTEGRATORS CAN provide scanned CANNOT providecopies of shipping docs scanned copies of docs CAN also submit at CANNOT providetime of delivery scanned scanned copies ofcopies of customs Customs entriesentries
  32. 32. Scanned Docs NOT Provided: Consequences•Unnecessary administrative burden•Impact on accuracy/time for audits•Financial impact on freight costs reporting
  33. 33. Conclusions• Track and Trace is still a concern to shippers /customers. – Real time visibility is still only on paper• Uneven Hi Tech support provided by forwarders and integrators. – Customers are looking for more standardised logistics processes to be integrated throughout the entire Supply Chain