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Cara Alectia Brew News Release


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News release - Corporate Acquisition

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Cara Alectia Brew News Release

  1. 1. News Release 25 April 2009 – For Immediate Release Cara Technology acquires ALECTIA Brew’s Yeast Collection and Supply Business Cara Technology has strengthened its ability to support its global customer base with the acquisition of ALECTIA Brew’s pure yeast culture storage and supply business. The agreement, which took effect on 1 April 2009, marries one of the most famous businesses in brewing yeast technology – ALECTIA Brew’s yeast business (originating from the Alfred Jørgensen Laboratory) – with that of Cara Technology, a Company which has supported global brewery groups and independent breweries for 14 years. The yeast business will continue to operate from its production and testing facility in Copenhagen with customers receiving regular supplies of dry and liquid pure yeast cultures produced to rigorous (ISO9001:2000 certified) quality standards by the existing team. It will trade as Cara Technology ApS. Customers of both businesses will benefit from the expanded Company’s ability to analyse brewery yeast samples and select improved strains of yeast in its laboratories in the UK, together with the ability of the Danish facility to produce dried yeast of high viability and vitality, suitable for direct inoculation into the brewery yeast propagation system. Cara Technology Limited, Leatherhead Enterprise Centre, Randalls Road, Leatherhead, Surrey, KT22 7RY, UK tel +44(0)1372 822218, fax +44(0)1372 821599
  2. 2. Speaking of the transaction Anders Hummer, ALECTIA’s Vice President said “ALECTIA Brew’s yeast collection and supply business has a special place in the brewing industry. Originating from the Alfred Jørgensen Laboratory and then acquired by ALECTIA Brew in 2005, this unique pure yeast facility provides an assurance to brewers that the yeast they are using in their brewery is the right one, and produced to the highest quality standards. This gives them time to focus on other parts of their business to generate real value.” By combining its own yeast collection with that of ALECTIA Brew, Cara takes on responsibility for what is arguably the largest repository of commercial brewing yeasts in the world. The combined collection contains almost 700 yeast strains, some of which have a documented provenance dating back to the 1890s. Dr Craig Duckham, Cara Technology’s Director of Operations and Development explained “All yeasts are stored in liquid nitrogen at -196oC to preserve their characteristics. This allows the character of the beers produced from them to be maintained over many decades. As a risk management measure, each and every culture is stored in two independent locations.” Originally founded as the Alfred Jørgensen Laboratory in 1881, ALECTIA Brew’s yeast collection lies deeply rooted within the international brewing community. In 1883, Carlsberg were the first to use pure yeast cultures in their Copenhagen brewery. Initially, Jørgensen’s laboratory played a considerable part in the global roll-out of this new technology. Working closely with the Father of Pure Culture Yeast, Emil Christian Hansen, in less than 10 years, Jørgensen’s laboratory introduced the use of pure yeast cultures produced in their Copenhagen facility to Cara Technology Limited, Leatherhead Enterprise Centre, Randalls Road, Leatherhead, Surrey, KT22 7RY, UK tel +44(0)1372 822218, fax +44(0)1372 821599
  3. 3. more than 100 breweries throughout the world. With ALECTIA Brew’s acquisition of the yeast collection in 2005, the supply of pure yeast cultures to the global brewing industry has continued for a total of almost 130 years. Speaking of the acquisition Cara’s Managing Director, Dr Bill Simpson said “We are delighted to have the opportunity to build on the wonderful heritage of this business. Over the last 128 years the yeast laboratory has provided several hundred thousand batches of pure yeast to almost a thousand breweries. Customers have included, and still include, some of the most famous names in the industry, making many of the world’s most famous beers. Jørgensen’s legacy is that the business is as relevant today as it was at the birth of pure culture yeast more than a century ago.” With the addition of the ALECTIA Brew’s yeast business, Cara Technology now supports around 400 brewery customers in more than 70 countries. The combined company has a staff of 22 and has enjoyed double-digit year on year growth for more than a decade. ............................................................................................END........................................................................................ Editors’ notes 1. Founded in 1995 Cara Technology Limited ( helps the world’s brewing companies prevent and solve beer production problems. Based near London in the UK, the business services customers in more than 70 countries. They offer yeast management services, beer quality management services, problem solving tools and training services. The company is a major supplier of pure yeast cultures to global brewery groups and has responsibility for the preservation of the yeast used to make many important brands of beer. 2. ALECTIA A/S is one of the leading consulting companies in Denmark – prior to January 2008 the Company was known as Birch & Krogboe A/S. ALECTIA solves tasks within building, pharma, breweries, hospitals, dairy, water and occupational health and safety. The Company has specialized competencies within client's advice, Cara Technology Limited, Leatherhead Enterprise Centre, Randalls Road, Leatherhead, Surrey, KT22 7RY, UK tel +44(0)1372 822218, fax +44(0)1372 821599
  4. 4. environment, fire, energy and fully automatic parking facilities. Its 745 employees are distributed all over Denmark, with the majority in the main office in Virum north of Copenhagen and the rest in offices in Roskilde, Århus, Odense, Vejle and Holstebro. A significant number of employees are stationed abroad, servicing the Company’s ever-increasing international customer base. In 2005 ALECTIA acquired the brewery consulting company Danbrew, and occupational health consultants Dansk Arbejdsmiljø and JobLiv Danmark in 2005 and 2006 respectively. In 2007 ALECTIA bought the water consulting company Watertech and later that year the dairy consulting company MA-Project. On 1st August 2008 ALECTIA acquired UK Consulting Engineering Company Penborn Technical Services, renaming the business ALECTIA Limited. These acquisitions have given ALECTIA a market-leading position within breweries and occupational health and safety and a positioned the Company as a major contestant within the water supply and dairy consultancy sectors. ALECTIA is owned by the Birch & Krogboe Foundation. 3. The Alfred Jørgensen Laboratory has supplied brewers with pure yeast for almost 130 years. The laboratory was founded by Alfred Jørgensen in 1881. Jørgensen was a renowned fermentation scientist with an international reputation. In addition to his role as Director of the Laboratory he published two major works on yeast: ‘Microorganisms and Fermentation’ and ‘Practical Management of Pure Yeast’. Both books were translated into many languages and published in multiple editions over more than six decades. 4. Photograph shows (left to right): Bill Simpson (Managing Director, Cara Technology), Anders Hummer (Vice President, ALECTIA), Ingelise Bogason (CEO, ALECTIA) and Conny Sørensen (CFO, ALECTIA). For further information: Cara Technology Limited – Dr Bill Simpson, Managing Director – Email – Tel +44 1372 822 218 ALECTIA A/S – Ingelise Bogason, CEO – Email - - Tel + 45 51 28 55 55 Cara Technology Limited, Leatherhead Enterprise Centre, Randalls Road, Leatherhead, Surrey, KT22 7RY, UK tel +44(0)1372 822218, fax +44(0)1372 821599