Getting Started On Twitter


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A brief presentation to help people get started on Twitter.

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  • Getting Started On Twitter

    1. 1. Getting Started on Twitter
    2. 2. Getting Started on Twitter (or what to do on Twitter without being a jerk, spammer, or someone else people will find annoying, bothersome, or down right frustrating)
    3. 3. Proper Twittequette
    4. 4. Proper Twittequette • Add value to the conversation. • It’s okay to be random. • Be mindful of your follower/following ratio. • Don’t carry on lengthy discussions publicly.
    5. 5. Complete Your Twitter Profile
    6. 6. Complete Your Twitter Profile • Add a good picture of yourself • Link somewhere, even if company website • Give a general location, i.e “Nashville, TN” • Have a good, descriptive bio
    7. 7. Learn How To Shrink Links
    8. 8. Learn How To Shrink Links • Most popular link shortener: • Another popular one: Tiny URL • Personal favorite: Bud URL (has analytics)
    9. 9. Don’t Be One of These People
    10. 10. Don’t Be One of These People Name: Awesomists Location: You wish you were here. Bio: My life is awesome. What are you doing? Sipping a skinny mocha latte and watching whales from my celebrity friend’s yacht.
    11. 11. Name: Unoriginals Location: Where you were yesterday. Bio: My tweets are your tweets. I don’t have anything interesting to say myself. What are you doing? RT the latest thing to come across my Twitter feed.
    12. 12. Name: Hypsters Location: Who cares. You just need to buy what I’m selling. Bio: Buy my stuff. Hire me. Make six figures in 12 hours. I’m going to make you famous. What are you doing? The same thing I tweeted an hour ago...links to my blog about secrets to business success.
    13. 13. Name: Philosophacators Location: I’m too busy thinking to notice where I am. Bio: I’m pretty smart...and deep...and sensitive...and don’t forget smart too. What are you doing? Never milk a cow with only one udder.
    14. 14. Name: Minutiaists Location: Latitude and longitude of my exact location right now. Bio: My day, all day, everyday, 140 characters at a time. What are you doing? Woke up at 6:42. Did number 1. Got a shower. Water took longer to warm than usual. Shampoo, no conditioner. Same towel as yesterday.
    15. 15. 5 Other Questions to Answer
    16. 16. 5 Other Questions to Answer • Instead of answering “What are you doing?” Try something a little more interesting: • What did you learn? • What made you laugh? • What do you need an answer to? • What are you thankful for? • What ticks you off?
    17. 17. Use Twitter Search • - Are people talking about your company, leaders, products, services, or competition?
    18. 18. Ease In! • Set up a personal account to learn the culture and ways to interaction. • Start monitoring what people are saying for awareness. • After you’re comfortable with Twitter, set up your business account. • Add value to every conversation.
    19. 19. Bill Seaver Twitter: billseaver Email: Blog: Phone: 615-473-0396