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Two Minute Feedback is an exciting new fast feedback tool that promotes continuous learning and rapid improvement inside organizations or on a personal level. Get feedback on ANYTHING that you do from the people whose opinion you care about. The feedback is for your eyes only. Your responders will give you the honest truth, because they know their identities will be masked.

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  • Two Minute Feedback

    1. 1. What is Two Minute Feedback? After giving a presentation or organizing an important meeting the first thing most people want to know is, “How did it go?” Understanding how your audience experienced your performance, a standing meeting, or other business process is critical as you consider changes you will make the next time. Two Minute Feedback is an online tool that enables you to collect anonymous feedback from people you select in a way that encourages candid and constructive suggestions. In addition to specific ideas for improvements, a culture of frequent feedback and positive change will emerge. All great teams have this quality - team members helping each other reach higher and perform better. That, in turn, builds bonds and creates vibrant and hopeful participation throughout your organization. The good news is that Two Minute Feedback is so easy to use – just four simple steps. 2
    2. 2. Four Steps Give us your details Put in a topic Add emails Select “I” or “We” You’re done! 3
    3. 3. Start-Stop-Continue • With respect to any topic you choose, Two Minute Feedback always poses three questions to your responders: What should you Start doing? Stop Doing? Continue Doing? • You are not asked to develop a laundry-list of survey questions. • These three questions lead to constructive feedback.Your responders will reinforce what you are doing well while also pointing out specific things you can focus on to improve. • The best feedback is actionable. These simple open-ended questions lead directly to feedback you can implement the next time. • The best feedback is immediate. By keeping it simple, we make it easy to send out a survey soon after your presentation or meeting - when the experience is fresh in the minds of your audience. 4
    4. 4. What Happens Next? • The list of people that you put into the tool (you can paste a list of emails) will receive an email we prepare for you with a link to a page where they can answer the start-stop-continue questions. • They are told that their names will not be attached to their comments - this will increase their comfort that you seek their true response, not a courtesy pat on the back. • We want this to be a “two minute experience” for the responders as well, so they are encouraged to be concise but they are given the space to write more if they choose. • After three individuals have responded, you will receive an email with a link to your feedback. Only you have access to see the feedback unless you share the link. • You may add additional emails to the survey at any time. 5
    5. 5. When Should I Use Two Minute Feedback? • After a presentation • After a standing meeting • After leading a group problem-solving session • After a brainstorming session • After volunteer activity • After a team building event • After an interview • At the end of a project • At the end of the quarter or calendar year • At the end of a recruiting cycle 6
    6. 6. A Culture Of Feedback • We made Two Minute Feedback easy, fast, and anonymous so that individuals and organizations will form the habit of seeking feedback frequently. • Frequent feedback creates a continuous flow of constructive communication within an organization. This leads to a culture of positive and useful change. • “In-source” your employee development. You’ve gone to a lot of trouble to hire the best people for your organization – they are likely the best people to help others within the organization improve. They will also have the best ideas for improving your business processes. • Outside experts can never fully understand your unique environment – they can inject fresh energy and awareness temporarily, but once “leadership training workshop week” is over, the effect wanes in a short period of time. • Frequent use of Two Minute Feedback can revitalize your organization (or you as an individual) for the long run by giving your people an easy and safe method to cross-coach each other continuously - this kind of behavior is precisely what makes great teams great. 7
    7. 7. Safety-Comfort-Response • Safety leads to comfort. Comfort leads to response. • Whoever sends out the survey, gets the results. Period. Even we can’t see the feedback. • The feedback is not shared with management, HR, or used for job promotions or salary considerations. The only purpose is individual or group improvement. • The answers are anonymous.  We strip the names off of the answers to mask the authors and only start delivering the feedback when at least two individuals have replied. • Users feel safe asking for feedback, and responders feel free to give feedback with no repercussions. This is why our tool produces very high response rates – generally over 45% - about 4 times greater than other tools. 8
    8. 8. Some of Our Partners 9
    9. 9. To try Two Minute Feedback use this web address: To license Two Minute Feedback for yourself or your organization, contact: Bill Schreiner 703.597.8988 Pricing: For Organizations: $20/seat/year For Individuals $4.99/seat/year Two Minute Feedback is pricing is flat rate so you will use it frequently - there is never a per-use charge. Organizations receive seat management tools, usage data, higher responder limit. 10