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Prepared speech ZEN


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Published in: Education
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Prepared speech ZEN

  1. 1. Prepared  Speech   ZEN   -演說之禪 3/4  9:30~12:00      1st  SGD          by  Bill  Peng  
  2. 2. Why  “ZEN”?  
  3. 3. Idea  and   Material   Obama,% President%of%USA% 1% Idea%and%Material% Script   WriHng   2 Scriptwri5ng GeorgeVI, KingoftheUnitedKingdomand theBri5shDominions Rehearsal   And  Stage  Time   Rehearsal%% and%Stage%Time% 3% Steve%Jobs,% Former%CEO%of%Apple%Inc.%
  4. 4. Obama,   President  of  USA   1   Idea  and  Material  
  5. 5. Obama,   President  of  USA   Idea  and  Material  
  6. 6. Obama,   President  of  USA   Idea  and  Material   First  thing  first:   •  What  are  your  purpose?   •  Who  are  your  audience?  
  7. 7. What  are  your  purpose?  
  8. 8. Who  are  your  audience?  
  9. 9. Obama,   President  of  USA   Idea  and  Material   When  applying  your  idea…   •  One  idea  one  Speech   •  Tell  a  Story   •  Something  special,  concrete.  
  10. 10. One  idea  one  Speech  
  11. 11. Tell  a  Story  
  12. 12. Something  special,  concrete.  
  13. 13. Obama,   President  of  USA   Idea  and  Material   PracHce  1……  
  14. 14. 2   Script  wriHng   George  VI,   King  of  the  United  Kingdom  and   the  BriHsh  Dominions  
  15. 15. Script  wriHng   George  VI,   King  of  the  United  Kingdom  and   the  BriHsh  Dominions  
  16. 16. Script  wriHng   First  thing  first……   George  VI,   King  of  the  United  Kingdom  and   the  BriHsh  Dominions  
  17. 17. Script  wriHng   Opening    à    Body    à    Conclusion   George  VI,   King  of  the  United  Kingdom  and   the  BriHsh  Dominions  
  18. 18. Script  wriHng   Opening    à    Body    à    Conclusion   George  VI,   King  of  the  United  Kingdom  and   the  BriHsh  Dominions  
  19. 19. Script  wriHng   Opening    à    Body    à    Conclusion   George  VI,   King  of  the  United  Kingdom  and   the  BriHsh  Dominions  
  20. 20. Script  wriHng   Script  WriHng  Principle:   •  Revise  with  interval   •  Time  your  speaking  speed   George  VI,   King  of  the  United  Kingdom  and   •  Outline  or  verbaHm  riHsh  Dominions   the  B
  21. 21. Revise  with  interval  
  22. 22. Time  your  speaking  speed  
  23. 23. Outline  or  verbaHm  
  24. 24. Script  wriHng   Something  more  than  the  Principle   •  One  idea  one  paragraph   •  The  power  of  repeat   VI,   George   King  of  the  United  Kingdom  and   •  Create  something  tBriHsh  Dominions   the  o  be  quoted  
  25. 25. One  idea  one  paragraph  
  26. 26. The  power  of  repeat  
  27. 27. Winston  S  Churchill:     We  Shall  Fight  on  the  Beaches  
  28. 28. Create  something  to  be  quoted  
  29. 29. Angel  Li,  Break  the  Cage  of  Age,  A2  
  30. 30. Script  wriHng   PracHce  2……   George  VI,   King  of  the  United  Kingdom  and   the  BriHsh  Dominions  
  31. 31. Rehearsal     and  Stage  Time   3   Steve  Jobs,   Former  CEO  of  Apple  Inc.  
  32. 32. Rehearsal     and  Stage  Time   Steve  Jobs,   Former  CEO  of  Apple  Inc.  
  33. 33. Rehearsal     and  Stage  Time   If  you  want’s  to  rehearse,     you  need  a  mentor.   Steve  Jobs,   Former  CEO  of  Apple  Inc.  
  34. 34. Mentor   and  Rehearsal    
  35. 35. Rehearsal     and  Stage  Time   Three  Basic  Ideas   •  Eye  contact   •  Vocal  Variety   •  Body  Language   Steve  Jobs,   Former  CEO  of  Apple  Inc.  
  36. 36. Eye  contact  
  37. 37. Vocal  Variety  
  38. 38. Body  Language  
  39. 39. Rehearsal     and  Stage  Time   Something  more……   Steve  Jobs,   Former  CEO  of  Apple  Inc.  
  40. 40. Tempo    Pulse  
  41. 41. Rehearsal     and  Stage  Time   Usually……   When  it  comes  to  something  about   yourself,  you  need  to  slow  down.   Steve  Jobs,   Former  CEO  of  Apple  Inc.  
  42. 42. Steve  Jobs  introduced  the  iPhone  
  43. 43. Rehearsal     and  Stage  Time   PracHce  3…   Steve  Jobs,   Former  CEO  of  Apple  Inc.  
  44. 44. Finally,  Self  EvaluaHons!  
  45. 45. Thank  you!