MV Vietnam 2011 - The contest for Amateur Film Producer


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  • DỊCH VỤ THIẾT KẾ POWERPOINT (Thiết kế profile cho doanh nghiệp--- Thiết kế Brochure--- Thiết kế Catalogue--- slide bài giảng--- slide bài phát biểu---slide bài TIỂU LUẬN, LUẬN VĂN TỐT NGHIỆP--- dạy học viên thiết kế powerpoint…)-----(Giá từ 8.000 đ - 10.000 đ/1trang slide)------ Mọi chi tiết vui lòng liên hệ với chúng tôi: điện thoại 0973.764.894 hoặc zalo 0973.764.894 (Miss. Huyền) ----- • Thời gian hoàn thành: 1-2 ngày sau khi nhận đủ nội dung ----- Qui trình thực hiện: ----- 1. Bạn gửi nội dung cần thiết kế về địa chỉ email: ----- 2. DỊCH VỤ THIẾT KẾ POWERPOINT báo giá chi phí và thời gian thực hiện cho bạn ----- 3. Bạn chuyển tiền tạm ứng 50% chi phí để tiến hành thiết kế ----- 4. Gửi file slide demo cho bạn xem để thống nhất chỉnh sửa hoàn thành. ----- 5. Bạn chuyển tiền 50% còn lại. ----- 6. Bàn giao file gốc cho bạn.
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MV Vietnam 2011 - The contest for Amateur Film Producer

  1. 1. Many youngsters produce MV for their favorite songs or artists. Though it’s for fun, it’s high quality. Though they are not trained to be MV producer their product proves they are professional to be the one
  2. 2. Professional singers are more open to work with youngteams, the talented always giving crazy ideas
  3. 3. There’s a big demand of MV watchingThere’s a huge amount of MV production team, too.
  5. 5. A COMPETITION FOR YOUNGSTER WHO LOVE TO PRODUCE MUSIC VIDEOto discover and introduce young talents in MV production To show off another bright and promise aspect of Vietnam music industry lead by Vietnam ambitious and talented youngsters To give audience more food for eyes
  6. 6. Contestant, an INDIVIDUAL or a GROUPwill join a COMPETITION in a REALITY SHOW with many CHALLENGES via 3 rounds to PRODUCE MV for a VIETNAMESE SONG
  7. 7. Judges and audiences will choose the winner
  8. 8. The champion will be rewarded asBEST MV PRODUCTION CREWOF THE YEAR This is to found the base for the Vietnam Music Video Award
  9. 9. REWARD Winner will be rewarded the title “Vietnam’s best MV production crew” Winner will get a chance to work with a Vietnam’s super star in her/his new project (an MV)Good ideas will be invested to produce a Winner’s video will broadcast publiclynew MV to join Vietnam Music VideoAward 2012
  10. 10. COMPETITION ROUNDS ROUND 1 ROUND 2 VÒNG 3 Send an MV to Challenge from Challenge from organizer. organizer organizerA short list will be chosen FINALE2 nominees for champion will produce MV for the same song of a singer
  11. 11. ROUND 1• Contestants send their MV to organizer (following instruction of organizer)• MV is of a Vietnamese song. Along with the MV is explanation of concept and message that contestant want to express.• Suitable MVs will be posted on website for voting• 10 qualified contestants will be chosen to 2 nd round (by judge and audience’s vote)
  12. 12. ROUND 2Challenges: - Contestant will choose singer by draw taking and produce MV for the singer Organizer will provide a list of singer. Contestants take a draw to choose their singers. Contestant will produce the MV in the limit of time and money provided by the organizers. Singer won’t give any financial support to the contestant. Within the provided time, contestant must work and persuade singer to accept their ideas and work with them to produce an MV as plan they send to organizers All singers are at the same “level” in term of fans to avoid the disparity in voting
  13. 13. ROUND 2To control budget and time usage, contestant have to submit a proposal including • MV’s concept • Script for shooting and editing • Shooting plan • Budget planJudges will consider all submitted proposal when giving judgment to all MV
  14. 14. ROUND 2All clips will be broadcasted on TV show MV Vietnam 2011. After the final clip isbroadcasted, the line will open for voting. Audience can vote for their favorite MV by texting sms or press like on facebook and website of the show
  15. 15. ROUND 25 qualified contestant chosen by judges and voted by audiences
  16. 16. ROUND 3Challenge: - - Contestant will use a model of camera of sponsor to shoot- All contestant will produce MV based on the same topic that provided from organizer• All steps (budget, planning, working with singers) are the same round 2• After voting and judging, there will be 2 contestants going next roundAll singers are at the same “level” in term of fans to avoid the disparityin voting
  17. 17. FINALEChallenge:2 finalists will produce MV for the same song of a singer who is invited to join the judge board These 2 MVs will be launched in the gala show which is live broadcast on TV and get votes immediately to choose the best.
  18. 18. TV SHOW EPISODES The episodes of TV show will be updatedC o p yr i g ht ©Mile s ton e C o m m un i cati on s . Al l R i g h t R e s e rved
  19. 19. THANK YOU Mr. Duong Thai Binh Managing – 0903 034 035 Mr. Huynh Le – 0902 793 293 Bill Nguyen – 0983 500 572