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IHRSA 2015 The Future Progressive Opportunities


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IHRSA 2015 The Future Progressive Opportunities

  1. 1. The  Future  –  Progressive   Opportuni3es  in  the  Health  &   Fitness  Industry   Bill  McBride,  President  &  CEO   Ac3ve  Sports  Clubs  /  BMC3  
  2. 2. Bill McBride Bill   McBride   is   a   health   club   industry   veteran   who   has   over   25   years   of   experience.    He  is  currently  President  &   CEO  of  Ac3ve  Sports  Clubs  and  BMC3,   his   consul3ng   company.   McBride   is   interna3onally   recognized   for   his   exper3se   on   the   industry,   leadership,   management,  sales,  sales  management,   reten3on,   marke3ng,   excellence   in   opera3ons  and  designing  the  customer   experience.   He   recently   completed   5   years  of  service  on  the  IHRSA  Board  of   Directors  as  Chairman  &  Ex-­‐Officio.      
  3. 3. Active Sports Clubs – Based in the San Francisco Bay Area 10 Commercial Health Clubs 1 New Functional Training Test Studio – “The Zone” Launching first true “The Zone” site in September ‘15 2 Hospitals 2 Community Centers 1 University 45 Corporate, Residential and Commercial Sites Throughout the US:
  4. 4. Warm  Up   v Team  “Black”   v Team  “Gun  Metal”    
  5. 5. Your  Core   v Your  core  should  be  clear   v Strategies  change   v What’s  in  the  “white  space”  that  needs  to  be   filled?   v What/Who  is  the  “community”?   v Are  you  chasing  an  old  model?   v Are  you  racing  to  the  boom?   v Spending  more  $  is  not  a  strategy   v Helping  People  =  Selling  More  (Fill  in  the  blank)  
  6. 6. Subs3tu3on    v Public  Fitness  Access   v Residen3al  Community  Expansion  of  Services   v Medically  Based  Wellness   v Corporate  Fitness/Wellness  Centers   v University  Based  Fitness  Centers   v Community  Centers  /  Non-­‐Profits   v Self  Directed  /  Connec3vity  /  Virtual   v Parks  &  Rec  
  7. 7. What  will  be  the  same?   v  Mind  Body   v  Dance   v  Cycling/Cardio   v  Func3onal  /  Strength   v  Convenience   v  Desire  for  Energy  &  Connec3on   v  Arac3on  of  Groups  /  People   v  Variety  /  Progression   v  Science   v  Behavioral  Readiness  For  Change   v  Increased  Technology   v  Increased  Medical  /  Wellness  emphasis  
  8. 8. The  Need  For  “Exper3se”   v Providing  something  people  need  and  can’t   get  easily  elsewhere   v Unique  Programming   v Mee3ng  “unmet”  Needs  
  9. 9. UNIVERSAL ACTIVE PROGRAM– Across All Sites
  10. 10. Click to edit Master title style GROUP FITNESS
  11. 11. Active Retention Model
  13. 13. Kevin  Plank,  CEO  of  Under  Armour   v Why  Under  Armour  Is  Buying  Up  Fitness  Apps   v hp:// 2015-­‐02-­‐05/why-­‐under-­‐armour-­‐is-­‐buying-­‐up-­‐ fitness-­‐apps     Bloomberg  News  2/15/15  
  14. 14. Under  Armour  
  15. 15. UA  App  Stats   v Paid  $710M  (For  all  three)   v 120  Million  Users  /  72M  women  =  60%   v 4.2M  new  in  January  alone   v Adding  136,000/day   v Technology  agnos3c  =  over  400  different  devices   v They  now  have  the  largest  fitness  community  in  the   world   v More  Workouts  =  More  Sales   v Mone3za3on  =  Adver3sing,  Subscrip3on,  Content,   Connec3vity  (S3ll  not  fully  defined  in  the  app  space)   v First  “handshake”  with  company  
  16. 16. Under  Armour  Growth   v Men’s  Apparel   v Women’s  Apparel   v Footwear   v Interna3onal  =  9%  of  sales  /  goal  50%      They  have  57  stores  in  China   v Direct  to  consumer  
  17. 17. Under  Armour   v Sell  more  shirts  and  shoes   v Technology/Innova3on  Company   v Fitness  Connec3vity   v Full  priced  brand   v Customer  not  trained  for  discounts   v Not  abandoning  athletes   Ø Sell  more  shirts  &  shoes!  
  18. 18. Q&A...
  19. 19. Bill McBride Contact Information +1 415-299-9482