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Twitter Marketing

  1. 1. Marketing on TwitterBranch out and build a new kind of loyalty with current customers Bill McBride
  2. 2. • Features on Twitter: • Post updates of 140 characters or less• See who is tweeting about your brand or store• ‘Follow’ customers, fans or other stores to see what they are talking about
  3. 3. allows you to search for your brand and see who is tweeting about you
  4. 4. “Advanced Search” allows you to break the searchdown by specific words, locations, hashtags and more.
  5. 5. A search for ‘Kobe’ within 15 miles of Philadelphia returns thousands of results. ‘Kobe’ is in bold.
  6. 6. • Get comfortable searching your business name once a day to see what people are saying. If anyone is talking about you reply to them. You want to use these social networks so people can better relate to the human side of your business and build stronger, more loyal bonds. Another option is to search for your product in your area and engage in conversation about the need rather than the experience.
  7. 7. Make sure all the information is filled in for your profile and you have a relevant background. As you can see, we have many many owls.
  8. 8. The Rock was voted #1 best person to follow on twitter. Why? Look at his feed. He’s not pushing anything. He has 1 honesttweet at the bottom and responses to the top. He’s engaging.
  9. 9. Although he’s a great actor, Leonardo DiCaprio shows businesses what not to do on Twitter. Push Push Push. Barring fans that would follow him into the bathroom, not many people enjoy Leonardo’s tweets.
  10. 10. Example 2 what not to do. No explanation necessary.
  11. 11. • Rules for Tweeting: • 1) Engage: First listen, then respond.• 2) Know your followers: Some companies have gotten into trouble for tweeting with some bad taste. If you aren’t funny, please don’t try to be.• 3) Tweet often enough to be worth following: If you’re not going to use the account, don’t sign up. People won’t follow you if you don’t talk.
  12. 12. • Example • Stacy: “Just went to Stanley’s on my way to Drake concert nowww”• Stanley’s: “Thanks for stopping in Stacy, have fun tonight!” • Dark Magic? Nope. Stanley’s searched ‘Stanley’s’ within 15 miles of their area and saw she tweeted it a few hours earlier. Yes, old people, this is now possible.
  13. 13. • Example 2 • Stacy: “Just went to Stanley’s. Terrible. Rather put my head through a wall than try that chicken salad again.”• Stanley’s: “Stacy, we are so sorry, please don’t put your head through a wall. Come back free, meal’s on us. Bring a friend.”• You don’t have to give away free meals, or any discount for that matter. A simple “We’re so sorry you feel that way hopefully we can make it up to you” would do. Just be aware, if this goes unaddressed Stacy is NOT going to treat your company nicely in recreational conversations.
  14. 14. • The customer service opportunities alone are worth the time on Twitter. Imagine how much time on the phones you could save if somebody could contact you on twitter with: • “When do you close?” • “Having problems with order.” • “Need flowers for mother’s day help!” Really, expect just about everything on here.
  15. 15. This is your Interactions board. It will tell you wheneversomebody ‘Retweets’ you, ‘Mentions’ you, ‘Follows’ you or ‘Favorites’ a tweet.
  16. 16. Retweets are when somebody finds what you has to say eithersignificant or blatantly disrespectful to humanity and they want to share it with all of their followers.
  17. 17. When somebody favorites a tweet they really like what you haveto say. Favorites are less common than Retweets, so it’s a good idea for you to favorite the tweets of customers. They will behappy when they look at their interaction board and it’s a good way for you to get their attention.
  18. 18. • How often should I check my Twitter? Everyday.
  19. 19. • Listen, listen, listen. Don’t’ be too creepy, but keep an eye on what customers like and dislike.
  20. 20. • People have lower standards for a business tweeting than a friend (you know, since it’s not human and all). A good response on twitter will often get you a Retweet from the customer. A poor tweet will get you a “Ohhh thaaanksss.”
  21. 21. • Ask questions. Talk about what’s popular among your customer base. Shoot for the star(response)s
  22. 22. • If you’d like some help getting setup or building some strategies for your socialmarketing please don’t be afraid to e-mail me. • Good luck!