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  1. 1. Bill Kasper Work Samples 1/2016 – Present Logical Metaphysics Inc. (LMI) - Authoring VC (Venture Capital) and business model documents for disruptive energy and IT technology start-up projects. Technical and business communication management among Asian, Australian, UK, and US-based technology and financial teams. Created business model and all website content for startup Wyld Consultants ( CTO for body camera start-up Securashot - Designed and documented Android IOT security architecture for Securashot ( using AWS integration, REST APIs, Lorawan IOT protocol, database design for Oracle and MySQL RDBMS, MS Azure cloud integration, Agile software design/development methodology implementation. Editing, writing, technical and business assistance, and website authoring for various clients including, re-authored and created ebook and took it through to Amazon Kindle production: ebook/dp/B01MSP21DJ/ref=sr_1_2 09/2015 – 12/2015 Experis, Lead Tech Writer/Information Architect: Managing and performing software development documentation tasks for a large, undocumented .NET
  2. 2. application. Tasks including capturing use cases from developers and customer representatives, designing and implementing automated source code documentation build and deployment. The documentation started at the use case level, with each use case pointing into a component/entry point of the logical architecture, which in turn pointed into source code projects, database schema, and individual source files. Unfortunately the High and Low level docs contain proprietary information that could not be easily scrubbed. Mid-level Logical Architecture Example
  3. 3. 1/2015 – 09/2015 Logical Metaphysics Inc., Internal documentation and research for several 3 private investment firms researching technology investment opportunities. Tools used include DITA, XSL, Robohelp, Sandcastle, Visio. All documents are internal and confidential. 3/2013 - 12/2014 As the information architect, team lead, project manager, and point of contact for the entire outsourced Cisco developer documentation project, I authored, re- wrote, edited, researched, verified, wrote code for, and/or managed a large percentage of the public-facing product documentation here: Many of these documents had to be released in Cisco’s pre-existing format so as to maintain consistency. The older formats, which long predated my involvement, were quite inferior, being dry and sequential, not lending themselves to online perusal or hyper-linking. Part of my task was to begin to design a new look-and-feel, taxonomy, and structure for both online and offline documentation for the REST, SOAP, and XML APIs. Some of this work can be seen on the DevNet site today, predominantly in the HTML generated by our Markdown documentation environment. I also wrote a large amount of Cisco internal documentation which is not available, unfortunately. These included internal Cisco product release notes, tutorials, prototype templates, interview questionnaires, PowerPoint presentations which described upcoming products and concepts, and engineering team technical feedback.
  4. 4. As a side note, several of the other products I worked on have changed names, been superseded, or were cancelled before release. Currently, you can see the work I authored below. I created the content and related documents that can be found at the following example links: SSO Overview: SSO Tutorial (authored in Markdown): on---tutorial SSO example use: unified-communications-singe-sign-on-for-apis AXL Overview: AXL Dev Guide: test/documentation/axl-developer-guide-v11.0/ Webex release notes: developer/develop-test/xml-api/reference/release-notes-9-0.gsp Webex XML reference: 74d3b78f95f0 UDS: UDS Dev Guide: and-test/developer-guide/#overview
  5. 5. UCM Serviceability: Extension Mobility: There are many more examples, but this should be sufficient to give you an idea of the sort of documentation I produce in the software development space.
  6. 6. UCM Serviceability: Extension Mobility: There are many more examples, but this should be sufficient to give you an idea of the sort of documentation I produce in the software development space.