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JPods 10x Benefits


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Using Cancun Mexico as an example, the 10x examples of JPods are presented

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JPods 10x Benefits

  1. 1. • traveling anywhere • anytime of day, seven days per week • non-stop • without traffic • without pollution • without noise • and, with a certainty of travel time. Imagine
  2. 2. JPods, grade separated solar-powered networks
  3. 3. Image of possible JPods routes
  4. 4. Image of possible JPods routes
  5. 5. Travel Times - from the airport Travel time from Red X start point: •Blue is 10 minutes. •Yellow is 20 minutes. •Red is 30 minutes.
  6. 6. Travel Times - from the north beach Travel time from Red X start point: •Blue is 10 minutes. •Yellow is 20 minutes. •Red is 30 minutes.
  7. 7. Travel Times - from the city Travel time from Red X start point: •Blue is 10 minutes. •Yellow is 20 minutes. •Red is 30 minutes.
  8. 8. JPods cost per passenger-mile: •10x less than cars. •25x less than trains. •50x less than buses. JPods cut operating costs and pollution by 10x.
  9. 9. Energy per passenger-mile cars 3447 BTUs = 1.01 kW-hr buses 4118 BTUs = 1.21 kW-hr trains 2520 BTUs = 0.75 kW-hr. JPods 212 BTUs = 0.062 kW-hr JPods provide a 10x reduction in energy Stop moving two tons to move a person in start-stop traffic.
  10. 10. JPods provide a 10x increase in safety Roads death-rate: 106/million. JPods injury-rate 0.2/million. Similar to JPods: • Morgantown, WV Personal Rapid Transit (PRT) network, similar to JPods, delivered 110 million injury-free passenger-miles. In that same period, 1.7 million Americans died on roads. • Theme park (ASTM-F24) injury- rate is 0.2 per million.
  11. 11. JPods provide a 10x reduction in congestion • Go where you want. • Go when you want. • Known travel time. • 24x7. • As with the Internet, JPods will start in niches. An airport example is provided. Traffic congestion costs the people of Mexico City: • $5 billion/year in congestion. • 55 hours of peak congestion/week. • Must buy a car at $8,600 year of costs.
  12. 12. • Buses and trains treat people like cattle. • JPods treat you like your car. • On-demand. • No traveling with strangers. • Communicates in most languages. JPods increase service by 10x
  13. 13. Roll-in and roll-out of vehicles. Herringbone Stations - flexible loading times. In-line Stations greater throughput capacity JPods provide a 10x increase in loading options
  14. 14. JPods provide 10x more stations • Network capacity is primarily determined by the number of stations. • Small footprint, low cost stations, allows a network with more stations. • Moving freight and people justifies the cost of even more stations.
  15. 15. Seat Capacity per Hour (not all seats are filled): Seats per Vehicle Headway Seats per Hour Bus 0-50, 50 used 5 mins 600 Light Rail 0-200, 200 used 10 mins 1200 Automobiles 1-6, 4 used 1-6 secs 4800 JPods 1-6, 4 used 3 secs 4800 JPods 1-6, 4 used 1 secs 14400 JPods capacity: •5x cars. •10x trains. •20x buses. Empty tracks between trains determines train network capacity, not how many people fit in a train. This “seat” capacity/hr illustrates the counter-intuitive kanban fact that small packet networks have greater capacity that batch processes such as buses and trains. JPods apply Just-in-Time, Six Sigma, to the mobility process. JPods would build multiple rails before reaching technical capacity for service reasons. JPods provide 10x more capacity than buses & trains
  16. 16. JPods networks costs about $10 million/mile. Light Rail costs $100+ million/mile. Hart Line above is now at $500 million/mile. JPods cut capital costs by 10x
  17. 17. JPods are energy self-reliant, a 10x benefit JPods networks gather more energy than is required to power the networks. Patent pending energy storage system.
  18. 18. For illustration only. Roads are not likely to be removed in most locations. JPods reduce real estate consumption by 10x
  19. 19. Similar JPods, Kiva orange robot networks move goods warehouses. Between 2003-6 Kiva obtained $18.1 million in capital. In 2012, Amazon bought Kiva for $775 million. systems Digitizing mobility has provided a 10x ROI
  20. 20. 24x7, on-demand connections without traffic risks: • Terminals • Hotels • Car rental • Parking • Restaurants • Convention Centers • Business Centers • Trains Never again risk missing a flight because of traffic. Digitizing mobility has provided a 10x ROI
  21. 21. JPods: • On-demand, JPods wait for passengers instead of passengers waiting for trains/buses. • Direct, no connections. • 24x7. • Known travel time. New airport (NAICM) to Mexico City: • Mass Transit: 55 minutes, schedule. • Cars: 54 minutes, variable. • JPods: 25 minutes, 24x7, no wait time. Subway Car JPods’ Route-Time™ software calculates travel times based on customer demands. Digitizing mobility has provided a 10x ROI
  22. 22. Type to enter text Solution Imagine your city without traffic jams. 90% of traffic costs can be recovered as jobs and value by ending those traffic jams.