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Red Dragon Rising Understanding the Chinese Cyber Scenarios 02 march 2014


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Red Dragon Rising Understanding the Chinese Cyber Scenarios 02 march 2014
Cyber Warfare, Cyber Conflict, People's Republic of China, People's Liberation Army, 中國人民解放军, 中華人民共和國
#紅龍崛起, Communist Party Of China, 中國共產黨 ,
信息對抗 - Xìnxī duìkàng information confrontation, 網絡戰 - Wǎngluò zhàn cyber warfare

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Red Dragon Rising Understanding the Chinese Cyber Scenarios 02 march 2014

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  19. 19. 誰是中國?©
  20. 20. 中國黑客…. 4 Groups…Official & Unofficial…. 第一…中國共產黨 (CPC) 第二…人民解放军 (PLA) 第三… 中國國有企業 (SOE) 第四個…中國黑客 (Hacktivists)©
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  26. 26. 目前中國網絡戰的戰術 China’s “Goal is to achieve a strategic objective…over adversaries…” “You have to meet my political conditions or your government will be toppled, or you promise to meet some of my political conditions.” • Major General Hu Xiaofeng, Deputy Director for the National Defense University Department of Information Warfare and Training Command • Professor Meng Xiangqing, National Defense University Institute for Strategic Studies 黑暗訪問者, 2009; [Online] Available at:©
  27. 27. 黑客 - Hacktivists  Originally supported by CPC & PLA • • • • Now uncontrollable….Golden Shield Project? Comment Group… Elderwood Gang… Use of known Chinese malware for commercial purposes now…  Reinforce PRC’s nationalism via the web • • • • Taiwan, the renegade Chinese Province Punishing Japan for WWII war crimes, Daiyu Islands Confronting Philippines, Oil near Huangyuan Codera’s anti-Chinese web rhetoric  Capability to carry out Chinese State Policies without attribution….©
  28. 28. 很多 年華 中國 Cyber Activity     1995 – Chinese General MG Wang Pu Feng describes attacking via Internet 1997 – “War Beyond Limits” (Unrestricted Warfare) is written by 2 Senior Chinese Colonels 2001 China warns of massive hack attacks 2002 - “informatization”信息化 campaign begins Chinese Communist Party (CCP) General Secretary and Central Military Commission (CMC) Chairman Jiang Zemin, a speech before the 16th Party Congress 2003 - Titan Rain泰坦雨 US DoD & Government websites targeted 2004 – Japan targeted by Chinese over disputed Daiyu Islands 2007 – GhostNet 幽灵网 Global CnC network with IP addresses in People’s Republic of China 2008 – Byzantine Hades - targeted cyber operations against the U.S. government using social engineering and malicious attachments and links in e-mail messages. 2008 - MI5 writes to more than 300 senior executives at banks, accountants and legal firms warning them - the Chinese army is using Internet spyware to steal confidential information 2009 - Operation Aurora 操作极光 International Energy Industry targeted 2009 – Night Dragon夜龙 Global multinationals attacked via Internet 2010 – Article - Should we be afraid of Chinese hackers?...Or lost cyber war? 2011 -US needs to get better at preventing foreign access to advanced technology - GAO watchdogs find holes in high-tech access, licensing rules 2011 – Chinese military CCTv-7 demonstrates GUI Hacking of University of Alabama 2011 – Office of the National Counterintelligence Executive (ONCIX) Report indicates both China & Russia target IP 2011 – Operation Shady RAT FIVE year campaign of economic & intelligence data exfiltration 2012 – “Occupying the Information High Ground: Chinese Capabilities for Computer Network Operations and Cyber Espionage”    2012 – Chinese Technology Policy & Cyber Offensive Operations - April 2012 – China & Philippines engage in mutual cyber attacks over Scarborough Shoals – April 2012 – “US & China must work to avoid cyber conflict” DefSec Panetta                 NORTHRUP GRUMMAN March 7, 2012 2012 – Chinese Hackers hack White Nuclear Secrets Network 2012 – US House Intelligence cites Huawei & ZTE as threats to National Security 2013 – Shanghai Jaiotong University tied to PLA hacking unit©
  29. 29. 0 結束狀態 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) Cyber-espionage is state sponsored; yet direct attribution is an illusion…. 中華人民共和國 plans cyber-espionage – defensively & offensively; Cultural, economic, historical & linguistic threads中國 cyber-espionage; 中國, although advocating citizen hacking, no longer controls it; Commercial enterprises worldwide are permeable to中國cyber hacking in all form & methods; 6) 中國malware, RATs, Botnets are undiscoverable…. 7) Mandarin Chinese (complex and simple) are an exceptional form of cryptography… 8) All Western InfoSec Technology are ineffective against中國 attacks; 9) Companies cannot defend adequately from the various alleged Chinese information warfare threats of Next Generation Warfare; 10) Offensive Cyber Capabilities must be developed…..protect your IP & Network 11)中華人民共和國 cyber-espionage threat serious & only become much worse…..©
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  35. 35. 跟隨紅龍 Red-DragonRising #RedDragon1949©