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Power of Facebook for Attorneys, Dentists, and Plastic Surgeons


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Page 1 Solutions hosts a webinar on social media marketing for attorneys, dentists, plastic surgeons and ophthalmologists. Presented by Kami York-Fiern, social media specialist. the information covers strategies on content, stimulating engagement, how to measure results and get business from Facebook.

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Power of Facebook for Attorneys, Dentists, and Plastic Surgeons

  1. 1. THE POWER OF FACEBOOK Let’s Get Social Part 1
  2. 2. What are we covering today?  How to maximize your Facebook marketing  Keys to engagement  Promoting your brands BEST material  Key reporting metrics  Turning Fans into paying customers  Facebook Advertising  Content Creation Tools
  3. 3. 2014 Social Media Stats
  4. 4. “Content is KING but Engagement is QUEEN and Mari Smith Says…
  5. 5. The Current State of Facebook
  6. 6. 4 Keys to Planning a Campaign  1. Social Listening and Building Your Community  2. Building Anticipation  The Big Reveal  3. Offer Promotions  4. Release Case Studies, Testimonials, Specials
  7. 7. Maximizing Exposure of a Facebook Campaign  Make sure all of your posts:  Add value to your audience  Help build your community  You want to make the sharer look good to their audience  Don’t use more than 2-3 hashtags (#) per post  Don’t use hashtags (#) at the beginning of a post  Recommend having a dedicated content creator who can post and respond to comments
  8. 8. Maximizing Exposure Contd.  To gain maximum organic reach:  Don’t be afraid to post outside business hours  LISTEN to what people are saying about your brand  EXPERIMENT!!!!  Frequency, Time of Day, Day of Week, Post Type (text, video, specials, events, milestones, new cover image etc.)  120 characters is optimal on all platforms  Mention your fans in posts (tag, @, +name)  Keep mobile in mind  They don’t see a sidebar in Facebook!
  9. 9. It’s About Your Audience, not YOU!  Where are the places you have an online audience?  Let ALL of them know about your social presence  Limit self promotion (ie. Like Us on Facebook)  Drive traffic to a specific Facebook post rather than your page in general  Say “Join the Discussion” rather than using another self promotion
  10. 10. It Pays to Use Facebook Ads!  “ Ads are as relevant and timely as the content your friends share with you” – Zuckerberg
  11. 11. How do users see ads? Newsfeed (Desktop + Tablet) Right Hand Side (Desktop + Tablet)
  12. 12. Types of Facebook Ads  Types of Facebook Ads  Page Post Engagement (glorified boosted post)  Page Likes  Clicks to Website  Website Conversions  Budgets will vary by client and campaign goal  The Power Editor is your best friend!!! (no joke)  Custom Audiences = Better Targeting =
  13. 13. The Wide World of Facebook Advertising  Facebook Boosted Posts  Allows a particular post to be seen by a larger audience by paying to promote it  Use Power Editor to create ads  Frequency depends on your audience  BUT…don’t be afraid to experiment
  14. 14. What Metrics Does Facebook Measure?  Metrics for Boosted Posts are the same as Ads  Top Metrics:  Ad Spend (by post or ad set)  Ad Results  Reach  Frequency  Clicks  Click Through Rate  Advanced Metrics:  Ad Placement Performance  Demographics (Age + Gender)  “Unique” Metrics
  15. 15. So, What Metrics Really Matter?  “Stop focusing on page likes and people talking about that.” –Mari Smith  Metrics to Follow:  Traffic to Website  Growth of email list/opt in subscriptions  SEO  Click Through Rate  Revenue Generated (ROI in our case)  Increased Ad Performance  Increase in Positive Reviews
  16. 16. Your Brand vs. Facebook Ads  Target Your Customers  Use Custom Audiences to drive traffic to your site  Facebook will build an ideal audience FOR you  Facebook vs. Google Analytics  GA will only tell you direct referral traffic  Facebook can tell you who converted with in a date range  Ad Placement  The sidebar won’t provide as many conversions as the newsfeed…that’s OK  Mobile newsfeed ads are the MOST expensive in terms of cost per click
  17. 17. Content Creation Tools   Monitors 200,000+ news sites, blogs and social media accounts and sorts content by keywords you enter   Follow RSS feeds and sort them into content categories   Sorts articles into main topic areas to peruse   Create a personalized online newspaper
  18. 18. Part 1: Key Takeaways  Don’t be afraid to experiment with your strategy  Every business is different; there is no cookie cutter strategy that works for EVERYONE  Talk WITH your audience, not AT them  92% of marketers say social media increased their brand exposure in 2013  YOU NEED TO BE ON IT!!!  It’s not always about fans and followers; it’s about how you can make them turn into business