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Page 1 Solutions presents a webinar on social media marketing through Google+. Addressing an audience of service professionals; attorneys, dentists, plastic surgeons, ophthalmologists, social media specialist, Kami York-Fiern shares unique differences with Google+, how to identify and engage with "influencers", the type of content to be posting, how to find communities and grow your own.

It also addresses how to measure your Google+ metrics and how to develop a 30-day schedule of Google+ activities.

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  • 90% of the worlds data is created every 2 years (Information Overload)
  • Affinity = closeness
  • you have to do a lot of things before getting the one thing you really want
    create a relationship with them and they will share it on their own
    but if you put the time in, you’ll come out with quality followers and audience members
  • How can you use this to grow your business?
    Make content easy to share, embed, blog about
  • Be credible, succinct, TEST, Be PATIENT
    you’re content is creating an experience
  • Do a quick search for a topic of interest
  • Best times to post: 9AM-11AM
    Worst Time: 6PM-8AM
  • Use a CTA when asking questions; want them to be interactive
  • You can’t just +1 random stuff; it has to be about meaningful engagement between peers
    Don’t be afraid to experiment
    Week 1 Pitfall: inconsistent engagement; you have to give to receive engagement
    Give people a reason to find your business online
    Week 2 pitfalls: not commenting and +1ing, sharing stale content, don’t chase eyeballs
  • Google Helpouts: Free video consultations
    Create interactive and shareable content
  • Social Media Marketing: Google+ Community

    1. 1. HOW TO BUILD A COMMUNITY WITH GOOGLE+ Tips, Strategy and Industry Secrets
    2. 2. TOPICS TO COVER  Growing loyal communities  How to identify influencers in your market  Power of circles and communities  Google+ ROI Metrics  Develop a 30 Day Strategy
    3. 3. WHAT IS GOOGLE?
    5. 5. HOW DO WE STAND OUT?  Between WordPress and Tumblr, there are more than 2 million blogs online  Shift from mechanical content creation to meaningful content creation  Work on building relationships and trust  Less “pre-packaged” content…more original ideas  85% of consumers seek out trusted expert content when considering a purchase
    6. 6. GOOGLE+: DEVELOPING COMMUNITY  Most of us want the result right away without doing much preparation work  BUT, the truth is…?  Meaning:  Create FIRST  think about distribution  Communities are a great place to start sharing your unique content  Don’t directly ask people to share your content;  It takes TIME to build communities and a good following
    7. 7. COMMUNITIES 101  Communities: “They aren’t interested in you, they are interested in a common topic” – panel  The first question is usually “what is this going to do for us?” when we SHOULD be asking “what can it do for our client?”  Ex. Join us when we talk to so-and-so who is a thought leader in xyz  Can be great for SEO but…  Talk to your SEO team to craft keywords around the clients goals  Highlight the highest converting pages
    9. 9. ARE WE LISTENING? “They stand out in a sea of noise because time and again, they've proven their voice is worth listening to and their advice worth taking.”
    10. 10. SO WHAT IS AN INFLUENCER?  It’s NOT a popularity contest  Content and Influence must inspire ACTION  What value can we create for ourselves and our audience?  Influencers eat, sleep and breath the topics they write about  They are super connected and always on  They make the boring and dry topics fascinating  The create a TON of awesome content  They know who YOU are and what YOU want  They’re hip, happening and current  They’re trustworthy
    11. 11. KEY INFLUENCER TAKEAWAYS  Create networks based on topics you want to grow  It’s about being the BEST answer for your audience: what is your brand/company the BEST answer for?  Influencer content always tells a story, helps answer a question and evokes a reaction  How do you find them?  “Find people who say something and people respond and do something as a reaction to it” –Lee Oden  Listen on social media  Follow, follow, follow!  It takes time  Work on these relationships long before you need to use them
    12. 12. THE POWER OF CIRCLES AND COMMUNITIES  Increasing Circles = Increase Following  Keep your circles organized  Engage and Form Relationships  Content in Communities is lasting  Engagement can be evergreen  Interest in a common topic, not individuals  Good platform for starting and continuing the online conversation  Easy to get your audience involved  Great topic generator for blogs  2 way communication platform
    14. 14. HOW DO I MEASURE SUCCESSFUL POSTS?  Most Important Metrics:  +1’s and comments  Shares and follower count not as important to Google  Use to track click through rates  Key Mistakes  Not organizing your circles  “What’s the best xxx?”  Instead: Tell me the best xxx  Can’t share content out of a public community  Use content AND #hashtags together…not alone  Content dumping  Think about your audience when content planning  Updates G+ bios when people leave or are added to a practice/firm
    16. 16. SO, HOW DO I GET STARTED?  Start by claiming authorship and publisher status  Verify your page!!!  Start following people and brands that are meaningful to you and your niche  Identify a few strong visuals (stock photos, your own images) that you want to use in your posts  Make sure your posts are PUBLIC  Work on your content calendar (both evergreen and timely content)  Search for and join communities that fit your interest areas  Only post your BEST content…don’t content dump!  Publish unique content in unique ways Week 1 Week 2
    17. 17. GETTING STARTED CONTD.  Shoppers are 174% more likely to make a purchase after seeing a video of your product  What can you offer that’s outside the box?  VIDEO!!!  Don’t be afraid to put a face and voice behind your brand  Brainstorm some Google Hangout topics  Check your meta data  Think about cross- platform promotion strategies  Make sure you have a +1 button on your site  Don’t dump your leftover content Week 3 Week 4
    18. 18. TOP EXPERT TAKEAWAYS  What makes Google+ better than Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn?  Content is King and it lives on…and on…and on  You can get engagement on posts months after your original post  Adding a community into a circle automatically makes their content more relevant in your search results  Google authorship allows your image to show up next to your posted content; easy to identify  Eyes go to images first; Google+ is heavily influenced by visual content
    19. 19. TOP EXPERT TAKEAWAYS  How do you get engagement on your content?  Think outside the box; create entertaining posts  Take risks  Humanize your audience; talk to them as if they were right in front of you  Use interesting, non-branded images  Link back to your site at the bottom of a post  Create and join communities you’re interested in  Are you looking for increased traffic or more engagement?
    20. 20. THE END!!!