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Background and selection of work samples for Bill Fahber, English Copywriter (American) and Creative Consultant based in Paris, France. Contact Bill Fahber at +33 (0)6 61 329 720.

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Bill Fahber, English Copywriter

  1. 1. Bill Fahber Copywriter +33 6 61 329 720 [email_address]
  2. 2. First, some quick background stuff
  3. 3. Started in 1994 in my home state of New Jersey. At 22 years old, I created a free advertiser-supported city tabloid. It was called ‘ Our Town ’ . Early footsteps : newspaper s .
  4. 4. As publisher, I handled every aspect, including advertising sales, copywriting, layout, photography, editorials, circulation – even ran the press it was printed on. A crash course in communications.
  5. 5. I later worked as a freelance writer for other publications, and had my own monthly column covering local sports. This was enriching, but I w anted to move on to bigger things, so… That created new opportunities.
  6. 6. In 1996, I moved across the pond to the Big Apple. Worked five years as both a Marketing Analyst and freelance writer for Foot Locker Worldwide. Also spent some time at L’Oréal USA. Next came New York…
  7. 7. For a change of air, in 2000, I crossed a bigger pond, this time settling in Paris, France. S pent six months doing translation work and Direct Marketing copy for a start-up called Come and Stay. Then Paris…
  8. 8. In September 2001, I solidified my move to Paris, where I was hired full-time as a Senior Copywriter for BBA Paris. For three years, I learned to adapt my style to European audiences and to a wider diversity of topics, including B2B. Then agency life…
  9. 9. Then freelance… By 2003, now with nine years of experience under my belt, I made the transition to freelancer. Ever since, I’ve been providing copywriting and creative consulting to a wide scope of clients t hat need to communicate globally and effectively.
  10. 10. Today, with more than a decade of experience, my work covers a vast range of products, solutions and services – from perfume, printers and boat engines to iPods, financial software and telecom. Fifteen years later.
  11. 11. Some of the brands that have put food on my table .
  12. 12. Work samples
  13. 13. Please don’t just look at the pictures ! To understand what I do, you need to read the text and see how it works with the concepts. I was usually involved in the creative ideas as well as the headlines and copy .
  14. 14. Direct Marketing
  15. 19. Sometimes you’re baffled by yesterday’s technology. Sometimes you’re illuminated by tomorrow’s. Now showing on the big screen! Lexmark's new mono MFPs include an incredibly large, fully customisable touch screen, which gives you fast, easy access to a rich range of advanced functions and features – including scan previews. It's your ticket to the greatest performance in the office. Just step up, touch the screen and enjoy the show! Popcorn not included.
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  17. 27. E-mailings
  18. 39. Online interactive
  19. 41. Kate Winslet Lancôme welcomes its new ambassador , t he captivating Kate Winslet Personifying grace and elegance, Kate Winslet is the ideal ambassador for Lancôme’s Trésor perfume. She’s been wooing fans and critics for years, from her blockbuster roll as a star-crossed lover in Titanic (1997) to her recently hailed performance in Little Children. One of the most successful young actresses of all time, Kate already has five Oscar nominations to her credit, four of which came before her 30th birthday. Both on-screen and off, Kate radiates with style and sophistication, and Lancôme is thrilled to be working with her!  
  20. 56. Banners
  21. 64. Magazine & Print
  22. 66. WHEN THINGS DON’T MATCH, PEOPLE WORK LATE   WE THINK THAT STINKS   If your intercompany accounts don’t agree, your books don’t close. With Cartesis ICS, your subsidiaries now have a shared, Web-based solution that streamlines their account reconciliation and makes sure the accounts are balanced in real time. When closing starts, the head office has the right numbers instantly. No phone calls. No detective work. Just a speedy closing and an easier process for everyone. And because it’s so simple to roll out across your enterprise, your ROI could be just as fast as your reporting cycles!
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  26. 72. Impressive performance. From the bottom line to the finish line.   He was an auto-racing champion before he was even old enough to have his license. Last year he became the youngest driver ever to win the Formula One. What fuels Fernando Alonso’s success? Ambition. Determination. Knowing what’s around every corner. Like in your business, the course isn’t always smooth. But when you need big results, having a reliable partner can be reassuring.   LeasePlan Fleet Management in Motion
  27. 74. Remember when you could manage your fleet at your fingertips? eBusiness Suite   Playtime is over. The real competition is just warming up, and you need to be ready for the road ahead. LeasePlan’s eBusiness Suite empowers you with a rich range of Web-based solutions that make managing your fleet easier and more efficient than ever before. See everything. Know everything. Make effective, confident decisions based on real-time information. And have fun doing it.   You’re in the driver’s seat LeasePlan  
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  31. 84. A diesel just did it. Shell V-Power Diesel fuels Audi to victory at Le Mans   A diesel just did it! For the first time in the history of France's 24 Hours of Le Mans, a diesel-powered race car has roared to victory. Though it was a big surprise to many, Shell has been counting on it. That's because the winning car, the Audi R10, was armed with a remarkably innovative fuel technology – Shell V-Power Diesel. Powerful, ultra-clean and surprisingly economical, this high-endurance fuel is completely revolutionising diesel as we know it. And best of all, everyday drivers can get in on the action. So fuel yourself with the winning formula today. Now available at service stations everywhere.
  32. 88. Seeing our products won’t change anything. Seeing with them might change everything.   In X-ray imaging, it’s often the smallest details that count the most. That’s why Thales goes further than anyone to ensure you the most reliable, highest-quality image possible. Collaborating closely with the majority of equipment manufacturers, our solutions enhance the entire imaging chain, from pickup to pre-processing. The result: accurate, higher-quality images in hundreds of millions of exams across the globe each year – through both conventional and digital systems. Confidence is essential to your world. We make sure that confidence starts from the inside.  
  33. 90. Ouch!!! A 10-meter tree, a 3-meter fall… His practitioner depended on equipment that integrates Thales innovation to obtain the full story.   Do you really have time for equipment that doesn’t integrate today’s most advanced imaging technology?
  34. 91. Posters
  35. 95. Brochures
  36. 100. LEADING THE WORLD ON LAND AND SEA   For over 50 years, the Honda name has been synonymous with commitment to perfection. And today, Honda is as dedicated as ever to performance and innovation, manufacturing cars, motorcycles, engines and power equipment – delivering customer satisfaction around the world. On land, that means developing everything from robots to the million-selling Civic to the Formula One with past and present wins. On sea, that means applying our experience in engineering, reliability and technology to outboard engines, offering you the same award-winning innovation for all your nautical needs. With the widest range of 4-stroke outboard engines, Honda delivers power, comfort and reliability you simply won’t find anywhere else. In fact, it’s no wonder we’re full-speed ahead of the competition. We inv ent ed the 4-stroke outboard engine, and we’ve been making waves ever since!    
  37. 102. WHICH HONDA IS PERFECT FOR YOUR SEA ADVENTURE?   The world’s largest engine manufacturer, and a global leader in nautical innovation, Honda is offering today’s sea lovers a wide variety of inflatable boats for just about any adventure – yacht tenders, leisure craft, sports vessels. Ranging from 2 to 4 metres in length, they come in multiple decks: slatted, aluminium and inflatable. And even the smallest models provide a large choice of equipment, such as repair kits, pressure gauges, oarlocks and much more. Backed by profound research and a steadfast passion for perfection, Honda boats are built for comfort, safety and reliability. But most importantly, they’re built to last. Whichever Honda you take out to sea, you can be sure to make a splash!
  38. 108. Power and flexibility from start to finish Introducing a smart new alternative to copiers! The fully equipped Lexmark X658de multifunctional laser family brings you all the benefits of a departmental copier, yet in a compact, affordable A4 device. Get everything you need to power through your busy workday, including rapid output speeds, smart workflow capabilities, cutting-edge security and flexible paper handling.
  39. 110. Driving performance from East to West   Twenty years and growing strong!   Founded in China in 1988, Huawei Technologies is a world leader in tailor-made products, services and solutions designed especially for telecom operators. Boasting some 87,000 employees in over 100 countries, close to three quarters of the biggest names in telecommunications count on our expertise. Every day, we help a billion people across the globe communicate via simple, low-cost solutions. In Europe since 2000, and France since 2003, we’ve stayed true to our philosophy, guaranteeing an independently owned and operated structure and successfully managing our growth. Even after two decades, Huawei is still directed by its founder and is 100% employee-owned.
  40. 111. Leaflets
  41. 112. Do you experience pain from contact with hot and cold, sugary foods or simply brushing? If so, then you’re like one in four people suffering from sensitivity.   What’s behind sensitive teeth? Teeth are protected by a hard layer of enamel. When this is damaged, worn away or when gums recede, the dentine underneath is exposed and unprotected. This dentine contains tiny tubules – microscopic cracks – that allow sensations to seep straight to the nerve, causing pain and discomfort. The level of pain can vary, from mild to sharp, sudden throbs.   How Colgate Sensitive works Armed with proven, active Potassium citrate, Colgate Sensitive goes to work instantly on your teeth, penetrating the tubules inside the teeth and reducing nerve stimulation fast. Building a protective shield, it soothes – even eliminates – aggravating tooth pain.
  42. 117. Videos
  43. 118. Watch at
  44. 119. Inside of a fully stocked grocery-store shelf with all sorts of bottles and brands.   JOE: Hey, you’re the new guy, right?   MARVIN: Yes, hello.   JOE: So, is it, uh… is it true what they been sayin?’   MARVIN: What have they been saying?   JOE: You know, that you’ve never been, uh… you know… bathed.   MARVIN: Oh. Yes, this is true.   Suddenly we hear loud gasping noises of astonishment from the other bottles.   JOE: Really? Then how come you’re all clean and ready for sale like the rest of us?   MARVIN: Because I was sterilized with Predis, an innovative new dry-decontamination system by Sidel.   JOE: You mean, no water?   MARVIN: That’s right. (cont…) Watch at
  45. 120. JOE: Wow! What was that like?   MARVIN: I don’t remember. It happened when I was… (pauses to think) …very small.   JOE: Really? How small?   MARVIN: I was just a little pre-form – no bigger than three inches.   We hear a bunch of kindhearted expressions like people would make when they see a picture of a cute baby.   JOE: Wow, what a story. Why did they do that to you?   MARVIN: Because it’s efficient, economical and better for the environment. And best of all, my contents last as long as yours – whether in a refrigerator or on a room-temperature shelf like this one. So it’s just as secure as the old-fashion way!   JOE: (a bit offended) Hey, who you callin’ old-fashion?   Suddenly, a customer’s hand reaches into the shelf to take MARVIN.   MARVIN: Sorry, I’ve got to run.   PREDIS logo slowly appears on screen. “ Predis. Purifies pre-forms. Doesn’t use water.”   Watch at
  46. 121. Watch at www.
  47. 122. ACTRESS: Now more than ever, the fate of the planet is in our hands. To protect it, we need to rethink the way we make things. We need to face the fact that plastic will have a major impact on our future. Why? Because the PET resin used in most plastic bottles is principally composed of petroleum, an increasingly limited fossil resource.   We see an oil well, then an arrow, then a plastic bottle.   ACTRESS: In the past several years, bottled-water consumption has skyrocketed. And, naturally, so has the mass manufacturing and disposal of plastic bottles.   The plastic bottles multiply rapidly.   ACTRESS: It’s time to weigh in with real solutions!   As before, new title appears on the side of the screen in the same shabbily composed black-marker typeface, jumping forward like out of a 1930s film: Chapter 2 - How?   ACTRESS: To reduce the burden plastic places on our environment, Sidel has decided to lighten up… (sucking in tummy to symbolize getting slimmer) On plastic!   Actress turns around and grabs a classroom pointer as she makes her way over to a virtual chalkboard.   ACTRESS: Why? Well, it’s basic math, really.   The chalkboard rapidly fills up with complex formulas. (cont…) Watch at www.
  48. 123. ACTRESS: The less plastic we use, the less petroleum we consume – and the less plastic we throw out. The only dilemma is, until now, no one’s been able to create a truly lightweight bottle without compromising on performance, reliability and design. (pause, smiling) But fortunately, that’s changed!   New title appears but is then quickly crossed off and replaced by an alternative word: Chapter 3 - Problem? Solution!   ACTRESS: Being lighter has typically been a sign of fragility. So Sidel had to devise an innovative process to preserve bottle strength.   Actress turns to the side and signals with her finger to invite someone, or something, to join her. Then NoBottle appears.   ACTRESS: Introducing NoBottle. It’s ultra-light with a captivating design. But when it comes to performance, it’s no lightweight! Thanks to a flexibly robust design, NoBottle can handle getting banged around – without getting all bent out of shape!   Actress takes NoBottle in her hand and presses on it once or twice. NoBottle buckles for an instant but then quickly glides back into its original shape.   ACTRESS: That’s because it’s designed with a special new technology called Flex, based on “Shape Memory”. Shape Memory enables NoBottle to spring back to its original shape.   ACTRESS: And that’s the story behind NoBottle, the first plastic bottle weighing in at a mere 9.9 grams. That’s almost 40% lighter than the typical plastic bottle on the market today. (smiling) This package really measures up! (pause) Want to learn how you can lighten up with NoBottle? Then enjoy your visit. Watch at www.
  49. 124. Watch at
  50. 125. Google Earth zoom on Shin in South Korea neighbourhood. VO: This is Shin.   Shin playing basketball with his buddies in the local park. VO: The basketball court is his second home.   Shin looking confused in front of a CIO flag. VO: For him, the Olympics are just a bunch of colourful rings.   Rapid slideshow of NBA highlights frames. VO: His real primetime is the NBA…   Photo of Shin sitting in front of his computer. VO: …and all the online media that surround it.   Zoom in on an NBA blog with an Olympic Friend push banner. VO: One day while surfing the Web…   Zoom in on the Olympic banner: “Think you’ve got what it takes? Prove it.” VO: Shin discovers a captivating banner with a torch that’s just daring him to click it.   Close-up of Shin with a curious regard. VO: So he clicks.   We see IOC home page demo of Olympic Path. VO: And what a slam-dunk discovery!   Display of Olympic Path animations. VO: The Olympics is more than just a bunch of rings – it’s a real human adventure! (cont … ) Watch at
  51. 126. We explore the page from top to bottom, left to right. VO: It’s young. It’s dynamic. And they’ve got everything here!   Zoom in on the various media and sections. VO: Look at all these fun features: games, photos and highlight videos!   Then we go back up to the top to watch the path animation again. VO: And who are these characters? Real people telling real stories!   Stop on the portrait of young bball player. VO: There’s even a young basketball player from another country.   Global Village page, then click to Basketball Without Borders. VO: And he looks a little like… me!   Basketball Without Borders page. VO: Hey, he’s playing in real cross-border competitions, and meeting NBA stars!   Photo of Shin hanging out with, talking to, his friends. VO: Over time, Shin becomes a regular visitor and shares stories with his friends about basketball around the world.   Photo of team playing on the playground. VO: Before long, they all start to catch the Olympic Spirit.   Back to IOC home page with bball player highlighted. VO: Now they all carry a torch that shines brightly.   Logo header on dark background. VO: Welcome to the Olympic Path Watch at
  52. 127. Watch at
  53. 128. Google Earth zoom on Lucy in Paris, France neighbourhood, then Lucy playing in her bedroom. VO: This is Lucy.   Photo of Lucy with her camera, filming her little brother. VO: Her favourite sport? Making videos!   YouTube home page with IOC featured video contest. VO: One day on YouTube she discovers a fun new video contest called Capture the Torch…   We see IOC’s personalised channel on the YouTube site. VO: People across the globe film the Olympic torch, upload their clips and win awesome prizes!   Zoom in on Lucy’s eyes as if she suddenly has a new idea. VO: Lucy discovers that the torch will soon be coming her way.   Lucy filming the torchbearer as he runs by. VO: Of course, she has to go film it!   Fade to: photo of Lucy in front of her computer. VO: And she can’t wait to share it.   YouTube upload page. VO: Lucy hurries back to YouTube to upload her masterpiece.   Photo of Lucy in front of her computer with a content expression. VO: And she’s thrilled to see that her video is part of a huge international experience… (cont…) Watch at
  54. 129. We see lots of the different video thumbnails . VO: Full of diverse people with a genuine passion for the Olympic Spirit.   Slow zoom on the Follow the Torch banner. VO: But where does all this passion come from?   IOC Follow the Torch page. VO: Lucy discovers the IOC website, where her video is now featured on a dynamic user gallery for the whole world to watch.   Photo of Lucy very proud of herself. VO: This is Lucy’s Oscar-winning moment!   Lots of photos of Lucy calling her friends, sitting in front of her computer. VO: She’s telling everyone she knows about it.   Wide shot of the view counter on the Follow the Torch page. VO: And they’re all watching.   The views counter flies fast to a ridiculously high number. VO: Lucy’s torch is shining brightly.   Zoom back onto all the videos merging into a single row. VO: And so are theirs.   Logo header on dark background. VO: Welcome to the Olympic Path Watch at
  55. 130. Contact info
  56. 131. If you’d like to get a hold of me… +33 6 61 329 720 [email_address]
  57. 132. Thanks!