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C reativ e - d ecorative a rchitectural c astings


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This business pl...
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Table of Contents

  Cover summary




  Table of Contents


  Testimonial of exc...
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                               Testimonial of Excellence

Dear Michael Treacy,                              ...
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Executive Summary


A Business Plan Proposal

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Executive Summary                         cont.

Customers & Projects

   Projects will range from a few thous...
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Executive Summary                    cont.

     Sales and Marketing

         The company will employ at le...
Project Director

  Accounting/Controller                   Cast Operations                        Sales & Marketing

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Executive Summary            cont.

  Management and Personnel

  Bill Earley
  Project Director

For other data:
                               Income statement
                               Initial equipment list
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Business Plan Hk,Macau Single Sheet 4


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Business Plan Hk,Macau Single Sheet 4

  1. 1. C reativ e - d ecorative a rchitectural c astings E-MAIL C-dac A BUSINESS PLAN FOR ARCHITECTURAL CAST PRODUCTS IN THE HOTEL/CASINO/THEMED ENVIRONMENTS INDUSTRY Products and Services • Design/Fabrication/Install • Moulds/pattern/prototyping/mock-ups • GRG (glass fiber reinforced gypsum) • GRC (glass fiber reinforced concrete) • All styles of stone replications
  2. 2. Page 2 C-dac INTRODUCTION This business plan has been made to further the development of the cast products business with controlled growth and expansion in Hong Kong/ Macau through the use of the following:  Data, procedures and policies developed through the cast business committee. (Executive, Sales and Marketing, Site supervisors, and Bill Earley’s project direction)  Smart mold technology giving us the competitive edge in mold production.  Strategies that share systems, equipment, personnel, space, and administrative func- tions reducing the overhead required for any one division of C-dac.  Carefully building on the Las Vegas, Macau, Mainland China, Florida, Japan facility experience using all data, developed technologies, marketing and production informa- tion for controlled growth with this extensive resource.  Further expanding cast markets require a ”one stop” facility that saves the client time and money though shared resources and technologies.
  3. 3. Page 3 Table of Contents Cover summary 1 Introduction 2 Table of Contents 3 Testimonial of excellence 4 Executive Summary/Organizational Flow Chart 5-9 For additional data contact… 10 e-mail :
  4. 4. Page 4 Testimonial of Excellence Dear Michael Treacy, April 28th,2007 Please prepare a frame and a prominent space on a wall frequented by present and future clients, because I think you may need it for this letter. I am the Artistic Manager-theming for the Venetian Macau. As such I look after the visual impact of anything that is designed, installed, painted and/or sculpted inside and out of the facility. Perhaps the reader is familiar with the incredibly successful Venetian Resort, Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, which I also had the torturous pleasure to work on almost 10 years ago. The Venetian Macau is patterned after the same highly ornate thematic design except, it is 3 times bigger in almost every aspect. In Macau there is a million square feet of gambling ele- gance, 7.5 Meter ceilings with complex multilevel, coffered and light coved ceilings, bursting with enrichments. The Venetian Macau is absolutely intended to be the most opulent resort of its kind in Asia. Oh, and of course, it is to be completed in t he same timeframe (in Macau) as its 1/3 sized American precedent. Are you starting to hear the Mission Impossible theme run- ning in your head? This is why I have to thank the Heavens that The Gillespie group decided to set up shop in China. Two of the biggest obsta- cles we faced here in China are the lack of skilled labor and an absence of suppliers who understand the quality levels and tremendous demands of such a project. We found ourselves needing to instruct and train suppliers and then put them under constant and vigilant supervision in an effort to get anything close to what was required. Then our best efforts could be neu- tralized if we didn’t apply the same riggers to the installation crews. This is no attempt to cast dispersions on the workers and suppliers, save a few odd companies, our standards and quality levels had simply not been required before in Macau, cer- tainly not in this tremendous volume. In one fell swoop Gillespie joined with an unusually competent and conscientious Chi- nese partner, set up a facility in China and silenced the chatter of grinding frustrations. Soon the forced crashing and poun d- ing simply fell away to the smooth hum of a well oiled machine. The crying need for experienced architects, designers and construction supervisors went mysteriously quiet. You see, Gillespie had the seasoning and vast experience to LISTEN, to assess the situation, understanding not only what the client wanted, but also what obstacles laid in the path to the final g oal. Even though they were only the supplier of parts they quietly corrected the “errors, misconceptions and missed details” that always exist on fast track and highly complex projects. Not only that, but by whatever magic they employed they took the thinking out of the installation, thereby neutralizing the factor of unskilled workers. We have perfectly joined sections, miles of flawless cornice, ornate light cove molding with perfectly timed enrichments, terminating smoothly at any transition, huge chandelier medallions that exceeded artistic expectations, completed in record time and all at highly competitive pricing. There are so many hidden values to employing such competence that it will remain a mystery to me why anyone wouldn’t use Gillespie for any type of project. It is said that competence breeds luck, this ambitious project needed it and I would invit e anyone, given the opportunity, to share in the good fortune that the Gillespie group provides as a matter of course. I would like to extend my gratitude to the professionalism of all your staff. I hope this letter illuminates how proud they should be of works well done and as we round the last corner towards a timely completion I make a final request that they please save a place in their production line for our future needs along the Cotai strip. Sincerely, Robert Paul Hlusak Artistic manager –Theming Venetian Macau ltd.
  5. 5. Page 5 Executive Summary C-dac A Business Plan Proposal Objective To obtain financing and/or investors for start up capital and initial operating cash to put ‘the plan’ into reality. A desired investor would compliment the core business with a strategic integrated use for the end product, enhancing the company’s diversi- fied presence in the marketplace with a highly visible manufacturing and marketing ability. Business The business (C-dac) will be primarily a manufacturing and design firm to support the architectural façade and theming industries using state of the art rapid mould making technologies. The company will be able to design and fabricate customized cast (modified Glass fiber reinforced concrete and modified Glass fiber reinforced Gypsum), fiberglass and carved foam masters, visual merchandising and signage products. The company’s products are used to enhance and beautify the exteriors and interiors of commercial buildings, hotel/casino systems, high-end residences, amuse- ment parks, shopping centers, retail stores and motion picture stage sets.
  6. 6. Page 6 Executive Summary cont. Customers & Projects Projects will range from a few thousand dollars for a small residential or retail con- tract to multi-million dollar contracts for large construction projects. Average client contracts should range between $100,000 and $200,000 but may be larger with ade- quate lead times. C-dac’s client base will be construction firms related to the product, architectural firms specializing in themeing projects, hotels and casinos, and the amusement industry. Our management team has a long history with such clients in- cluding Disney Florida/California, Universal Studios Japan, The Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas USA and The Venetian Hotel in Macau China. Markets The company’s industry exposure will be mainly related to the four main markets (or industries) to which it sells. Those industries include: 1) the commercial construc- tion market (1-10 million USD mostly involving the fabrication of architectural parts used in the interiors and exteriors of resort hotels and casinos, better known as the ‘resort and gaming’ industry); 2) the high end residential market (which in- cludes interior decorative fixtures and exterior architectural parts used in $500,000 plus residences); 3) the amusement parks market (which includes an infinite vari- ety of sculpted parts and ornamental facades used in existing and new theme parks); and 4) the visual merchandising and props market (which includes retail displays, signage and props for the film & TV production business). Competitors A number of private firms in North America who would bid on new projects along- side the company and have been identified as direct competitors. They include DEC, Formglas (Canada), Plasterform (Canada), Plasterglas (NB), and Quadriga (FL). A small group of International companies that set up specific to project. None of these companies dominate the marketplace, which is still fragmented and developing. Potential Competitors New ventures with capital and leads may be inserted into the mix but they lack the specific knowledge base and experience to smoothly overcome industry known chal- lenges.
  7. 7. Page 7 Executive Summary cont. Sales and Marketing The company will employ at least two full time sales representatives with vast knowl- edge of the themeing and façade industry. They will focus on the high-end residential, theme parks, hotels and casinos, and visual merchandising markets. The backbone to the company’s marketing strategy will be the sales representatives and a strong in house marketing team. Specification, catalogue, and sales literature will also be avail- able to support these efforts. Research and Development The management team believes that research and development will be the key to the strength and survival of the company. It will aim to be the leader in the industry of in- novative cast systems, permanent and temporary mold construction, foam and fiber- glass product and applications. C-dac will invest wisely in this endeavor and implement an obligation to meet this need. Operating Capabilities The company predicts that optimum operating capability should range between 6 and 12 million dollars of sales revenue per year. At these levels, an operating profit margin of between 17% and 30% is achievable. The break-even point should occur around $200,000. This goal should be met by the third month of operation
  8. 8. Project Director Accounting/Controller Cast Operations Sales & Marketing Purchasing Document Control Sample Department R&D Executive Summary Engineering Manager Mold Making Manager Cast Production Manager Project Shop Estimating Art Pattern, CNC Mixing cont. Management Drawings Carpentry & Foam Casting Site Quality Control Management Quality Control 1 & 2 Detail FRP Soft Mold Quality Control Packaging Shipping Page 8
  9. 9. Page 9 Executive Summary cont. Management and Personnel Bill Earley Project Director Bill brings with him more than twenty years experience in manu- facturing, procedure implementation, and positions in the industry including, Composite Production Manager for Treadway Industries. At Treadway, he worked on facility development, equipment and personnel selection, personnel training, and production control (which in- cluded work in the sample process with formulation and quality con- trol procedures, mold and part design, estimation consultation for cost control, and material/labor tracking). He has also been the owner and operator of Fibercast Systems, the manufacturer of custom molded Glass Fiber Reinforced Products, gypsum, concrete, stone, rubber and plastic, architectural, sculptural, and multi-component custom system design. Other work experience has included: Mold Pro- duction Manager/Chief Carpenter for LaFarge Canada (a pre-cast con- crete, mold design and manufacturing facility); Chief Estimator, Re- search and Development Corporate Development Specialist for Creative Ceiling Design; and Quality Control Manager/Pattern/Mold maker for Formglas Inc., Chemcrest Industries Cast products Manager, Project Director of Gillespie Architectural China where he set up factory systems and facility for the Venetian Hotel in Macau, Fibercast Sys- tems Director and consultant for the cast products industry. C-dac E-mail
  10. 10. For other data:  Income statement  Initial equipment list  Availability  Complete executive summary of staff  Complete structure  References  Specification  Questions C-dac C reativ e-d ecorativ e a rchitectural c astings Asia, North America C-dac is a division of Fibercast Systems by Earley Ltd. e-mail :