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  1. 1. Ellie Meet Ellie, she’s all love! Ellie is a super sweet senior that arrived with several of her pals because their owner passed away and there was no on to care for them. She’s a big girl that enjoys just about everything. Ellie has been very well behaved since her arrival and would love to find a home and hang out with some friends. She’s not your typical senior. She likes to go for walks and is very alert. Imagine yourself curling up with Ellie during these cold winter nights. She sure would love it. Stop by and see Ellie today. She has a young spirit that will just lift your spirits. If you have kids and/or another dog in your family and are interested in adopting a Friendship dog please bring them with you for a meet and greet. No appointment is necessary. Stop by anytime during regular business hours. Breed: Black Lab Spayed Female: Shots up to date Age and Weight: Senior and 90 lbs. Adoption Fee: $45 Caramel Gender: Female Breed: Boxer/ lab/terrier mix Age: 2 years old (best guess) Size: About 50 pounds Spayed: All vaccines are up to date; heartworm tested negative Adoption Fee: $125 Organization: Hartman’s Hounds Location: Amherst Contact Info: Peggy 440-984-7014 or 440-452-1619 Personality: Caramel spent time living with a professional trainer. Caramel is crate trained and has all of her house manners including being house trained. Caramel does OK with other dogs after a proper introduction and we feel the same about cats. She should be fine with children at least 10-12 years of age. Caramel would prefer a fenced in yard to be able to explore at her leisure. Caramel also comes with a free training session to a new adopter. She’s a friendly, happy girl. Misty Gender: Female Breed: Anatolian shepherd mix Age: 4-5 years old Size: Large. About 115 pounds. Spayed: All vaccines are up to date - heartworm tested negative Adoption fee: To be discussed Organization: Hartman’s Hounds Location: Amherst Contact Info: Carol 440-774- 1071 or Peggy 440-984-7014 Personality: Misty is one beautiful girl who is waiting for the right caregiver. She was originally adopted from the Lorain County Dog Kennel and lived in a home for a few years. Her petite caregiver was unable to handle her on walks — Misty was simply too strong. Misty needs to go to a home with a strong leader, both mentally and physically. We believe Misty would benefit from any type of training so she may build the self confidence she may be missing. She would do great with any type of job to do. Misty is housetrained and has all of her house manners. She definitely would do best as the only dog. She did live with cats in her other home. We think any children should be older, at least teenagers. Misty enjoys car rides and does great in the car. We would prefer a secure fenced in yard for her to be able to enjoy at her leisure. Misty will make a wonderful best friend to the right person. She’s a very devoted dog. Have you ever wondered why wet dogs shake or cats knead? Pets do strange (sometimes even gross) things that we own- ers wonder about. I consulted with Dr. Alex O’Roark of Elyria Animal Hos- pital to answer some of the age- old questions we have about our pets. Here are his answers. (Okay, let’s get this one out of the way first!) Q.Why do dogs eat poop? A. Because they like the taste. Studies have been done to see if the offender had a nutritional deficiency or parasites that would compete for nutrients, but neither is the case. There are at least two commercial products that can be added to the dogs’ food that taste good, but change the stool so the dogs no longer desire it. Q.Why do cats howl in the middle of the night? A. First, see a veterinarian to rule out any medical problems. They like attention; cats are active at night, but every per- son is sleeping. Cats also see and hear things people can’t or don’t, such as another cat wan- dering outside. Q.Why do cats purr? A. Studies have failed to definitively answer that ques- tion, but it is assumed that it means they are happy. Q.Why do cats knead? A. It is a left-over infantile behavior. Kittens knead the queen’s mammary glands to stimulate milk let-down. Q.Why do dogs shake when they are wet? A. They feel the weight of the water and its stimulus on their skin. If dogs are in snow, they usually leave it on them- selves until body heat melts the snow, when the water builds up and reaches the skin. Q.Why do dogs shake their heads when they wake up? A. Probably part of their routine, similar to stretching or back scratching. Q. Do hamsters really eat their young? A. Yes, as do many other ani- mals. The cause is unknown, but probably an ingrained behavior. Other animals may eat the unhealthy, or because of bad parenting, and possibly survival and competition for food. Q. Why do cats like catnip? A. It has a stimulating, then calming, effect. It acts like a drug in their bodies. Q. Can dogs really smile? A. Some dogs show what looks like a smile, but it is not due to happiness or joy. It can happen from stress or be a learned behavior. Q. Why do cats like to scratch things such as furni- ture, but dogs do not? A. Cats have retractable claws; dogs have constantly exposed nails. Cats do it to sharpen the nail and exercise the toes. It feels good, like stretching. Q.Why are some dogs fas- tidious about keeping their private parts clean? A. Many dogs just have that habit. It can also be due to a medical problem or a psycho- logical problem such as Obses- sive Compulsive Disorder or boredom. Check for drainage from or a build-up on the spe- cific area. It may just feel good. If you have a question that you’d like to see answered by O’Roark in an upcoming col- umn, please email me at cham- and I will ask him. Of course, your own vet- erinarian should also be con- sulted to rule out any potential medical problems. FUR YOUR INFORMATION Best in Show Congratulations to Sky the Wire-haired Fox Terrier for win- ning Best in Show at the recent Westminster Dog Show. Sky’s win brings the terrier group’s total Best in Show wins to 46 since the show began. This is more than double the second-place sporting group’s wins at 19. Fur Kids calendar ■ Strikes for Strays — 1 to 5:30 p.m. today at Spevock’s Nauti- cal Lanes, 184 Miller Road, Avon. Second annual fundraiser includes bowling, trophies, karaoke, raffles, after party, pizza and snacks, $20 donation with proceeds bene- fitting Love-A-Stray. For more information, visit www.loveastray ■ Rally to the Rescue 2014 — 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. March 22 at Midway Mall in Elyria. Partners With Paws and Midway Mall team up for a pet adoption event that includes animal res- cue groups, pet vendors, a guest appearance by Denise Zarrella of Channel 19 news, face painting, child IDs, K-9 teams from Lorain County Sheriff’s Office and Lorain County Metro Parks displays. Call (440) 775-2056 for more information. Proceeds benefit homeless pets in and around Lorain County. To submit items for this column, contact Karen Uthe Semancik by email at (preferred), fax at 329-7282, or mail it to The Chronicle- Telegram, Attn: Fur Kids, 225 East Ave., Elyria, OH, 44036. Please send calendar items two weeks in advance. The Chronicle-Telegram Sunday, February 23, 2014 D3 PETS Cyan D3 magenta D3 yellow D3 black D3 Cyan D3 magenta D3 yellow D3 black D3 PHOTO PROVIDED Dr. Alex O’Roark of Elyria Animal Hospital. Why do cats, dogs do what they do? KAREN UTHE SEMANCIK FUR KIDS Amber Amber is as sweet as can be. Her family had to give her up because they couldn’t afford to keep her any longer. They said Amber was just a big baby of a dog that loves people of all ages including kids. She’s an attention getter who loves to be petted. Amber has never been around cats. She loves car rides, playing with her ball and she will even play fetch. If you have kids and/or another dog in your family and are interested in adopting a Friendship dog please bring them with you for a meet and greet. No appointment is necessary. Stop by anytime during regular business hours. Breed: American bulldog mix Spayed Female: Shots up to Date Age and Weight: 4 years old and 50 lbs. Adoption Fee: $75 Pebbles Breed: Boxer mix Color: Tri-color Sex: Female Neutered/spayed: yes Age: 5 years Weight: 50 pounds Pebbles is a very laid back girl. She gets a long with everyone she meets and lets the 2 year old little girl hook her to a leash and drag her all over the house. She is housetrained but would prefer not to be crated. She would do best in a home with other dogs or someone that is home all the time. Adoption fee: $100 Contact: Multiple Breed Rescue Mushu Breed: Chihuahua Color: Tan/white Neutered/spayed: yes Age: 9 years old Weight: 10 pounds Mushu is a little old man who wants nothing more then to sit on your lap and hang out. He is housetrained and is crate trained but doesn’t really need one. He tolerates other dogs, cats and kids but would prefer to be an only. We do not recommend him to live full time in a home with kids but visiting kids that are respectful is fine Adoption fee: $100 Contact: Website: Bandit Beat it down to Friendship for Bandit! He is a transfer from another facility. This handsome boy is super friendly, strong and will need some training. Bandit could really use an active family that will include him in their activities. A fenced in yard wouldn’t hurt either. With a little guidance he’ll be a wonderful family pet. Stop by and spend some time with Bandit to find out more. Bandit is with his buddy and APL Volunteer Aaron. Breed: Flat coated retriever mix Neutered Male: Shots up to Date Age and Weight: One year old and 65 lbs. Adoption Fee: $75 Spanky Spanky has lived his entire life with one owner. His owner lost his home and sadly had to say goodbye. Spanky is a mellow guy who enjoys walks and his chew toys. He’s a great companion pet that likes everyone he meets including kids, cats and other dogs. His owner fed him Bil Jac. Spanky does experience hair loss at times due to flea allergies. With a good flea medication he is fine. Need a new best friend? Spanky sure does. Stop by and you just may be going home with sweet Spanky. If you have kids and/or another dog in your family and are interested in adopting a Friendship dog please bring them with you for a meet and greet. No appointment is necessary. Stop by anytime during regular business hours. Breed: Chocolate Lab mix Neutered Male: Shots up to date Age and Weight: 8 years old and 65 lbs. Adoption Fee: $45 Each week The Chronicle-Telegram features pets from area animal shelters and rescues available for adoption. To inquire about this week’s pets, call the numbers listed below. For more pets seeking homes, visit If you work or volunteer for a nonprofit pet adoption agency and would like to see your pets included in Critter Chronicles, please email CRITTERCHRONICLES Ronnie I’m a friendly, good looking girl who keeps her pen very clean. My hobbies include playing tug (with anything resembling a rope), chasing balls in the snow and walking people. I have lots of energy and would like to find a loving owner who will give me plenty of exercise. I’ve had canine playmates but am parrticular about which dogs I’ll befriend. Please contact Oasis and arrange to meet me at the shelter or privately. Breed: Lab/boxer mix Age: about 3-4 years old Female: spayed Size: Medium, about 50 pounds Adoption Fee: $100 Organization: Oasis Animal Shelter Contact: 440-775-4101 Friendship APL of Lorain County 8303 Murray Ridge Road Elyria-44035 Contact: Phone: 440-322-4321 Website: Snickerdoodle Snickerdoodle shares her name with a cookie and she is just as sweet. Snickerdoodle was rescued by Friendship APL in 2013. Per her foster family, she enjoys scrambled eggs. In December, Snickerdoodle was diagnosed with cerebellar hypoplasia, a defect in the brain that results in a loss of fine-motor coordination. This affects Snickerdoodle’s balance and walking. There is no known cure for cerebella hypoplasia, but with a little help from friends Snickerdoodle can make adjustments and lead a happy life. Due to her condition Snick would do best in an adult household or one with older kids. Breed: Pekingese mix Spayed Female: Shots up to date Age and Weight: 2 years old and 10 lbs. Adoption Fee: $100