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Why Upgrade to v8.6?

Bill Cava provides a timeline of significant features and improvements made to Ektron over the past four years and helps you understand how upgrading can help you get your job done, faster with more control and less effort

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Why Upgrade to v8.6?

  1. 1. Dont Let Your User Experience Fall Short Upgrade to v8.6 Bill, Cava, Chief Evangelist @billcava
  2. 2. Why Upgrade to v8.6?
  3. 3. Major Release ThemesEktron for …• Content Managers• Ektron for Marketers• Ektron for DevelopersImproving user efficiency and productivityImproving performance and system architecture
  4. 4. Release Chronology – 3 Years8.0 Released – September 2009 8.02 – October 20108.5 Released – September 20118.6 Released – June 2012 8.6 SP1 – September 2012
  5. 5. Workarea User ExperienceV8.0 HIGHLIGHTS
  6. 6. What you didn’t like…• Extra paragraph tags being added• Disappearing images• Font tags messing with the code• Images moving to the top• Copy paste not working• Major issues found in the editor
  7. 7. Other v8.0 HighlightsMarketing Tools – In-Content Analytics – Content Targeting – Multivariate TestingArchitectural Improvements• Calendars become first class content
  8. 8. The Developer ReleaseV8.5 HIGHLIGHTS
  9. 9. Ektron 8.5 for Developers:Productivity• Ektron Framework API .Net Framework – .Net 4.0 Support• Ektron Framework UI introduced in v8.5• XSLT No Longer Needed• Microsoft® Visual Using the Framework Studio® Web API and LINQ in 8.5, Application projects the solution would – Web Site Projects require less than five lines of C# code. Vs. – Web Application Projects 100 in XSLT. – Single Assembly
  10. 10. Framework API• Comprehensive Framework• Guiding Principles • Discoverability • Consistency • Simplicity• Fundamentally changes how you develop your website• Improve Developer Efficiency & Productivity • Do more with less code • Reduce complexity • Less code means reduced risk
  11. 11. element #1: framework managers• Look for Framework Managers in the Framework Namespace Ektron.Cms.Framework• Managers are responsible for performing all CRUD operations – – – – –
  12. 12. element #2: data class• Look for Data Classes in the Cms Namespace Ektron.Cms• Every Manager has an associated Data Class it works with: – –
  13. 13. example – contentdata classusing Ektron.Cms.Framework;using Ektron.Cms;ContentManager contentManager = new ContentManager();ContentData contentItem = new ContentData();contentItem.Title = "Hello, Webinar";contentItem.Html = "<p>Hello, Again</p>";contentItem.FolderId = 87;contentManager.Add(contentItem);
  14. 14. example – folderdata classusing Ektron.Cms.Framework;using Ektron.Cms;FolderManager folderManager = new FolderManager();FolderData folderItem= new FolderData();folderItem.Name = "Hello, Folder";folderItem.Description = "Hello Folder";folderItem.ParentId = 0;folderManager.Add(folderItem);
  15. 15. element #3: criteria object• Argument to GetList(Criteria criteria)• Look In Namespace Ektron.Cms.Common• Criteria object used to: – Specify characteristics of the items returned – Restrict the number of items returned – Sort the data set
  16. 16. element #3: criteria object• Get list of content items from a folder – Published by a particular user – Authored after a specified date• Sort and Order results• Set a limit on the number of results returned• Page through results• Apply additional Filters and Group using LINQ
  17. 17. Templated Server Controls• Fully Control the Markup Output of Ektron 8.5 .NET Controls• Style output of controls as neededUSER INTERFACE CONTROLS• Rapidly Construct User Interfaces• Bridge the gap between jQuery and .NET
  18. 18. 8.5 Search• Microsoft Search Technology• Supports All Types of Content• Features Include • Faceted Navigation • Narrow/Expand Queries Based on Taxonomies • Suggested Results • “Did you mean?” • Federated Search • Search Ektron, SharePoint, SAP, OpenText, IBM, Etc. • Dynamic Relevancy • Re-Order Search Results Based On User Behavior• Entirely new Search Architecture • Provider model • Designed for Extensibility
  19. 19. Search Architecture Highlights• Search Developer Experience – Keyword Query Syntax – Search Framework API – Search Framework UI – Templated Controls• Search Architecture – Crawling, Querying, Ranking, Diagnostics
  20. 20. eSync Enterprise Dashboard
  21. 21. SCALABILITY, INTEROPERABILITY, PERFORMANCE3-Tier Architecture• Only .NET Vendor with True Enterprise Architecture • Scale Horizontally • Support Multiple Delivery Technologies• APIs & .NET Controls Use the Microsoft Unity Framework• Scalability, Security, Performance, AvailabilityPERFORMANCE IMPROVEMENTS• 33% Faster Page Rendering• Decreased CPU Utilization• Decreased Memory Usage
  22. 22. The Developer ReleaseV8.6 HIGHLIGHTS
  23. 23. v8.6 Editor
  24. 24. v8.6 Cloud Manager• Deploy websites and web pages in the cloud, authored in an on-premise or cloud-based platform• Bi-directional content replication and differential deployment capabilities• Scalability and elasticity to easily match utilization requirements
  25. 25. Next step…v8.0.2 or less?
  26. 26. Next step…v8.0.2 or less?v8.5
  27. 27. Next step…v8.0.2 or less?v8.5v8.6
  28. 28. Q&A
  29. 29. thanks! @ektron @billcava